Halal Restaurants in Birmingham

If you are Searching for Halal Restaurants in Birmingham, we got you covered!

Recently we also made a list of Best Halal Steaks and Halal Burger places in London. This time we are adding the best places that serve halal food in Birmingham!

Birmingham isn’t only famous for the Victoria Square & Birmingham City Center, the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, and the National SEA LIFE Centre. It is also known for the many restaurants it has to cater to everyone’s dietary requirements.

So, it is undoubtedly not too surprising that there are Halal restaurants in Birmingham, considering that there are various kinds of foods and cuisines presented to the tourists and citizens.

So after researching for 24 hours, I am today presenting you with the article in which I have rounded up some of the halal restaurants in Birmingham and reviewed them.

So lets get Started!

Best Halal Restaurants in Birmingham

Eis cafe

Opening Days & Timings

Monday to Sunday – 12:30–11:30pm

Because of being famous for its desserts’ unbeatable quality, this lovely little dessert shop has become the best compared to the rest.

It has a wide variety of desserts; each one is perfected in taste, flavour, and appearance.

Beautifully immaculate and decorated, this café is not only well-furnished, but its décor is also not like most dessert parlours in the UK. With the rustic yet inspiring theme, well-thought-out decorations, and thought-provoking artwork and quotations hung on the walls, the owners of the place have surely given each and one of their customers a good impression with just that.

The best and most recommended items and drinks served in this cute café are:

  • Salted caramel and chocolate brownie with white Nutella and biscoff ice-cream
  • Pistachio and peanut baklava
  • The marshmallow dish
  • Unicorn ice cream
  • Blueberry loco shake
  • Red velvet cheesecake

And when it comes to what most reviewers have commented and loved is the:

  • Eye-catching exterior
  • Big portions of food
  • The impeccability of the café when it comes to quality and service
  • Rich and thick milkshakes

So if you are tired of your generic or go-to dessert shop and want to go to one that offers marvellously presented food, desserts, and drinks that just hit the spot, this is undoubtedly the place to go to!

Flamin patties

Known for its generous portions, fresh and flavorful food, and excellent presentation as well as packaging, this hamburger restaurant not only provides its customers with a lively ambience and food that is cooked and seasoned to perfection, but the staff of the place also offer the customers with exceptional service that will be surely unforgettable for the customer.

The place caters to vegetarians, who will undoubtedly enjoy the veggie option, and meat-eaters as well as burger lovers, so make sure to pay a visit to this place.

As for the staff, they go out of their way to ensure customers’ happiness, make sure to treat them all like royalty and give great suggestions for what you could order, so don’t hesitate to ask for their recommendation.

Speaking of recommendations, here are some of them by reviewers about what you could order from the eateries` menu:

  • The cheeseburger (definitely is up there in the list of the best burgers in Birmingham)
  • The chicken wings (stand-out item)
  • The Chicken strips
  • The beef burger
  • The mocktail mojito

Next, here are some of the common things reviewers have said about the eatery:

  • Don’t forget to ask for some of their amazing Algerian sauce if you ever visit this hamburger restaurant.
  • This place offers brilliant and consistently good food.
  • Even if you are not a fan of cheesy fries, be sure to try theirs` out because they are out-of-this-world-delicious.
  • The burgers are exceptionally cooked and filling.

So be sure to visit this place; I assure you, it definitely lives to its hype.


Days & Timings

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday – 12–10 PM

Friday and Saturday – 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Being popular for its lush décor and luxurious fitting, this Argentinian restaurant is the one to visit when you want to treat yourself or someone to a high-class meal outside, as well as have an enjoyable afternoon and evening.

Dimly but appropriately lit and lavishly decorated, the steak restaurant sure looks the part.

Not to mention, the thoughtful staff that provides terrific service are great at giving suggestions for the starters and serving the food on time.

And you are sure to have a great dining experience and overall a memorable and cherishable experience.

Whether it is because of the flavoursome, fresh, and tasty food, the refreshing drinks, or the sociable and buzzing atmosphere generated by the open restaurant and upbeat lounge music, one thing is for sure, after fine dining in this child-friendly steak restaurant, you will be eager to go once more.

The most-bought and commended food items:

  • The empanadas
  • The trio dessert
  • The first-class steak (that is a must)
  • The chimichurri

The common things the eatery was praised for:

  • The welcoming and cooperative staff always seem to make the customers feel at ease and welcomed
  • The delish desserts
  • The excellent sauces
  • The staff is helpful and accommodating customers` dietary requirements.

Deciding to dine here is surely going to be the best decision you’ll ever make when it comes to choosing the suitable restaurant to enjoy some steak in, because not only will you dig into the delicious food but also feast your eyes on the surroundings and well-kept and open restaurant.


Days & Timings

Monday to Sunday – 1 – 10 PM

Renowned for the tender texture of the food they serve, this cosy restaurant has succeeded in having that Turkish feeling through the authentic taste of its food, traditional and rustic décor, and homely and friendly atmosphere.

Generous and satisfactory portions, polite staff that provides efficient and quick service, and delicious food, what is there to not like about this eatery?

Whether you are a fan of Turkish food or want to try it out for the first time, this is your best bet because this place never disappoints!

Most recommended food items and drinks:

  • The mixed grill
  • The tasty mocktails
  • The Turkish tea
  • The lemon mojito
  • The hot choco pudding

What reviewers mostly say about this place:

  • The welcoming staff made them feel as if they are at home.
  • It is the best Turkish place in Birmingham.

All in all, you are sure to have a great time eating out at this Turkish restaurant, so be sure to visit it!


This tea store is the place to pay a visit to have an authentic Indian tea that hits the spot or, in general, well-presented Indian food.

The delightful little place on Ladypool Road’s nice and cosy ambience makes it the perfect place for friends and families to come to visit.

The excellent selection of menu, unique and quirky décor, and staff that is helpful enough to recommend you new food to try, make the experience even better!

Best-selling food items and drinks:

  • Karak chai
  • Masala chips
  • Fried roti
  • Kashmiri pink tea
  • Gajar Halwa cheesecake
  • The samosas

What most reviewers say:

  • It is generally quieter in the mornings, so be sure to visit it at that time.
  • The tea has a nice consistency and is undoubtedly not your average Indian/Desi cup of tea.
  • Excellent selection of menu
  • Great variety of drinks

So if you are into Indian cuisine, be sure to visit this eatery! This place is also best for breakfasts.. 

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t enjoy trying out new foods and cuisines, of course, except the picky and selective eaters? If you are tired of meeting up with friends in a fast food place or eating things out of just one cuisine, then give your taste buds a change and visit any of these halal places to eat in Birmingham, if you are currently in Birmingham or ever plan to visit the city.

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