How to Defrost Samsung Ice Maker? (Quick and Easy Way)

If you are having issues with your Samsung Ice Maker, it is probably time to defrost it. Here is a quick guide on how to defrost Samsung ice maker.

Samsung ice makers can run into issues such as unnecessary ice build-up, which can stop them from working even when the power is running. The ice maker won’t make the ice properly, and the chilling capabilities may not work correctly with the icebox.

But no need to panic; you can defrost your ice maker to get it up and running like before.

This article will discuss various methods to defrost a Samsung ice maker in a few simple steps. The defrost method may vary from model type; therefore, we will mention the tips and tricks accordingly.

How To Defrost Samsung Ice Maker (Step By Step)

Samsung ice makers gather ice fill-ups in the icebox and other refrigerator parts. You can follow these methods and steps to defrost a Samsung ice maker:

Reset the Ice Maker: Resetting the ice maker may allow the fridge to defrost within 24 hours and resolve the ice fill-up issue. You can try to reset the ice maker by following a few simple steps:


Carefully remove the ice maker tray; you’ll find a blue square reset button in the upright corner.


Press the button and hold it for about 10 seconds until you hear a click sound indicating that the fridge has been reset.


The ice maker would reset and start to defrost within 24 hours.

Forced defrosting a Samsung ice maker

How To Force Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

Access the control panel, and you can apply the Force defrost function in the Samsung ice makers and refrigerator. This method activates the heat pipes and removes the ice fill-ups by activating the heater loops. Follow these steps to start the Force Defrost in Samsung ice makers:

Step-1: Keep the Samsung ice maker powered on and press the “Freezer” button and the “Lightning” button simultaneously for about 10 seconds or until the screen goes blank.

Step-2: Blank screen would indicate that the fridge has gone into Defrost mode. After the screen goes blank, press any button on the seven-segment screen to shuffle through the options until you find the ‘Fd’ mode on the net.

Step-3: A beeping sound would indicate that the fridge has gone into Force defrost mode.

You may have to apply this method several times yearly as it is not an automatic feature. The Force defrost activation may differ depending on the model type, which we have discussed in the steps earlier.

Tabletop Model

For the tabletop model, you can apply the Force defrost process by pressing the “Power Freezer” and Fridge buttons together for 8 seconds. Hold the buttons until the screen goes blank. After that, shuffle through options until the ‘Fd’ indicates on the LED screen. A beep will notify that defrost has started.

Water Dispenser Model

For the dispenser model, you must simultaneously press the “Power Freezer” and the “Lightning” buttons for about 10 seconds. The screen will blink and light up again, after which you can shuffle through options until the ‘Fd’ options appear on the screen. The fridge will go into Force Defrost mode and do its job.

How Long Does It Take To Defrost The Samsung Ice Maker?

Following the Force defrost method will take up to 20 minutes until the ice fill-ups are removed. You don’t have to remove the food items and empty the fridge for Force Defrost. 

However, if you defrost the ice maker by following the reset option, it can take at least 6 hours to get the fridge properly functioning.

Samsung Refrigerator Defrosts Problems & Issues

Samsung refrigerators run into ice build-up issues due to their poor design structure. The defrost option can work with the modern design of Samsung ice makers. Although the defrost feature may not work correctly due to the following reasons:

  • Blown defrost sensor fuse
  • Defective defrost sensor
  • Ice frozen in the heater pipes
  • Defective thermostat

Many of the new model ice makers and refrigerators come with auto-defrost. The technical issues could affect that feature from functioning correctly. These issues may require a technician to work on them and repair or replace the faulty parts. 

Why does my Samsung refrigerator ice maker freeze up?

The Samsung ice makers are known for their ice freeze-up due to a flaw in their design. The ice builds up rapidly, especially in winters when the temperature drops. It does not have to be a technical problem. 
Although the automatic thermostat may not be working correctly. It can fail the auto defrost function. Due to lack of defrosting, the ice builds up gradually until you defrost it manually.

Where is the reset button on a Samsung Ice Maker?

The reset button in the Samsung Ice Makers is situated on the top right side of the ice tray, as indicated in the image below. You may remove the ice tray and be visible to approach this reset button.

Final Thoughts

The ice build could be a hectic issue for any refrigerator or ice maker. As for Samsung ice makers, the Force Defrost makes the manual defrost procedure much faster and easier to implement. Defrosting your refrigerator can save you from any permanent damage, such as changing pipes. It’s a convenient yet straightforward way to defrost your home fridge without any required tools.

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