How Long Do Dishwashers Last? Average Lifespan of a Dishwasher

Dishwashers, whether portable, countertop or built-in, have properties that define their durability factors.

Considering the number of jobs these dishwashers have to handle, their lifespan may vary on several factors. The working duration of a dishwasher can also depend on the manufacturer.  

In this article, we will mention all information regarding the durability of dishwashers and how long they could actually last. We will also share some helpful information on how you can maintain the durability of your dishwashers so you can increase their life span.


How long can a dishwasher last?

The average lifespan of a dishwasher is ten years.

The lifespan of your household appliances can be predicted based on their make and model. As for dishwashers, the build material and manufacturer both carry equal importance. Overall, dishwashers can last between seven to ten years. 

However, the use of these appliances daily defines the kind of workload these products have to face. The lifespan of dishwashers may also depend on some external factors. Such as:

Water Hardness: The acidity of the water can damage various parts of your dishwasher and impact the cleaning effect. You may find marks on the water supply pipeline being affected due to the lime present in hard water.

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Build Material: These dishwashers are stainless steel on the interior, preventing rust and building a strong resistance against the complex water effects. The water hardness level can be set from the dishwasher depending on the acidity of the water.

Usage: An average household dishwasher runs about seven times a week. The dishwasher usage can vary depending on the set of meals. After which, the plates are required to be cleaned. If your dishwasher runs more than average, it may require monthly based maintenance.

How much does it cost for dishwasher replacement?

The average replacement cost of a dishwasher can cost about $900 for a built-in model.

The need for getting a new dishwasher can vary on your situation. Whether you are looking for a kitchen remodel, upgrading the model, or replacing a messed up. It may cost as much as a new one.

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The replacement of your dishwasher depends on the kind of dishwasher you are looking for. The price can vary depending on the side of the dishwasher. However, replacing a dishwasher might save you on the extra plumbing charges for the water supply connection.

The summary of charges based on the size of a dishwasher are stated below:

DishwasherAverage Cost
Countertop dishwashers$350
Portable dishwashers$500
Built-in Dishwashers$950
Drawer dishwashers$1100

Most of the household kitchen appliances include built-in dishwashers. Therefore, you can save the standard cost of plumbing on replacing a built-in or a drawer dishwasher. The replacement price can vary depending on the manufacturer as well.

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How to know when your dishwasher needs to be replaced?

The signs of dishwasher replacement may seem to appear after the expected lifespan. Many manufacturers claim their dishwashers to last somewhere between nine to fifteen years. However, it’s a questionable claim as every dishwasher is a bit different in characteristics.

The following factors define when you need to replace your dishwasher:

  • Life span: The average lifespan of a dishwasher is around ten years. If your dishwasher is nearly ten years old, it may need a replacement or at least maintenance. Make sure to look for any broken parts to save from permanent damage.
  • Rust: If you find corrosion or dirt built up on the interior and parts of your dishwasher, then you should probably look for replacements. Rusty parts can lead to cause cracks and leaks. There could be a method to get rid of rust marks, but it cannot work as a permanent solution.
  • Watery dishes: If you observe that your words are not adequately dried, your dishwasher is not working correctly. You may find water stains on the plates, or they may not be sufficiently rinsed.
  • Cracks on the exterior: The dishwashers are used regularly, which means they may have to go through rough hands. If the dishwasher door is not closing properly or there are cracks on the exterior body, maintenance may not fix it.
  • Water leakage: One of the most common issues is that your dishwasher starts to leak water. Water leakage can happen due to a cracked interior basin or water supply leakage. In any case, it is not a usual thing for a dishwasher. Therefore, you may opt for a replacement.

How to make your dishwasher last longer?

Every household appliance that has to handle a heavy-duty job requires regular service and maintenance. The same goes for the dishwasher, as you cannot replace dishwashers all the time. Here we have mentioned some points that can help you to increase the lasting ability of your dishwasher:

  • Clear the plates: Before placing your dishes in the dishwasher, wipe off any leftovers on the plate. This step will help to avoid any remaining food build-up inside the dishwasher clogging pipeline.
  • Change filters: The cleaning filters are the most crucial part of your dishwasher that may require cleaning or changing more often. The filter cleaning process is easy, and it can help to keep the water hardness effects minimized.
  • Avoid overloading: Be sure not to overload your dishwasher with its regular capacity. You may find your dishwasher to have a specified placement setting. Therefore, assure to place the plates and items in the specific order to get cleaned properly.

Lifespan of Dishwashers

Bosch10-13 Years
Whirlpool10 Years
Frigidaire11 Years
GE9-10 Years
Blomberg10 Years
Kenmore10-12 Years
LG12 Years

Which dishwasher brand is the most reliable?

According to the customer survey, Bosch is the most reliable dishwasher brand.

Bosch has earned a name in overall customer satisfaction for being a reliable kitchen product. The dishwashers manufactured by the brand tend to last longer with a durable build and quality cleaning performance.

These reviews go for both built-in and freestanding dishwashers by Bosch. The average lifespan of ten years is a mark that can be easily achieved by staying with this brand.

How often should you replace a dishwasher?

The average dishwasher may require a replacement after ten years of service

The consumer requirements and usage per day make the difference in the durability of dishwashers. The cleaning aid and water are supplied drastically affect the parts of the dishwasher. If your dishwasher is capable of maintenance, you can opt for the service. 

Sometimes, a dishwasher may run into minor issues. Such as the spray arm stops working or the water filter gets dirty. Such conditions do not require replacing the whole unit. Instead, you can search for replacement parts or contact a professional to fix the issue.


The cleaning service of each dishwasher is different depending on the size and options it has to offer. The manufacturer included several factors upon which an ideal dishwasher can perform for satisfying customer needs. Still pushing any appliance over its limit can cause problems. The regular maintenance and replacements of parts can improvise the lifespan of a dishwasher. 

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