10 Must-Try Restaurants in Bristol Tn for Foodies in 2023!

Bristol is a fun city with heritage, landmarks, and “twin status” between Tennessee and Virginia. 

Well, this makes it heaven for food lovers.

From traditional barbeque to delicious seafood, you can find all the top-class restaurants here. 

In downtown, several Chinese, Mexican, and Italian diners attract over 300,000 tourists each year.

Whether you’re planning to visit Bristol or looking for a fine restaurant to enjoy the refined delicacy, this article is for you.


So, sit back and read about the best restaurants in Bristol, TN, proving that this city is more than country music and motor speedway.

10 Best Restaurants In Bristol, TN That Every Food Lover Must Visit

When it comes to fine diners and cafes, there are plenty of options. The cherry on top is that you can also just pass the “state line” and enjoy the food from the other side, a.k.a; Bristol, VA.

1. The Mad Greek Restaurant

Due to its pizza, calzone, and stromboli, the mad greek restaurant is the most famous bristol restaurant among tourists and locals.


The menu is very affordable. You can try their signature Norwegian Salmon for just $15.99, way cheaper than cooking at home, though.

A lunch combo is also available where you can choose any two dishes of your choice for just $8.99, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

Adventure lovers and solitude seekers can also order or pick food while heading to Steele creek park, which is only a 12-minute ride away from here.

Contact# 423-968-4848

Address: 2419 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620

2. Cootie Brown’s Bristol

Whether you want to spend quality family time or hang out with friends, Cootie Brown’s has all the good vibes.


Everyone is impressed by the cleanliness and overall atmosphere of this most original and genuine restaurant in the twin city.

BBQ is their specialty. There are over 100+ dishes and combos on the menu. A wide range of vegan and gluten-free are also available.

Their “Raspberry fusion pie” is pure delight. I bet that all the sweet tooths will be their licking fingers afterward.

Contact#  423-283-4723

Address: 118 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620

3. Aubrey’s Bristol

Experience real comfort with real taste at Aubrey’s. The view from here is absolutely charming.


Tri-Cities escape game zone is only a 10-minute drive away, where you can enjoy the fun escape room experience with family and friends.

Overall, the food is great, with fair potions. Their Thai chicken salad and granny steak are a must-try.

Contact#  423-573-1062

Address: 430 Pinnacle Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620

4. The Angry Italian Restaurant

Bristol’s favorite downtown Italian pizza spot, the angry Italian, is the best restaurant to enjoy Mussels Bianco and Chicago-style pizza.


Personally, I love ordering Angry Antipasto and Bruschetta, an authentic Italian delicacy. 

The pizza here starts from $15; the infamous Northside deep dish pizza will cost you just $29.95.

It is best to reserve your table prior to an hour, as the cafe is often crowded. Don’t forget to try Tiramisu, a heavenly dessert.

Contact#  423-556-7150

Address: 714 State St, Bristol, TN 37620

5. 620 State Restaurant

One of its own kind, 620 state is the best seafood restaurant in Bristol, TN, where you can order sushi and American-style BBQ.


The cocktail bar seating is designed in such a way that you can chit-chat with friends and watch sports. 

Their Pad Thai tastes amazing. The Spicy noodles are quite hot, so request the chef to hold the spice.

Overall, it is a cool place if you want to enjoy the real “Tennessee Treats” and continental dishes under a roof.

Contact#  423-652-0314

Address: 620 State St, Bristol, TN 37620

6. Machiavelli’s Italian Restaurant

Undoubtedly, Machiavelli’s is one of the finest Italian restaurants in Bristol, TN

Make your weekend nights extra special with their Creamy Jalapeño Chicken Pasta and Prime Rib.


This spot is also quite famous for its love for live country music. Be ready to enjoy dual perks with the one price of food.

The prices are budget-friendly. You can order a three-course dinner for just $30 per person.

Contact#  423-573-9955

Address: 85th St, Bristol, TN, USA

7. Bristol Gardens And Grill

Heaven for meat lovers, gardens and grill is the best eatery for BBQ, burgers, and pork nachos.


You can choose fresh-cut meat, and the chef will cook it just as you like. You’ll be surprised by their low prices.

A family of 8 can enjoy dinner for just $80, which is even cheaper than cooking at home and doing all the dishes.

Keep in mind that this restaurant is closed on Monday. So, be ready to order all the crispy BBQ and buns on the weekend.

Contact#  423-573-9955

Address: 285 Vance Street, Bristol, VA 24201

8. Casa Mexicana

Experience the glory of Mexican food in the southern US state. Everything about this place is perfect.


It is the only authentic Mexican restaurant in Bristol, TN. With plenty of dipping sauces and lickin’ good salsa, be ready to experience pure delicacy.

The one thing that I really like about here is the chef always holds the spice. So visitors don’t end up with extremely spicy food.

Service here is quick, and the staff is exceptionally well-trained. Overall, casa Mexicana is worth visiting for either a quick brunch or lunch.

Contact#  423-844-0063

Address: 1020 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620

9. J Frank Bristol

J Frank is one of the best and most famous restaurants on both sides of “twin cities.” Every aspect of this place is worth a 5-star rating.


They serve food in the traditional 19th-century Victorian style. It’s a fun place to eat rare-cooked steak and cocktails.

Their royal crape and Frank’s plate are a must-try. Don’t forget to order “king Frank’s bloody” along with your dinner.

It is best to book a table as the seating capacity is limited, and everyone loves to eat here.

Contact#  423-764-3663

Address: 412 6th St, Bristol, TN, United States, Tennessee

10. Outback Steakhouse

Outback steakhouse is undoubtedly the king of steaks and cocktails. Being a food critic, I absolutely love their Blackberry martini.


When it comes to food, you have a variety of dishes on the menu. There is a separate kid’s and gluten-free menu.

The other thing that I really adore is the portions are grand. So, don’t order two or three dishes at once. 

The food’s comfort and taste are just like home cooked. Undoubtedly, it is a little gem of Bristol that is worth visiting.

Contact#  276-466-0100

Address: 308 Bristol W Blvd, Bristol, TN 37620

Wrapping It Up!

Bristol, Tennessee, is the home of over 80 restaurants that serve every type of cuisine. For fine dining in Bristol, you can book a table at J frank or 620 state restaurant.

On the contrary, Outback steakhouse and Aubrey’s are the best pinnacle restaurants. 

In the twin city, you can find all the Continental restaurants and pubs that serve Chinese, Italian, and Mexican food.

Regardless of your appetite choices, don’t forget to taste authentic BBQ in the American style, the signature dish of Bristol.

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