Sonic Ice

What is Sonic Ice

Quality of ice is a huge deal that makes all the difference to the taste of your beverages and drinks. Many cocktail fanatics are concerned about what goes in their drinks to achieve the taste of perfection.

If you are looking for a block of satisfying chilled ice that blends in perfectly with your beverages, then Sonic Ice is the right answer for you. This ice changed the game with its soft and chewable taste. Let’s talk about what is so special and why it is the most demanded ice form in America.

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What is Sonic Ice?

Sonic ice is a piece of soft and chewable ice perfect for your drinks that comes in small portions. The perfectly cut ice cubes in small proportions make your drink evenly chilled. Sonic ice soaks up the drink and carries the flavour with it due to its porous form.

What's so Special about Sonic Ice?

More often, sonic ice refers to nugget-ice, chewable ice, pebble ice, pearl, or cubelet ice due to its shape. A number of these behind this ice is due to high demand and consumption for more than one purpose. 

A great demand for nugget ice was initially required in the hospital field for patients. On the other hand, it carries a huge fanbase for slushies and chilled drinks under a classic American food chain. The porous structure indulges the flavor of the syrup or beverage you pour in it. Sonic ice pebbles are light and gently float over your drink.

Sonic ice carries a history related to the Sonic Restaurant as drinks were an important part of Sonic restaurant. 

The name ‘Sonic Ice‘ originated from Sonic restaurant Shawnee, Oklahoma. Sonic ice took the restaurant market, referred to as nuggets or pellet ice in the restaurant business.

Does Sonic Sell Ice?

The Sonic restaurant is known for its popular ice, and it’s the main component for its extensive line of beverages. There are numerous Sonic franchises across Southern America from where you can buy pebble ice bags. However, the price of an ice bag may vary depending on the location. Not all Sonic franchises sell ice as they may have to meet their supply demands.

Why is Sonic Ice so Good?

The ice is best for drinks as it dilutes slowly, keeping your beverages or cocktails chilled for maximum time. Having such ice is that some of it is leftover at the end of your drink for chewing or snacking, which itself is very satisfactory.

The bartenders may often brag about serving the crunchy or pellet ice, which serves the best on cocktails. Sonic ice is best for bars and restaurants where you have to serve refreshing drinks.

How does Sonic make their ice?

All the Sonic restaurant franchises use Scotsman or Hoshizaki machines to produce pellet ice. These machines follow an auger system to form ice based on the metallic cylinder. The ice chills in the metallic cylinder, and when the ice is ready, the metallic rod pulls out ice from cylinder molds.

How to Make Sonic Ice

The well-known Sonic ice is a demanding thing for those who love to chew ice in the summer and want to slurp on juicy slush. But if you don’t feel like purchasing the crunchy ice from Sonic all the time, you can easily get the equipment at home to make some.

The ice makers at Sonic’s restaurant follow the auger system technique, which makes crunchy ice nuggets in a matter of minutes. These crunchy ice nuggets can be made at home with portable countertop ice makers. These countertop ice makers are the perfect equipment for homes, offices, or even bars.

These ice makers are even best if you want to start your small business serving slush or opening a bar. There is quite a range of these ice makers, which give the same amazing results as you get served at Sonic restaurants.

Can you buy Sonic Ice?

Sonic ice can be bought in the form of ice bags from any of the Sonic restaurant franchises. They sell the same quality ice as served in their drinks and slushes. You can purchase these bags for home use and make quality drinks with restaurant-quality ice.

It is the best and most demanded form of ice in the US, better than average ice cubes. It melts slowly and serves for maximum time in your drink.

What size is sonic ice?

The size of sonic ice can vary depending on its form. However, the nugget-ice is the most popular form of Sonic ice best served for drinks. The size can be 3/8″ to ½” in terms of width and length. The ice nugget is chewable and won’t affect your teeth even if it’s larger.

The flavour stays and weighs in the nugget for a lasting period. Sonic ice is also served in crushed pebbles, tiny pieces of ice found in crushed form.

Sonic Ice Makers

If you don’t feel like purchasing ice bags all the time, you can bring some convenient nugget ice makers at home. These ice makers will give you crunchy ice nuggets in a matter of minutes at home best for serving drinks.

  • FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235-AMZ Countertop:

This smart-looking countertop has a long design and makes your favourite chewable pebble ice in a breeze. The quick ice production capability makes the crunchy ice available for drinks 24×7. 

Stainless steel containers keep the ice stored for reuse. The water container is reserved in the container for the reproduction of ice pebbles.

  • KBice Self Dispensing Countertop Nugget Ice Maker:

The self-dispensing water and ice dispenser are best for giving you a 2 in 1 drink serving. You can get munchy ice for your drinks. This ice dispenser is perfect for bars and instant home servings with the easy operation of just a push button.

  • CROWNFUL Ice Maker Countertop Machine:

This ice maker is perfect for the size and capability of producing ice. It follows the same augur system for producing crunchy ice nuggets. Large batches of ice are produced with this small convenient ice maker.

Final Thoughts

Quality sonic ice with restaurant-grade quality can be made at home with simplicity. Sonic restaurants hold a name and reputation for producing crunchy commercial-grade ice. The countertop ice makers give the same results as crunchy chewable ice for drinks. The iconic slushies at Sonic’s Restaurant are now a breeze at home with a few little ingredients.