Halal Burger Places in London

Brioche Burger

The best burger place in London, situated in quite a compact area but there is a road right next to the restaurant where parking is available. Famous for its Wagyu beef burger that is priced at (£14.99), is soft, full of bursting flavours, and melts in the mouth.

A juicy burger that is well-presented. The bun is slightly crispy, grilled edges but fluffy and soft, which adds to the taste and keeps it all together.

Top Features of Brioche Burger:

Siirgista Bros  (formerly known as Burgista Bros)

If you like your burgers the old fashioned and classic way, dripping in taste and flavour, you better visit this consistently good quality burger place and try the juicy burgers out to see if this place is about to be your go-to burger place.

The food items are surely appropriately priced for their large portion size, quality, and size of the patties.

This rustically decorated alternative to big chains within Westfield is definitely preferred for its delicious meat burgers more than its chicken burgers. Now it’s up to you to decide which meat burger are you going to go?

Is it going to be the Philly Steak Burger, The classy beef burger, the Mexicali beef burger, the BBQ Beef burger, Nacho Libre Beef Burger, Portobello Beef burger, or the Spicy Nacho Libre beef burger?

And as I said before, the food portions of this place are quite large. So if you ever go here, then make sure not to order any starters unless you have a big appetite because the burgers on their own are pretty filling.

This Halal burger joint with a homely and humble touch never has and surely will never disappoint, so don’t hesitate when planning a trip to this hamburger restaurant.

Top Features of Siirgista Bros :

The Great Chase Restaurant

Have you ever done fine halal dining? The kind where there isn’t the food of small portion that is over-priced? Well, if you ever want to have that kind of experience, this is the restaurant to go to!

The ethically sourced and beautifully displayed food is the kind that just melts in your mouth and leaves you astounded by its quality while the drinks are sophisticated, well-thought-out and fresh, and most are non-alcoholic because of the restaurant being alcohol-free.

Top Features of The great Chase Restaurant:


This halal hamburger restaurant located in Central London is hands-down the best spot near Oxford Street to have a burger.

Why may you wonder? Well, brace yourself because there’s a lot! The ingredients they use are completely fresh; two, the tender, tasty, flavoursome, and spot-on meat; and three, the cooked to perfection burgers.

And lastly, we will discuss the burgers recommended by customers of the place.

Top Features of Burgeri:

Burger Uk

This restaurant is undoubtedly unique in their taste and way of cooking, which leads to out of the world outstanding food being made, which may be one of the many reasons people are massively impressed by the place.

An example of their different cooking method is that they use chicken thigh instead of chicken breast, cook it at the correct temperature, and cook for the perfect length of time, which results in tender and succulent pieces of chicken.

So keep in mind, just because the chicken has a pink tone doesn’t mean it has not been thoroughly cooked because in most cases, it is because of the sauce the chicken was marinated in such a sauce that makes it look like that even after it has been nicely and properly cooked.

Now, onto their food. The food is reasonably priced and well-seasoned; the burgers’ buns and patties are soft and fresh while the sauces are on-point. And I have to say, the scrumptious sides make the experience even better, especially the fried chicken and onion rings.

Flavorful, crunchy, crispy, and tender are the words you can use to describe the fried chicken served to Burger UK customers, so make sure that the fried chicken is one of the sides you choose to have with the burger of your choice. As for the onion rings, the star of the show, unlike most onion rings that are caked in batter and are dripping in oil, are super crunchy but delicate at the same time.

Back to the burgers again, the juicy and tasty burgers of this extremely underrated restaurant have a mix of flavour that explodes in your mouth from the first bite to the last in such a way that it will make you tempted to have another one.

So if you are a fan of crispy on the inside and moist on the inside burgers that make your taste buds tickle in a good way, then this the place to go to!

Now it’s time we discuss the recommended delicious dishes or burgers—one, the grilled chicken burger that has two variations. The first one has a grilled chicken thigh steak served in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onions, and mayonnaise, all this priced at 10 pounds.

The other, priced at 12 pounds, has American cheese, caramelized onions, house chilli sauce, and sweet and spicy gochujang sauce. The second and last one is Buk’s classic beef burger, which is priced at 8 pounds.

It has grass-fed, free-range beef, served in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, and house sauces.

Top Features of Burger Uk:


Hayes’s new restaurant is serving up this “Bollywood Burger” that comes with spicy masala and a red bun! They offer not only good burgers and several delish dishes like dynamite prawns but also in-house made sauces. GG’S chefs provide something for everyone & every preferred taste, whether it is sweet, tangy, spicy, you name it, they have it, they even happily cook patties to your liking if you ask for it.

If all you want from a place is some good vibes and good food, this is the place to go to because GG’S does that in abundance. So if you are ever around the area where this located, make sure to go here and try out the food they serve!

Now, onto the recommended burger for all vegetarians. There’s a very filling and delectable vegetarian burger with crispy falafel available so be sure to try that out when you are there!

They also give you the option to make your burger, which might be a little on the expensive side than the usual burger but worth the money. GG’S burgers are made with soft, tender meat best of its kind flavours, variety of choices with reasonable pricing.

Top Features of GG’S:

Mother Clucker

They started serving since 2013. Their chicken is buttermilk soaked twice battered fried chicken. Their menu includes chicken strips, burgers, drinks. The menu has clear allergen information for those with special dietary requirements. For those with a big appetite, they serve significant portions.

Top features of Mother Clucker

Honest burger

Honest Burgers have restaurants Located in London, Reading, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Brighton, Manchester, and Liverpool. The restaurant in London is tucked in a residential back street and offers a great atmosphere.

Top Features of Honest Burger:

The restaurant visitors said they really enjoyed chicken burgers to the point that “one is not enough” some declared The Boursin cheeseburger is a definite winner. Vegetarians loved plant-based burger options and were amazed at an excellent taste composition, including the beyond meat patty, the vegan Gouda, and the complimentary homemade rosemary chips.

Meat market

Known For Its:

Thick and tasty milkshakes – most reviewers have recommended certain milkshakes off of the menu of the place like:

This hidden gem in the heart of Covent Garden may have an American food style menu, but its décor is more like one of a Mexican restaurant.

Top Features of Meat Market:

The funky and well-decorated diner is a solid choice if you’re looking for a decent burger, a quick BBQ comfort food or even an eat and go casual type of place where you can enjoy the music playing and the atmosphere maintained in the eatery, whilst having a conversation as you wait for the food to arrive. And once it does you will be digging into the kind of meal that has splashes of spice and flavour. So if this is the kind of diners you fancy going to, then be sure to pay this diner a visit!

The place basically tweaks, tinkers and changes up the kind of food that is most basic and turns it into something exceptionally flavoursome, fanciful and finger-licking.

The place may offer a lot more like mouth-watering and moreish milkshakes and sides you will feel like you can’t have enough of, but most reviewers like to describe it as an authentic burger bar.

The recommended burger by customers is the:

Buffalo Chicken Burger – priced at 9.25 pounds – Fried chicken breast in their house-made buffalo sauce, with lettuce, red onions and blue cheese.


The food lives up to the quirky name. They have fantastic buttermilk naan style bun and juicy lamb patties. Come here if you want to try something a little different.

Known For Its:

This fusion restaurant found by a British couple uses Indian cuisine ingredients for modern street concepts, as they invoke Indian flavours in a new and exciting way. And so far, they have been executing it all very well with their totally different take on food, as not only is the place’s fusion burgers being called the best in town, but it is also seemingly beating the authentic versions.

Top Features of Meat Market:

You are sure to have an enjoyable and unique experience if you ever visit this place because of one; the tasty, juicy and jam-packed with flavour Indian inspired food that is moist and crunchy at the same time, and two; the spicy flavours you’ll taste nowhere else, so be sure to go here if you get the chance to!

The recommended burger by customers is the:


Known For Its:

This hamburger restaurant will get you planning your next visit on your first one with its chewy, scrip and flavorful fries that go great with the high-end quality juicy and moist burgers along with the milkshakes that surely have a great consistency.

One thing I can assure you is that your expectations are going to exceed even more when you are served your food, so don’t worry, this restaurant will definitely not disappoint.

Top Features of Fatburger:

The recommended burger by customers it’s the:

Band of Burgers

Home of some of the best halal burgers in London. You can’t really go wrong with any of the burgers on their extensive menu, but the most popular offering is the decadent Signature Big Love Wagyu Burger. Although we usually find ourselves craving The Mexican, stuffed with chilli cheese, jalapenos and other spicy deliciousness.

Known For Its:

This local burger place offers burgers that serve burgers cooked to the point of perfection. As soon as you bite in, you’ll be blessed with an explosion of taste, flavour, juiciness and spice. For a quick bite, you definitely can’t go wrong here.

Back to the food, not only is it freshly prepared but also well-seasoned that you can eat while enjoying the seating and ambience.

Top Features of Band of Burgers:

The recommended burgers by the customers are:

The Bottom Line

Foodies have many choices when it comes to choosing a place to eat juicy, scrumptious crispy, fluffy, meaty burgers. Londoners or who are visiting London, know that there are halal burger places to eat and have a great time enjoying the different varieties they offer if you have been one of these places or planning to make a comment below to let us know how was your experience, what you ate and what did you recommend.