General Electric is a leading name in home appliances. They are well known for high-quality and state-of-the-art appliances. General Electric or GE as it is commonly known are also manufacturing nugget ice makers.

Opal countertop nugget ice maker is a famous ice-making machine and is widely appreciated by consumers. There are many features of this nugget ice maker which we will discuss below.

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Key Features

Sonic Ice

Sonic ice has now become a craze and for many, it is a new addiction. You can now enjoy sonic ice, chewable ice, or nugget ice at home because of the Opal countertop nugget ice maker. Nugget ice is produced by compacting ice flakes into small nuggets.

Quick to Deliver

Opal countertop nugget maker is fast in producing the first batch of ice after unboxing and installing it. The time taken by the Opal ice maker is less than 20 minutes for the initial startup.

Intelligent Self Activation

This nugget ice maker has a built-in sensor that detects the level of ice in the ice bin. If the ice level is low, it will automatically power-on to produce a fresh batch of ice.

Mobile App

GE has provided its customers with a mobile app that allows the user to program the ice maker. The user can program the machine to deliver a fresh batch of ice, get updates on different statuses, and order accessories online. The ice maker is connected to the app via Bluetooth.


This nugget ice maker offers the flexibility to be placed on a countertop or to be kept in an RV. It is lightweight and modest in size which is why it is a countertop ice machine.


This nugget ice maker offers the flexibility to be placed on a countertop or to be kept in an RV. It is lightweight and modest in size which is why it is a countertop ice machine.

The Opal countertop nugget ice maker produces 1 pound ice/hour. It has a water storage capacity of 3 liters.

The ice bin of this ice maker can hold 3 pounds of nugget ice.

Cleaning Instructions

Steps Before Cleaning:

  1. Switch off the machine and unplug it. Let is sit unplugged for 1 hour.

  2. Remove the filter if being used. Re-install the reservoir screen, if this is not done the water circulation during cleaning will not take place.

  3. Check the top of the ice chute if there is a sizeable mineral buildup. Take a pointed object to dislodge it.

  4. Drain the ice maker thoroughly via drain tubes.

Cleaning Process (carry out once a week)

  1. Plug-in, switch on, turn the switch at the back to Clean. Light will turn yellow.

  2. Add a solution of 5 cups of water and 1 cup of bleach to the reservoir. Do not use soap.

  3. Press the display button to start cleaning.

  4. Three minutes after the process will end and light will pulsate.

  5. Drain the unit through the drainpipes (remove drain plugs).

  6. Ensure unit is completely drained.

  7. Once the unit is drained re-plug drainpipes.

  8. Add 5 cups of water and touch the button.

  9. Follow the rinse cycle on the button.

  10. Rinse three times. Repeat process 5 – 9 twice.

  11. Reattach the drainpipes at the back.

  12. Turn the switch to ICE mode.

Opal Nugget Ice Maker Troubleshooting

Opal Nugget ice maker may at times not work properly. Some of the common issues that may occur can be addressed without taking the unit to a service center.

Interior lights are not turning on.

This ice maker is designed to give three different light settings. If the lights are not working maybe because they have not been switched on.

The interior light has three different modes. These are ON/Dim/OFF. Press the light button you can select the desired more.

The Icemaker turns off by itself.

If the Opal nugget ice maker turns off on its own, then we need to check a few things.

Check the ice tray.

Ensure that the ice tray is fully inserted into the machine. If the ice bin is not completely inserted the Icemaker will turn off automatically after 5 minutes. 

May require thorough cleaning.

Over time and with regular use, the nugget ice maker may switch off automatically. The reason for this might be the mineral deposits that have accumulated. To eliminate the buildup of mineral deposits the machine has to be thoroughly cleaned.

Schedule enabled through a mobile app.

If the ice maker switches off after some time randomly then it may be due to a schedule activated via the mobile app. The Opal ice maker confirms with the app once every hour if a schedule is activated.

Through the app disable all schedules. You can also switch off your appliance and unplug it for a few minutes and then plug it in again and switch it on.


Opal Nugget Ice maker is not making ice anymore.

For Opal models which have round buttons, you can witness the following indications.

If the round button is showing white light it means that the unit will flush the system with water for around 5 minutes. You may even hear water running sound. Once the process is complete the unit will start making ice.

If the round button is showing yellow light it means that the unit has initiated cleaning mode. During cleaning mode, the ice maker will not make ice. You can either let the unit complete the cleaning process. You can also switch the button on the back to ICE for it to start making ice again.

User’s Manual for GE Opal Nugget Ice Maker

The user’s manual is printed in three languages. These are English, French, and Spanish. The user’s manual can be downloaded from General Electric’s website. 49-1000464-4_HiRes.pdf (

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The Opal nugget ice maker indicates when the cleaning is due. If the round button on the front turns solid yellow, it is an indication that the machine needs cleaning.

You can buy Opal Nugget Icemaker from (link given at the start of the article) or from the GE website.

We have already mentioned this in the troubleshooting section to rectify this issue.

The Bottom Line

Opal Nugget Ice maker is the first choice for many nugget ice lovers. If you are a nugget ice fan or you love to buy Sonic ice from Sonic stores then you would also love this beautiful gadget. It is not meant to cater for large parties, but it serves the daily needs excellently.