Why are Chinese Restaurants Closed on Mondays?

If you’re a fan of Chinese food, you may already know that most high-end Chinese food diners are closed on Mondays. 

But why do these restaurants not open on Mondays? Being a foodie, I can totally relate to how bad it feels when you’re not able to enjoy your food cravings, especially at the start of the week.

Usually, Chinese restaurants stay closed on Mondays due to fewer customers. Also, the chefs and essential workers also need to rest after the rush hours of weekends. 

Do Fast Food Restaurants Also Stay Closed On Mondays
Do Fast Food Restaurants Also Stay Closed On Mondays

Precisely, it depends on the location. It is not a rule of thumb that every eatery has to stay closed on Mondays. So, Let’s find out what all the fuss is about.

Why A Lot Of Restaurants Aren’t Open On Mondays?

Regardless of where you live, you may notice that when everyone is in a rush at the start of the week, there are no open cafes. 

This is only because Monday is the slowest day for the food business. Cafes and diners have fewer customers as compared to other busy days.

Generally, most people make plans to eat out on weekends. So, owners keep the business off and prepare for the week ahead.

Do Fast Food Restaurants Also Stay Closed On Mondays?

Small fast-food cafes prefer to keep business closed on Mondays. But, in the case of big giants like Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s, they provide services all seven days a week.

Usually, in the management and services business, the off day depends on the number of employees you have.

Chain restaurants have a large staff, that’s why they can also serve on Mondays by rotating the shift of employees.

What About Luxury Hotels And Michelin Star Restaurants

Most luxury hotels stay open on all days. When it comes to restaurants with Michelin stars, it depends on the policy.

Sometimes, due to ongoing work or renovation, owners also decide to stay closed for customers’ safety.

Some Other Common Reasons:

Apart from the fewer customers, there are also many reasons that are why hotels and eateries stay closed on Mondays.

For a refined delicacy, hotels and cafes need to buy fresh and have a proper rest.

Surprisingly Chic Fil A Remain Opens

Chic Fil A is the only fast-food restaurant chain that stays closed on Sundays. They keep their business closed even on the busiest day of the week. 

Surprisingly Chic Fil A Remain Opens
Surprisingly Chic Fil A Remain Opens

All the employees have a rest day on Sunday. So, on Monday, they are ready to serve your favorite meal.

Wait…Some Chinese Restaurants Stay Closed On Tuesdays Too! 

Tuesday has its own unique symbolism in Chinese culture. Tuesday is designated for resting and enjoying yourself with your loved ones. 

That’s why every Chinese person prefers to take off from work and enjoy with family on this day. 

Wrapping It Up!

The closure of Chinese cafes on Monday is solely due to fewer customers and a lack of fresh ingredients. 

In the long run, it is actually best for eateries to stay closed when they can’t serve the refined delicacy. Because people can sue restaurants for negligence.

So, being a foodie, whenever you see a closed restaurant on Monday, be happy because it’s best for both business and you!

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