How Many Amps Does A Dishwasher Use? Explained By Type & Brand

In the modern days of technology, we see various kinds of dishwashers around us.

Some are small enough to settle on your kitchen countertop and some are built-in that are installed in your kitchen space.

No matter what type of dishwasher you are using, the energy consumption of dishwashers is a significant concern.

So if you are worried about electricity consumption or getting a new dishwasher and looking for an answer to “how many amps does a dishwasher use?”. We got you covered.

On average, a dishwasher uses 10 to 15 amps of power. The power consumption of a dishwasher can vary based on its brand manufacturer and make model. 

summary of power consumption by different dishwasher brands

Kitchen Aid15 amperes1800 watts120 Volts
Kenmore8.2 amperes984 watts120 Volts
LG15 amperes1800 watts120 Volts
Black & Decker12 amperes1440 watts120 Volts
GE6.6 amperes792 watts120 Volts
Maytag15 amperes1800 watts120 Volts
Bosch12 amperes1440 watts120 Volts

Dishwasher Amp Usage Explained

The ampere consumption can vary based on heat levels of water and the running duration of the dishwasher.

As dishwashers have to perform a daily job, the workload can vary due to the number of dishes. In this case, a safe approach is to use a 15 or 20-ampere plug-in circuit.

Such cautious measures can prevent your electrical appliance from any hazardous damage. Some of the dishwashers may consume electricity as low as 5 or 6 amperes. But it depends whether they are running on gentle or eco-friendly mode.

The ampere consumption can also vary depending on the type of dishwasher you have. The compact dishwashers are generally smaller in size with limited cleaning capacity.

Therefore, compact dishwashers draw 6 amperes on average. Thus, the power usage ranges between 720 to 1800 watts.

Similarly, built-in dishwashers are more likely to consume more power than low-capacity dishwashers. Because they have more room to clean the dishes thus, they consume more energy sources and capability for cleaning purposes. 

The EnergyStar certified dishwashers tend to consume low power. That’s because EnergyStar is focused on providing economical solutions for electrical appliances. EnergyStar certified dishwashers perform 12% more efficiently than an average dishwasher.

Dishwasher electrical requirements

  • Power Supply: Dishwashers usually require a power supply of 2000 Watts (10 Amperes) higher than average. Consumers should ensure a suitable power supply supporting the required electrical ranges before installing their dishwasher.

    This feature can prevent further damage or total failure while setting up their dishwashers’ electrical components.
  • Earthing: To ensure proper insulation of the dishwasher, earthing is a must process. This measure can prevent all sorts of electrical hazards. Earthing can be done by fixing the earth wire into a conductor in contact with the ground.
  • Quality Attachment equipment: Tested and approved wires, sockets, and plugs should be used before assembling and testing the electrical components.

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How much electricity does a dishwasher consume?

The electricity usage by a dishwasher can vary on its make and model. Moreover, if you want to measure an extended period, the estimations can vary due to the usage. The power consumption estimations mentioned below are based on standard built-in model dishwashers for home kitchens.

How much electricity does a dishwasher draw per year?

Suppose you are running a dishwasher that consumes electricity at the rate of 1800 watts per hour. While the dishwasher is required to run 2 hours a day, regularly consuming 3600-watt hours per day. The electricity rate may vary depending on the energy market prices. But it may cost you around $150-200 per year.

How much electricity does a dishwasher draw per month?

Running an 1800 watts dishwasher for 2 hours a day may result in 3600-watt hour consumption every month. Under these conditions, you may have to pay $12 a month for running a dishwasher daily.

How much electricity does a dishwasher draw per hour?

A 15-ampere dishwasher can clean a sufficient load to serve as a heavy-duty home kitchen dishwasher. Such a dishwasher running for 1 hour may consume 1800 watts per hour.

How many watts does a dishwasher use?

An average dishwasher uses 1800 watts of electricity for each hour a day. The electricity consumption of a dishwasher can vary depending on the water level or the heat level. 

Can A Dishwasher and A disposal Be on The Same Circuit?

Under certain mentioned conditions, yes. Both the dishwasher and garbage disposal unit can work on a single circuit if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • The wire type used to supply electricity to the dishwasher has to be a 2-pole-3 wire. Any bridge tab can cause a malfunction with the ground wire if the pole provided is not the same.
  • The collective load of the circuit does not reach or exceed 80% of the mentioned load.
  • The individually marked OCPD of the dishwasher for both the washer and disposal should be maintained to prevent collective amperage overload on the circuit.
  • A stable power supply should be maintained to prevent low voltage infused hazards on the end of the dishwasher or of the circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the dishwasher and a Refrigerator be on the same circuit?

No, dedicated circuits are required for both electrical appliances as these devices consume a high rate of amperes. However, they may run fine if you have a 20-ampere course.

Do dishwashers use a lot of electricity?

Yes, heavy-duty dishwashers like 1800 watts consume a lot of electricity. However, there are affordable options in the market varying size and electricity rate consumption.

Does a dishwasher need a dedicated circuit?

Yes, a dishwasher requires a 15 ampere dedicated circuit. This state happens because dishwashers are heavy-duty appliances, and you may want to avoid any electrical damage. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dedicated circuit.

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Dishwashers are convenient devices, but they may have specific conditions for setup. It is recommended to learn about the energy consumption of electrical appliances and compare the market. It will allow you to save more on your yearly budget.

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