Why are Nugget Ice Makers So Expensive?

If you can’t wait to get ice cubes extracted from your regular freezer icebox, then a nugget ice maker is the right answer for you. These compact devices would give crunchy ice nuggets in a matter of minutes.

It’s a perfect product for your beverages and drinks in the summers. Ice nugget makers have many benefits over regular ice cubes. Ice nuggets are crunchy, chewable and production is way quicker than refrigerator ice.

But ice nuggets produced by these convenient machines come with a cost. These little machines are convenient, but the price tag is way more expensive than our expectations. In this article, we will discuss why ice nugget makers are so expensive. And is it necessary for you to have one?

Why are Nugget Ice makers So Expensive

Reasons Why Nugget Ice Makers are Expensive

Ice nugget makers produce crunchy ice that you may not get from your regular freezer. The convenience of use and efficiency are not the only factors that make an ice maker so expensive.

Below discussed are the reasons why ice nugget makers carry a hefty price tag:

Innovative Technology

The ice-making procedure carried out in an ice maker is not like your usual freezer. It’s much faster and efficient. These ice makers are equipped with an auger-style system featuring large metallic cylinders. 

The ice nuggets are made like snowflakes, and the auger pushes them in a compression chamber where the ice-making procedure is carried out. The whole process is fast and efficient, giving you a batch of ice nuggets in minutes. The use of innovative technology in the product increases the price factor of your ice maker.

Size and Weight

The portable ice nugget makers are lightweight and can easily fit on your countertop. However, regular-sized instant ice makers can fit even in the place of your cabinets. 

In either case, these products consume the least space and do an efficient job. The price factor varies when the ice maker unit becomes larger in size and heavier.

Ice Production

The ice nuggets are much better for drinks as it soaks up the flavor of the drink. The regular ice cubes may dilute and water down your beverage quicker. As compared to fridge ice, ice nuggets are chewable and not hard on your teeth.

Besides, you can get up to 40 to 70 pounds of ice in a day, depending on your purchase’s sort of ice maker. You may not get that much ice from your regular freezer in a day, and therefore the increased efficiency also increases the price factor.

Convenient Functions

The ice production can be controlled with these convenient devices as they feature operation timer functions. You can set how many hours it works and the size of ice nuggets you want to produce.

Some of the modern ice makers also feature Bluetooth for remote connectivity and controls. These features provide safe and convenient operational controls, ultimately making these ice makers more expensive.


Another reason why ice makers are so expensive is the material used for their production. The stainless steel is used to build these ice makers for better insulation and maintain the years’ quality factor.

Similar material is used in making some of the internal components of the ice maker, such as freezing cylinders.

Is it Worth Buying an Ice Maker?

Ice nugget makers have their benefits, but it depends on the consumer’s needs whether they want convenience. If you like crunchy chewable ice, then portable ice makers are the right product for you. 

Most of the consumers who prefer ice makers in their kitchen have small icebox refrigerators. Ice makers produce quick ice nuggets in minutes, and you can receive large batches overtime per day.

Now, these features are convenient for those who often like to enjoy their drinks chilled. Ice nugget makers are also essential products for your recreational events or parties to serve instant icy drinks. If it meets your needs, then it’s worth buying.

Why is Nugget Ice Better?

Nugget ice aka sonic ice is much better in quality as compared to regular freezer ice. It seems best with your soft drinks as it dissolves the flavor of the drink slowly. The ice nuggets are crunchy and chewable as compared to regular ice cubes.

How Long do Under-Counter Ice Makers Last?

The ice makers are built to last for up to 10 years if cleaned regularly used carefully. However, the safe average lifespan of a nugget ice maker is about five years. Still, it depends on the usage and consumption of the device.

Final Thoughts

The price factor of these ice makers can vary on different scales. It can depend on water dispensers, water filters, and ice maker ability to produce ice. The model makes and brand name under which ice maker was manufactured also impacts a lot. The features and demand of the product can vary from the consumer.

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