Best Halal Restaurants in London

The search for the Best Halal Restaurants in London used to be a relatively strenuous task. But that’s all in the past now as the increasing number of Muslim populations in the metropolitan city has caused the Londoners to set up more halal food options. 

As of now, several restaurants serve a variety of halal food options, including Persian and various kinds of halal fast food items. So if you are a visitor or a resident of London and struggling to find the best one, this post is just for you!

We have reviewed several restaurants in London and short-listed the best Halal ones from them. These restaurants are sorted based on where they are located, i.e. central or east London, the type of cuisines they serve, and the best dishes they are known for among their visitors!

So if you are craving some halal burgers or halal steak options near you, gear up as this list will help you find the best restaurant to fill up your cravings!

Halal Restaurants in Central London

HALAL GUYS- Best Chicken Platters

HALAL GUYS- Best Chicken Platters

Halal Guys is hands down, one of the best Halal restaurants in London, providing a wide range of halal items. The owners established their restaurant as a street stall in 1990, selling chicken and beef wraps to all the Muslim locals. As time passed, they got immense fame, and three decades later, they now own a legitimate successful restaurant chain offering halal food.

The most famous dishes from the Halal Guys are the chicken platters and gyro over rice with their same New York recipe. It’s the main reason for all tourists to visit this place at least once while visiting London. Their entire menu is Halal and doesn’t offer any alcohol, no matter who the patron is. If you’re not a meat fan, you can also get chicken or vegetarian options.

Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Location: 163-165 Earls Ct Rd, Earl’s Court, London SW5 9RF


Siirgista Bros- Best halal burgers

Siirgista Bros- Best Halal Burgers

The Siirgista Bros offers the best halal burgers, located right in Central London. They provide a simple menu just like some other fast food eatery with burgers, fries, drinks or milkshakes, etc. The burgers come in quite some varieties, and you’ll relish every single one of them. The most famous one is the Mexicali Spicy Burger, in which you get a patty with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and the restaurant’s special burger sauce.

They also serve hot wings with different kinds of sauces to tickle your taste buds. You get a pleasant, warm atmosphere with not-so-fancy décor but still good enough to have one of the best burgers with your friends on the go. Another highlight of this restaurant is that the prices are pretty reasonable compared to other fast-food restaurants. You can have a burger and chips with a milkshake of your choice for as little as £11.98.

Cuisine: American, Fast Food

Location: 195 Baker Street, London NW1 6UY


The Great Chase- Best Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients

The Great Chase- Best Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who always wants fresh and seasonal ingredients, then The Great Chase restaurant is definitely for you. The restaurant is renowned for choosing its suppliers carefully who rely on local and seasonal produce. It isn’t just labeled as Halal but as “tayyib halal”, meaning that the animals used for the meat and dairy products are handled with optimal care on the farms.

In addition, they’re best known for their mouth-watering and flavorful steaks such as the Angus Sirloin Steak and also Angus Ribeye Steak. If you’re not really a beef lover, you also have options of chicken, seafood, and other veg dishes.

The Great Chase offers its customer a cozy yet exquisite environment with a regularly changing menu, which acts as an excellent attraction for all the locals and tourists. The restaurant provides non-alcoholic cocktails and halal meat. The entire eatery is alcohol-free while also providing a separate small room for prayers.

Cuisine: British, Farm-to-table

Location: 316 St John St, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 4NT



Burgeri- Best Beef Burgers

Burgeri is yet another fast food restaurant right in Central London, an extension of the restaurant chain in Doha, Middle East. With such an exceptional location, it’s an ideal place for a quick way to satisfy your hunger. You get a wide variety of beef and chicken burgers with cheese, pickles, sauces, and salads.

Looking for more halal burger options, this guide will help you!

Cuisine: American, Fast Food

Location: 22 Great Marlborough Street, London W1F 7HU


Best Halal Restaurants in East London

Chai Ki- Best Burnt Chilli Chicken

The Chai Ki restaurant is located in the Canary Wharf Shopping Centre, which attracts the customers to have a place to relax and have the most luscious Indian cuisine. The interior has been divided into two segments: the first segment allows patrons for dining-in and the other for those who opt for quick bites and some drinks. You can get halal chicken from the menu, but they still serve alcohol for customers who prefer it.

They are renowned to play with exceptional flavours together to cook one of the most tempting dishes in London. The most famous dish is Burnt Chilli Chicken; stir-fried chicken with different peppers, sprinkled with spring onions and fried in Szechuan sauce. If you’re missing the traditional Biryani from back home, their Old Delhi Chicken Biryani is there to spice up your taste buds.

Cuisine: Indian

Location: Crossrail PI, London E14 5AR


Madina Grill- Best Barbecue

Madina Grill has been approved by the HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee), so you can put your faith in this restaurant for having completely Halal food. The entire interior depicts a sophisticated vibe with healthy, halal, and mouth-watering grill and barbecued items. The most famous options are Madina Tower Burger, classic hot wings, chicken biryani, or lamb tikka biryani.

Cuisine: Grill, Barbecue

Location: 135 Cannon Street Road Whitechapel, London E1 2LX


Fancy Halal Restaurants in London

meat co

The Meat co.- Best steaks

The Meat Co. restaurant is renowned around the UK for being one of the best steak houses. They are basically a group of international steakhouses located across five countries that, now in London, are offering Halal food for their Muslim customers. They ensure that these halal foods are cooked away from the non-halal items and provide a separate Halal seating area where the restaurant will serve no alcohol.

The restaurant itself has quite an ambiance environment, altogether with excellent service quality. The interior has been designed by New York’s Jorge Castillo, who put together a mixture of leather, wood, and stone covering the entire restaurant. In terms of food, you’ll get all sorts of grilled meats such as beef, burgers, tender ribs, as well as salads and seafood items.

If you are looking for a detailed review of restaurants that serve the best Halal steak check out our review of the best halal steak options in London. 

Cuisine: Steakhouse

Location: Ariel Way, White City, London, W12 7GA


Cocochan- Best Dim Sum

Cocochan is a halal Chinese restaurant located in Marylebone, London. The restaurant is renowned for offering halal dim sum with ten options to choose from, as it portrays itself as a modern Pan-Asian eatery. Also, the entire interior has been designed exquisitely to give you one of the best dine-in experiences. The restaurant is adorned with flower decorations and an overall pink theme to provide an alluring atmosphere, especially for the vloggers.

The main halal dishes popular among the customers are the prawn and chive dumplings, mushroom dumplings, and chicken gyoza, all part of the dim sum options. You can also go for their sushi and sashimi choices containing foods such as grilled salmon teriyaki and miso black cod, which are sure to savor your cravings for Chinese cuisine.

Cuisine: Chinese

Location: 38-40 James St, Marylebone, London W1U 1EU


Ting at the Shard- Best Breath-taking View

Experience floating in the clouds while having the most exotic cuisine with the Shangri-La Hotel’s new eatery- Ting at the Shard. This restaurant is located at the 35th level of the building, so you can have the most breath-taking view of London while enjoying a meal with your family or a quick brunch with colleagues. The interior of this restaurant is subtle, so you won’t be distracted to see the sparkle and gleam of the city lights.

This thrilling view is accompanied by Asian cuisine, using some seasonal British ingredients to provide you with some high-class dishes. You get a separate halal menu consisting of perfectly cooked steaks, scallops, teriyaki, etc. The most famous dishes of this restaurant include the plum scallops, which are served with some edible flowers, put together on a carrot puree. The other one is the tempting and juicy rib-eye steak that comes with a truffle to provide you with the most remarkable experience.

Cuisine: Asian

Location: Shangri-La The Shard, 31 St Thomas Street, London SE1 9QU


Hala Restaurant- Best Turkish Food

The Hala restaurant offers its customers the most authentic Turkish cuisine with aromatic ingredients, colours, and tempting flavours in quite a Mediterranean environment. You can have all types of meat, grilled or sauteed veggies, naans, and exotic Turkish sauces. The appetizers consist of many mouth-watering bites such as the tzatziki; a sauce made up of salted yoghurt and a cucumber dip, or taramasalata; made from carp roe.

The overall environment has a refined ambience to it with its exceptional service and great staff members. Everything you order will have a burst of colours to it, but the grill is the main attraction of this eatery. You can have the perfectly grilled lamb steaks or different kebab platters or some grilled fish, too, if you’re in the mood for seafood items.

Cuisine: Turkish

Location: 29-30 Grand Parade, Harringay, London N4 1LG


Aziziye Restaurant- Best Turkish Kebabs and Pizza

If you’re looking for a restaurant offering authentic Turkish cuisine, then Aziziye Restaurant is your best choice. The entire interior gives all the aesthetic vibes, with its décor being like a small Turkish Oasis right in the Stoke Newington of London. It’s located in the Aziziye building, whose architecture will stun you, and you’ll be left in awe. The building also has a masjid, so you won’t have to worry about finding one at prayer times.

Aziziye restaurant is best for cooking traditional Turkish foods, including kebabs, Turkish pizza, fish and burgers, lahmacun, etc. You can also get some appetizers before your main course, which can be hot or cold, according to your preference. If you’re more of a meat lover, you should definitely try their Kuzu Pirzola, which consists of four pieces of lamb chops that come with salad, rice, and chips.

Cuisine: Turkish

Location: Stoke Newington Rd, Stoke Newington, London N16 8BU

Website: This restaurant doesn’t have a website

Best Halal Indian Restaurants in London

JAMAVAR, MAYFAIR- Best Indian Food

Jamavar is a first-class Indian restaurant chain that earned tremendous success in their motherland and now serves the people of London with one of the best Indian cuisines. The main highlight of this restaurant is that it has picked up the Michelin Star, which makes it more desirable and exotic to its patrons. The atmosphere is lively and fancy at the same time, with its high ceilings lavished with dark wood panels.

The service is also top-notch with a very enthusiastic staff, giving you a night to remember. However, because the décor is up to the mark, fantastic food, and excellent service, this restaurant is quite expensive. But still, you won’t regret wasting your money as the entire experience is totally worth it.

Cuisine: Indian

Location: 8 Mount St, Mayfair, London, W1K 3NF


dishoom london

Dishoom- Best Spicy Lamb Chops

Dishoom is a dedicated restaurant for cinephiles as you’ll feel like entering into a Bollywood action movie. It attracts its customers with its lavish décor and, of course, exceptional halal food. You definitely need to try their chicken ruby, House Black Daal, Mattar Paneer, and the most favourite; Spicy Lamb Chops. You can order Gunpowder Potatoes or cheese naan, which will be perfect as side orders.

The restaurant’s popularity depicts by the fact that it has five different branches across London, with the most renowned one in Granary Square. However, remember that it remains one of the busiest restaurants in London because of its popularity. So, if you walk in without making a reservation beforehand, you could have to wait for almost an hour, especially at night, for you to have your turn.

Cuisine: Indian

Location: 5 Stable Street, Granary Square, London, N1C 4AB


Honourable Mentions

Guanabana Restaurant- Best Quesadillas & Empanadas

The Guanabana Restaurant is dedicated to food that’s popular across the Caribbean, Central, and South America. The interior is not so fancy with a touch of Caribbean atmosphere, but the bamboo-clad outdoor area brings in sunshine rays that perfectly accompanies this kind of food. The renowned items from this place are the creamed callaloo, crab empanadas, sweetcorn quesadillas, different steak options, and jerk baby chicken served with cassava chips.

Cuisine: South American, Caribbean, Jamaican

Location: 85 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8NY


Wingstop- Best Wings

The Wingstop is one of the best fast-food restaurants if you’re craving flaming hot and mouth-watering wings. You have the option to customize your order so you can tell the eatery what things to add and what to avoid. You can have boneless or tender wings with sides of ranch sauce, blue cheese, or even honey-mustard, all going perfectly with your wings. In addition, you can also get seasoned or loaded fries and even churros for the dessert part.

Cuisine: American Fast Food

Location: 138 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5EZ


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