Best Nugget Ice Makers in 2023 – Review and Buying Guide

The trend of nugget ice got popular when restaurants started serving drinks with ice that stayed longer, had a beautiful shape, and on top of all, it was chewable!

Yes, it was not hard as regularly used ice, and your teeth could easily chew it, making your chilled drinks taste extra special.

So what is Nugget ice or Sonic ice? Why is it Preferred?

The major difference and the reason behind all the hype of nugget ice are that it is chewable, and this is because, unlike regular ice, it is made from layers of ice flakes that make it softer.

If you want to learn more about How Nugget Ice is Made, we have added that in detail at the later stage of this guide! Do check out if you are interested!

The trend of nugget ice-making machines became popular soon, and now we have various machines that serve nugget ice, aka sonic ice, at the convenience of our home.

So if you are planning a party, opening up a restaurant, or are interested in getting an ice maker for your home to make ice quickly, this guide is perfect for you.

Before we proceed, note that “Pebble,” “Pellet,” “Chewable,” or even “Sonic Ice” ice are all names of nugget ice, so don’t get confused!

So after scrolling through various machines, their operating procedure, and observing the user reviews, we have compiled a list of the best nugget ice makers that you could get right away!

Our list includes Best Portable (Small Sized), CountertopUndercounter, and Best Outdoor ice-making machines, so you don’t need to worry about the space issue. Also, do keep an eye on the weight and ice-making capacity of the machines and make your decision accordingly.

Best Nugget Ice Makers

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AT A GLANCE – Comparison of Best Nugget Ice Makers

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1. General Electric Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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Color: Black, Silver | Installation: Countertop | Bin Capacity: 3.0lbs | Ice Per Day: 24lbs
Side Tank: 3L | Nugget Crush Force New: <25lbs | Nugget Crush Force: <10lbs (after 3hours) | Start-Up Time: First Ice 15 minutes | Ice per Hour: 1lbs per Hour | Drip Tray: Provided | Drain Type: Fully Drainable | Cleaning: Fully Flushable | UV Water Treatment: Yes | Net Weight: 47.0lbs

  • Chewable Ice – This nugget ice maker delivers soft ice which is also known as chewable ice. The ice flakes are compacted to make nugget ice which retains beverage taste.
  • Quick Start – This GE Opal Nugget Ice maker takes less than 20 minutes for initial startup and delivers 1lb ice per hour. 
  • Self-Power On – This machine has been equipped with sensors that detect the ice level. When the ice level is low it automatically turns on and starts producing ice. 
  • Portability – Opal Nugget Ice making machine is lightweight and small in size which makes it a portable countertop ice master. 
  • Side Tank and Ice Capacity – This ice maker has a side tank with 3L capacity, and it produces 1lb ice per hour. 
  • Large Storage Bin – The ice storage bin has the capacity to store 3 pounds of ice nuggets. 
  • Connectivity – Program ice maker to deliver fresh ice, get alerts, and order accessories through mobile app getting updates from the machine via Bluetooth.

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It is portable.Bit Expensive.
Makes good quality Nugget Ice
Equipped with Bluetooth.
Stylish and elegant Look

2.  KBice Self Dispensing Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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Color: Stainless Steel, Black | Installation: Countertop | Bin Capacity: 2 lbs | Ice Per Day: 30 lbs Water Capacity 100 Fl oz. | Dispensing: Touch Screen | Start-Up Time First Ice 30 minutes | Ice per Hour 1lbs per Hour | Drip Tray: Magnetic Detachable | Drain Type: Fully Drainable | Water Supply: Manual fill | Water Filling: Push to Open Removable Door | Noise 52dBA | Net Weight 40.0lbs | Accessories Provided: Water Funnel

  • Self-Dispensing – This countertop nugget ice-making machine has an exquisitely unique feature. It is designed to dispense ice nuggets straight into the container of your choice. Thus, removing the necessity to touch the ice nuggets by hand or any scoop. 
  • Compact Design – This nugget ice maker is sleek and slim in design. It sits comfortably over any countertop with occupying a lot of space. It is an ideal nugget ice machine for the office or home use. 
  • Distilled Water – To enjoy high-quality nugget ice it is recommended that distilled, filtered, or bottled water is used. Distilled water significantly enhances the nugget ice quality. 
  • Fresh Start Time – The machine takes around half an hour when used for the first time to make nugget ice. The later batches of nugget ice are produced in a much quicker time.
  • Great Portability – A great convenience factor for the consumer is the portability of this ice machine. Since it does not require any permanent fixing with a water inlet or outlet and is lightweight. 
Lightweight.More noisy than other machines.
Easy to install.Low ice storage capacity.
Self-dispensing function.
Environment-friendly BPA-free R600 coolant.

3.  Frigidaire Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker

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Installation: Free Standing | Bin Capacity: 3.0lbs | Ice per Day: 44lbs | Ice Bin: Pull out Drawer | Water Tank: 3.0L | Start-Up Time: First Ice 10 – 15 minutes |Drain Type: Fully Drainable | Net Weight: 19.0lbs | Type: Portable | Accessory: Ice Scoop | Drip Tray: Provided | Auto Overflow Stop: Not Available

  • Sterilization Function – Frigidaire nugget ice maker has a health-benefiting function. It is equipped with Ultraviolet light sterilization. UV-light sterilization is a feature that kills bacteria and viruses inside the ice-making machine. 
  • Elegant Design – This countertop nugget ice maker has an elegant design. The black shiny body with stainless pullout door with an ice bin. 
  • Fast in First – The first batch of nugget ice is ready in just 10 – 15 minutes. It delivers crunchy chewable nugget ice squares quickly when put to use the first time. 
  • Free Standing – This countertop nugget ice maker does not need any kind of water hook-up. All you need to do is plug in the appliance and fill the water reservoir. This machine will quickly deliver crunchy nugget ice with the press of a button. 
  • Big Capacity – Frigidaire nugget ice maker has a large ice bin. The ice bin can hold up to 3lbs of ice nuggets. This machine also produces 1.8lbs of ice nuggets in one hour and 44lbs of ice nuggets in one day. 
  • Lightweight and Portable – This nugget making machine is lightweight. It weighs just 19lbs as compared to other brands which weigh between 30 – 50lbs. Since it is so lightweight it can be easily moved to do cleaning and rearrangement. 

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It is portable.Bit Expensive.
Makes good quality Nugget Ice
Equipped with Bluetooth.
Stylish and elegant Look

4. NewAir Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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Color: Silver | Installation: Free Standing | Bin Capacity: 4.8lbs | Ice Per Day: 40lbs | Ice Bin: Pull out Drawer | Water Tank: 2.0L | Start-Up Time First Ice: 12 minutes| Drain Type: Fully Drainable | Cleaning: Self Cleaning Function | Net Weight: 34.0lbs | Refrigerant Type: R-134A | Type: Portable Accessory: Ice Scoop | Auto Overflow Stop: Not Available | Ice Bucket Indicator: Alerts When Full

  • Good Ice Convenience – With NewAir countertop nugget ice-making machine is the best source to obtain good chewable nugget ice. The ice is good to chew and great for drinks, smoothies, and cocktails.
  • Very Quick First – This sleek and smart nugget ice machine delivers the first batch of ice nuggets in just 12 minutes. Other nugget machines of similar ranges take a minimum of 20 minutes to deliver the first batch.
  • Longer Ice Retention – NewAir countertop nugget ice machine is equipped with melt resistant insulated interior. This means that the ice nuggets will not melt quickly and can be stored for a longer period.
  • More Ice – This nugget ice-making machine delivers 40lbs of ice per day. This ice-making capacity is 16lbs more than other nugget ice machines. 
  • Compact and Lightweight – This countertop ice machine is lightweight and has a compact design. These features make it easy for the consumer to place it in the kitchen, counter, or office. This machine is easily portable. 
  • Environment Friendly – This material used in this machine is BPA free thus making it environmentally friendly.
Good ice producing capacity.Storage bin not refrigerated.
Delivers ice quickly on a fresh start.A bit pricey.
Self-cleaning removes hassles.
Has a large storage bin.

5. hOmeLabs Chill Pill Countertop Ice Maker – Best Portable

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Color: Silver | Installation: Free Standing | Ice per Day: 26lbs | Ice Bin: 1.5lbs | Net Weight: 19.26lbs | Cube Style: Bullet ice cubes | Water Reservoir: 2.2lbs | Accessories: Ice Scoop, Ice Basket

  • Lightweight – This lightweight ice maker is easily portable due to its small size and lightweight. You can take it with you on a camping trip on the RV. 
  • Elegant and Beautiful – The beautifully designed countertop ice maker adds to the beauty of a kitchen or home bar. 
  • Fast Ice Production – The hOmeLabs chill pill countertop ice maker produces ice bullets in a span of 6-8 minutes. 
  • Two Sizes – The ice maker has the power to produce two different sizes of ice bullets. One size is medium and the other one is small. 
Lightweight and portable.Small capacity.
Easy to use.Needs space for side air vents.
LED indicators to alert different statuses.

6. Manitowoc Ice Maker and Dispenser

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Color: Stainless Steel | Installation: Free Standing | Bin Capacity: 10.0lbs | Ice Per Day: 315lbs | Ice Bin: Provided | Controls: Infrared Sensors | Net Weight: 187lbs | Type: Countertop | Condenser: Air Cooled | Refrigerant: R-134a  | Cube Style: Nugget

  • Warranty on Parts and Labor – This countertop ice maker comes with a warranty for two years on parts and also on labor. 
  • Additional Warranty – An additional 3-year warranty is also provided on the ice machine compressor. 
  • Daily Ice Quantity – This machine produces 315lbs of ice which includes ice and water content.
  • Touch-Free – The machine has been designed to provide the user ice content without the need to touch the panel. 
  • Storage Bin – This machine has a storage capacity of 10lbs of ice.
  • Large Dispensing – Tall containers and tumblers can be placed under the chute to obtain nugget ice. 
  • Ice Content – The nugget ice has 15% water content and 85% ice content. This ratio gives the best results to obtain the best cooling results and least dilution. 
  • LED Blue Light – The presence of blue LED light makes it clearer to see the ice bin even in low light areas. This makes it more suitable for a bar or nightclub. 
  • Patented Cleaning Technology – Manitowoc’s patented technology keeps the cleaning process tightly managed from beginning till end.  
Quickly produces nugget ice and provides 315lbs per day.Bit High Price
Stores a good amount of ice in the ice bin.
Uses electricity efficiently which reduces electricity bills.
Elegant and stylish design.

7. Scotsman UN1520A Air Cooled Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker

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Color: Silver and Black | Installation: Free Standing | Bin Capacity: 57lbs Ice Per Day: 167lbs | Ice Bin: Provided Net | Weight: 129lbs | Type: Undercounter | Condenser: Air Cooled | Refrigerant: R-134A | Cube Style: Nugget | Accessories: Ice Scoop

  • Tight Fit – The width of this ice maker is just 20 inches. The air vents are in the front of the machine and with the utilization of a floor mounting kit, this can be installed under 34inch ADA countertops. 
  • Consumer Convenience – The slide back door which has an ergonomic design, the provision of adjustable legs, ice scoop, power cord, and Nema 5 – 15P plug are all for the convenience of the consumers. 
  • Designed to Last Long – The core internal parts are made of stainless steel like the auger and evaporator ensure a long durable life of this unit. The side panels are made from an aluminum alloy which is corrosion resistant. The front panel is rust-free as well as heavy-duty adding years of life to the unit.  
  • Planet and People Friendly – The air-cooled under-counter nugget ice maker is designed to protect the health of people and the planet alike. It is energy-star compliant and adheres to low lead US Safe Drinking Act requirements. The coolant utilized is also environmentally friendly i.e., R-134a refrigerant. 
  • More Ice – The ice maker has the capacity to produce 167lbs of ice per day. The storage bin also has a capacity of 57lbs. 
High-quality nuggets ice.Not a lot of consumer reviews available.
Production capacity is high.Needs water inlet and drain outlet connections.
Energy saver and Energy Star Compliant.

Environment-friendly coolant R-134A.

8. Kismile Countertop Ice Making Machine

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Color: Silver and Black | Installation: Free Standing | Bin Capacity: 1.98lbs | Ice Per Day: 26lbs | Ice Bin: Provided | Noise Level: <45dBA | Net Weight: 18.26lbs | Type: Countertop | Cube Style: Bullets Ice Cube | Accessories: Ice Scoop, Ice Basket | Water Tank Capacity: 1.7 Liter

  • Quick to Deliver – The Kismile countertop ice making machine produces 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes in 6 – 8 minutes and for the period of 24 hours it produces 26lbs of ice cubes. 
  • Self-Sanitization – This countertop bullet ice cube machine is programmed to carry out self-cleaning. This ensures that mineral deposits do not accumulate over a period of time and it also maintains the quality of ice cubes produced.
  • Easy and Simple – The Kismile ice cube machine can be operated by a small child because the controls are designed to be easy and simple. 
  • Lights to Guide – LED lights are installed in the ice-making machine control panel which informs the user about various functions and indications. The machine alerts the user when the icebox is full. Also indicates when the water level is low.
  • Simple Installation – The ice-making machine does not need any specific procedure to install. This device is pretty much like a plug-and-play TV. Just insert the plug in the socket, fill up the water reservoir, and hit the switch-on button. 
The ice sensor indicates when the ice bin is full.The unit makes medium noise levels.
Built-in evaporating system and exhaust safeguard against overheating.It is hard to remove the ice tray.
The machine is simple to operate.The plastic body of this unit may not deliver long-term durability.
Self-cleaning ensures the quality of ice cubes.

10. Scotsman Prodigy Plus Nugget Style Ice Maker

No products found.

Color: Silver and Black | Installation: Free Standing | Ice Per Day: 643lbs | Ice Bin: Provided | Net Weight: 172lbs | Cube Style: Nuggets, H2 | Accessories: Ice Scoop, Ice Basket

  • Delivers Two Types – The Scotsman Prodigy Plus Nugget-style ice maker has the power to deliver two types of ice nuggets. The first one is the softer, chewable, original nugget ice. The second one is H2 which is a bit harder type of ice more suitable for a slush dispenser etc. 
  • Automatic Alert – The light indicators which have LED lights to inform the consumer about different statuses e.g., when to sanitize, descale, etc. The lights also give a better view of the machine’s status to the consumer.
  • Durability Enhanced – The use of stainless-steel components like the auger and the evaporator ensures that the machine continuously provides excellent output for longer periods of time.
  • Sealed Bearing – The sealed bearing ensures that they would not require maintenance by eliminating the need to grease the parts. This reduces preventive maintenance and increases the life and durability of the product.
  • Sealed Refrigeration – The unit’s sanitization levels are hyper elevated because of the sealed refrigeration system. This minimizes external contamination and protects the internal surfaces during cleaning. 
  • Preventive Maintenance – Easy preventive maintenance by removing panels and gaining access to the internal parts makes maintenance easy. The air filter’s external location makes it easy to remove and reuse. 
Can Produce up to 643lbs of ice nuggets per day.A high level of performance requires a high level of investment.
Long life and durable.The ice-making unit weighs 172lbs so has to be kept stationary.
It has a smart system to save water and energy.
The company-provided user manuals are extremely helpful.

11. Euhomy Commercial Ice Making Machine – Best for Commercial Use

No products found.

Color: Silver | Type: Built-In, Freestanding, Undercounter | Ice Per Day: 33lbs
Ice Bin Capacity: 33 lbs | Cube Style: Bullet ice cubes  | Water Resorvoir:2.2lbs | Accessories: Ice Scoop, Ice Basket

  • Low Noise – This ice-making machine is an efficient energy saver and works silently. This makes it suitable for officeshospitals, and other commercial places.
  • Intuitive Control Panel – The control has a wide variety of functions one of which is that it informs about the surrounding temperature.
  • Durable Build – The body is made of stainless steel which makes it more durable and long-lasting. Stainless steel does not rust easily and is strong making the machine more reliable.
  • Accessibility – The curved door which opens upwards makes ice easily accessible.
Long life and durable.Ice cubes cannot be retained for longer periods in hotter weather.
Makes crystal-like ice cubes.
Cleaning mode is automatic.
Energy saver certified.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Nugget Ice Machine

Like any other home appliances for nugget ice machines also there should be some checks before purchasing. Nugget ice features, how it is made, and how a nugget ice machine works have been discussed in this article. In the following lines, we will discuss some of the factors that should be considered before purchasing the unit.


It is important to consider the speed with which the nugget ice-maker would produce ice nuggets. If the model you plan to buy has low ice-making speed, then it is not beneficial. It should be noted that no matter which machine is purchased the first batch production would always be slow. 

The later batches would have a much faster speed since the machine parts involved in the process will already be cold. Some machines would deliver the later batches in between 6 – 10 minutes, yet others might take up to 20 minutes to deliver the second batch. 


The next thing to consider is the capacity of ice-making machines. If you are looking for a machine that would cater to the needs of ten plus people, then the consideration would be different. If the requirement is for 2-3 people, then the options would be different. 

For larger requirements, it is advisable to look at stand-alone machines that would produce large quantities of nugget ice. If the requirement is less than there is no need to buy a big machine, a small countertop would also do the job equally well. 

Another point to be aware of is the fact that once a batch of ice has been initiated it cannot be stopped. If you buy a machine that produces a lot of ice and your need is less then the extra ice would go waste. 

On average a nugget ice-maker would churn out 20lbs of ice per day which can be increased to a humongous 500lbs per twenty-four hours. If the ice production capacity is more than the ice usage requirement should also be more. Otherwise, the excess nugget ice would go to waste.


One more feature that has great importance is the storage capacity of the ice-making machine. If the ice-making capacity is more and storing capacity is less, then such a combination would be a headache. But if the storage capacity is more than the production capacity then such a machine is comforting. 

Larger storage capacity also means that less ice would melt since the storage temperature would be low thus slowing down the melting process. A general rule of thumb here is greater storage capacity slower would be the ice melting ratio. 


It is important to keep in mind the area where this machine would be installed. If the machine is installed around other kitchen appliances it may affect their working. Especially if the ice machine is big then it would generate a substantial amount of heat. This may impact the working of nearby refrigerators, etc. 

Another aspect to note is the power consumption of the ice-making machine. If the machine is large the power consumption would also be large. This means that it is not going to be suitable for recreational vehicles (RV). If the size is small its power consumption would also be small and would be suitable for RV. 


The nugget ice-making machines are divided into two groups. One group consists of small countertop machines that have a low ice-producing capacity. The other group would be large machines. Larger machines would consume more energy and weigh also more. 

The smaller ice machines make a small amount of nugget ice and weigh also less than 10lbs. These nugget ice makers are small enough to fit in the RV as well. The bigger machines are large and weigh around 200lbs and are capable of delivering 100lbs nugget ice per day. 


Since we are living in the age of technology, it is logical to look for some additional features in the nugget ice machines. The manufacturers are aware of the consumer’s mindset and are incorporating new technology in these ice-making machines. 

Other than technological additions some additional equipment is also bundled with the ice-making machines to attract more customers. 

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – To attract a maximum number of customers the manufacturers think of innovative ways to make it easy for the consumer to work with these machines. Mobile applications and Bluetooth connectivity allow users to monitor the nugget machine or get alerts related to the machine.
  • Timer Functions – With the advancement of technology the ice-making machines can be programmed to start and stop at particular times. LCD screens and alarms notify the user about machine-related messages like cleaning required, etc. 
  • Non-Tech Add Ons – Manufacturers add extra gear with the ice-making machine for the ease of the consumer and adding more value to it. Ice picks, scoops, and buckets are provided with the ice-making machines. Since such add ons are designed specifically for the models they come with. Hence, they add more life to the product.
  • Cleaning: To make sure that your ice maker produces the best quality ice that is bacteria-free, it is important to clean it. Make sure to follow the cleaning instructions of an ice maker when you are making your buying decision. 

Why Use Nugget Ice? Do you Really Need it?

Now the question arises why should we use nugget ice?

Well, there could be many reasons for switching over to nugget ice. Since I have a habit of chewing something when I am busy with some mind-boggling tasks. I find chewing ice as a good substitute for any other snack. 

Nugget ice is different from ice cubes and crushed ice. Ice cubes are made by freezing water in a tray. When water is frozen in an ice tray it is devoid of any air as the water freezes, the air escapes the water, and the result is hard ice. The same hard ice when crushed becomes crushed ice. 

Nugget ice is also called soft ice, chewy ice, and chewable ice. When flaked ice is compressed to make small nuggets or pebbles of ice it becomes nugget ice. This type of ice has pockets of air in it. Because of these pockets of air, it becomes soft and chewable. 

If you have experience chewing ice cubes, then you would be aware that it is not a very enjoyable experience. Some people experience toothache while chewing ice cubes. But when I recall my childhood, I remember buying flavored ice sticks when I was a kid. I enjoyed eating those and never felt anything uncomfortable. 

The reason being that those ice sticks were made from ice shavings. The ice shavings were stuffed in a mold and sweet colorful syrup was dripped over it. Ice nuggets are also similar to ice shavings. 

Benefits of Nugget Ice

  1. Chewability

The nugget ice as explained above has air pockets, these air pockets do not allow the ice to become stony like the ice cubes. Chewing on an ice cube is not an enjoyable experience. But from my personal experience I know chewing nugget ice is fun. 

Imagine you have ordered a drink on a hot summer day and you want to immediately cool down. If your drink has been laced with nugget ice you would simply remove the lid of the glass and enjoy the ice and drink combination. This would give you instant cooling relief.

  1. Instant Cooling

One of the main benefits of nugget ice is the instant cooling effect. If you try to cool yourself down using an ice cube you would probably feel it stinging in one side of the mouth. A small area of the mouth would be cooled beyond the comfort point causing a stinging sensation.

On the other hand, nugget ice, or soft ice gives you an instant cooling effect all over the mouth. Because of the air, pockets in the ice pellet do not become too hard, giving it more viability. It cools the drink or the mouth instantly since it dissolves gradually layer by layer.

  1. Absorbs the Flavor

Have you experienced the taste of water in a drink using ice cubes? When an ice cube is used, and the amount of drink left in the glass is just a quarter or less. Just at that level if the ice cube melts it adds volume to the drink and the flavor becomes bland.

Nugget ice has the quality that it absorbs the flavor of the drink. The presence of air pockets in the ice structure allows the liquid to seep into the ice. This helps to cool the drink quickly and the taste of the drink does not change. As the liquid cools down faster, it gives instant cooling and pleasure to the drinker.

  1. Great for Making Frozen Drinks

The sonic ice is also great for making frozen drinks. Since the nugget ice is soft so it does not damage the blades of the blender. As compared to crushed ice it does not instantly dissolve in the drink. Rather it helps in freezing these drinks instantly. 

  1. Cool the Salad Bars

Soft ice is also very useful in salad bars. Since the ice molds around the salad bowl, it helps to cool the salad quickly and for longer periods. This is not the case with ice cubes. 

How is Nugget Ice Made in a Nugget Ice Maker Machine?

We have discussed in detail the features of Nugget Ice. Now we will look at the working of a nugget ice-making machine. Nugget ice-making machines are unique and are very different from regular ice cube machines. Because of some amazing engineering feats, the nugget ice-makers are fascinating machines. 

Since we know that sonic ice is produced by compressing ice flakes so technically it cannot be called ice. Rather this is compressed transformed into cuboid shapes. The nugget ice or sonic ice-making machines apply three processes in producing nugget ice.

  • The Freezing Chamber

The nugget ice machine has a chamber called the freezer tube or the freezing chamber. In this chamber, the water transforms into ice. This metal chamber which is made of stainless steel is surrounded by refrigerant tubing. The water turns into ice and instantly sticks to the chamber walls. Once the water has turned into ice and a thin film has covered the inner walls of the freezing chamber another machine part starts working and pushes this ice upwards. 

  • The Ice Collector

Once the ice has formed in the chamber and the inner walls are completely covered the second process comes into action. In this process, the machine scrapes off the ice from the walls of the freezing chamber and pushes it upwards.

This part has to be durable and strong that is why it is made of stainless steel. It is called the Auger and it has the purpose of scraping off the ice from the freezing chamber and pushing it upwards. 

  • The Compression Chamber

The auger collects the ice flakes from the freezing chamber and pushes them through small tubes which compresses them into small nuggets. These shavings of ice are pushed through the tubes and compressed, a piston on top delivers the pressure from the top. 

When a batch of ice flakes are compressed and transformed into nuggets, they are then released into the collection bin. All three parts of the ice maker have to work in a synchronized way to deliver ice nuggets.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is there a fridge that makes nugget ice?

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex is one such refrigerator that makes nugget ice. This refrigerator can produce two types of ice cubes. One of them is nugget ice cubes. This refrigerator is designed for consumers who afford to pay a hefty price as it is sort of a designer refrigerator.

Why is nugget ice so good?

Nugget ice is good because it is chewable, it is made from compacting ice flakes and it has air pockets in it. It also absorbs the liquid’s taste making it so likable. The nugget ice does not hurt the person when chewed and nor does it chill just one small area of the mouth like the ice cube.

Is nugget ice good for mixed drinks?

Nugget ice is good for all kinds of drinks that you want to drink cold. These are good because the nuggets are small in size and they cause less wear on blenders. The nugget ice does not dissolve quickly and also absorbs the taste of the drink. Therefore, they keep the drink chilled, and the drinker thrilled.

Final Thoughts

I have mentioned in detail what I gathered from different sources about nugget ice, nugget ice benefits, and nugget ice makers. One thing is for sure, all those people who love sonic ice would be happy now that they know that anyone can get his hands on nuggets, sonic, or chewy ice sitting at home.

From this article, I am sure that the reader would understand what kind of nugget ice makers are being produced and sold in the market. If you are looking for a nugget ice maker this article will definitely help in choosing with a clear mind. 

It is now up to you to decide what kind of nugget ice maker would best suit your requirements. If you need a lot of sonic ice then you need to invest in a commercial ice maker. But if you need sonic ice for small parties and personal consumption then a countertop would do the needful.

Steve here! I like to research and write about best kitchen and home appliances. If you are on the hunt for the best products, quick hacks, and interesting food options, my writing will surely help you out!