Best Halal Steaks in London – Best Steak Options in 2022

Visiting London or just moved here and searching for Halal Steaks Near You? We got you covered!

This guide is part of our halal food series, where we recently covered places that serve the best halal breakfasts around London!

Now get ready for a meaty adventure as we narrow down the list of the Best Restaurants in London that serves the best halal steaks!

Best Halal Steaks in London

Best Halal Steak Restaurants In London


If you are a meat lover and fancy eating steaks. This place is just right for you!

Zelman meats not only bring you a varied selection of the finest steaks from around the world, but they also provide quality cuts, different textures, and flavours that tickle your taste buds.

Steaks are perfect; they melt in your mouth and make you taste the exquisite flavours. The side dishes, such as truffle chips, and the lobster croquet, go well with steaks.

The restaurant also offers excellent dessert portions.

What makes Zelman Meats Your go-to place?

  • Well-prepared, delicious, and succulent meat
  • Serves Halal Food Options
  • Great Value on Platters
  • Friendly staff

You will not find many restaurants in London that can do just the right amount of cooked pink hot steaks. But still, there are now a fair amount of restaurants where you can fulfil your cravings for halal steaks.



If you are a lamb steak lover, this is the place you want to go to!

It is one of the few places that do lamb steaks, perfectly cooked to medium the way it should be. They serve a generous serving of steak with green beans, cherry toms, coleslaw, and chips for a very sensible price.

This sophisticatedly decorated restaurant offers a beautiful ambience to all the customers so they can enjoy their food. It is very well maintained and clean, and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Visitors loved and ordered jumbo platters, lamb steak, pizzas, mocktails, masala chicken steak, and grilled chicken if I could name a few.

The restaurant also offers great dessert portions.

Top features of Fredo’s

  • Generous serving
  • Halal-friendly
  • Excellent management & accommodating staff
  • Comfortable seating space.



The burgers of this relaxed and rustic-style restaurant taste authentic without the added MSG or flavourings. Even if any are added, it isn’t apparent when you taste it, and that clearly says much about the burgers already.

If you love burgers and looking for halal burger options in London, check out our Halal Burger Guide!

The deserts, especially the highly recommended ice cream on the brownie, are delicious, and the drinks are refreshing and fruity. At the same time, the spot on the staff of the steakhouse provides superb service.

And as this is an excellent setup for friends and families wanting to enjoy some steak and mouth-watering meals, I recommend that you take your friends or family along if you ever plan to visit this place.

Top features of CRISTINA’S STEAK

  • Halal menu 
  • Exceptional taste and quality of food
  • Generous portions
  • Well-priced menu
  • Clean and comfortable facilities
  • Fresh and crispy chips
  • Nicely decorated venue

the meat house


This stylish steakhouse has a staff that provides on-point services and is always there to advise you on what sauces you could have with your preferred dishes; music is playing in the background, making the atmosphere even better.

The food is satisfyingly spicy and seasoned, so I am sure you will love the freshly cooked and flavoursome food.

Top features of The Meat House

  • Relaxed environment
  • Chunky and crispy chips
  • Great selection of drinks
  • Scrumptious deserts
  • Delicious dishes
  • Outstanding service



This magnificent Mediterranean restaurant is beautifully lit and well-decorated that you will surely realize as soon as you step foot into the glamorous restaurant with a classy interior.

Lokkum is famous for its tender, tasty, elegantly, and lusciously presented food served in large portions, so just a tip, before you order a course from this place, make sure you have a big appetite.

The meat is soft and succulent, the cocktails are a must-try, the staff’s service is incredibly immaculate, and the décor is outstanding, all the factors that will result in you wanting to come back again soon.

And because this place is stylish and sophisticated, it would be perfect for celebrating special occasions.

Back to the food, the menu is well-thought-out, and the food is perfectly cooked and balanced, neither undercooked nor overcooked. It is perfect for dining and digging into some delish food.

Top Features of Lokkum

  • Tender meat
  • Large portions
  • Mouth-watering cocktails
  • Lovely terrace seating
  • Clean and convenient place



If you ever want to go to a steak serving restaurant on the weekend with your friends, then this is the perfect place!

Clean, contemporary, and chic, this daintily decorated restaurant has a good atmosphere, well-presented food, a great range of cocktails, and tasteful music playing that will make you bop your head to the beat.

The hospitable and attentive staff are always there to cater to your needs and check on you to ask if you need anything, and the waiters always ask if you have any food allergies as they hand out the menus.

The fresh ingredients they use and the mix of flavours and spices make the food worth coming back for.

All this together makes you have an enjoyable experience that you’ll want to have again!

I assure you the Banc doesn’t disappoint, so do visit!

Top features of The Banc

  • Accommodating staff
  • Perfectly seasoned food
  • Simple and classy décor
  • Moist and flavorful meat
  • Welcoming management
  • Security guards ensure people reach their vehicles safely, making you feel safe and secure even after you have left the restaurant.

Best Halal Steaks in London – The Bottom Line

If you are a steak lover and want to try different cuts and textures, these are the places you want to go. These places will serve you food that your taste buds will remember!

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