How Does A Restaurant Get A Michelin Star (Earn One For You)

Getting a Michelin star is the dream of every chef. Luckily, this award is specifically awarded on the basics of taste. The interior and decor of restaurant don’t matter when earning this prestigious award. 

A Restaurant Get A Michelin Star
A Restaurant Get A Michelin Star

Restaurants can earn up to three Michelin stars. Contrary to popular opinion, chefs can never get this prestigious award. They can only be associated with eateries with stars.

The process of awarding the star has been kept secret so far. But there are several steps you can take to earn it. 

That’s why we have gone through multiple Michelin-star restaurants and studied their menu, decor, and cooking style. So, read on to get inspiration and insight into these high-end eateries. 

Michelin Star Meaning

It is an award that is given to restaurants for delicious food. Usually, the chef’s cooking style and ingredient texture. 

Any diner can earn up to three stars. But the jury can also take back the star if they found any compromise on taste.

One Star: It is given for exceptional taste 

Two Stars: Awarded for pure delicacy with stunning representation 

Three Stars: It is given for perfect cuisine in every way.

An eatery must have an exceptional menu with pure delicacies. The jury tastes and judges the whole menu before making any decision.

How Can Your Restaurant Get A Michelin Star?

The Michelin Inspector tastes the food. Good quality customer service also matters. That’s why it is always preferred to explain the menu a bit.

  • Refine your menu and ensure a delighted delicacy. 
  • Use fresh herbs and vegetables.
  • Serve fresh meat and dish out food with perfection.

Do Michelin Guide Award Stars Every Year?

Yes, the Michelin inspectors taste several dishes around the year. Cafes with refined cuisine can get a star every year.

Michelin Guide Award Stars Every Year
Michelin Guide Award Stars Every Year

How Long Does A Michelin Star Last?

If the Michelin inspector receives any complaints about your restaurant and it’s proven to be true, then you can lose a star anytime.

A star can last up to 18 years. Some places earn the prestigious award every year. Gordon Ramsay’s London lost two stars overnight over a complaint.

Do You Have To Get A Michelin Star Every Year?

No, it is not mandatory to get a star every year. There are more than 1000 cafes and eateries with 1 star.

Does The Restaurant Decor Matters?

No, only the taste matters. There’s a famous saying that “taste is king” when it comes to earning a star.

How Many Dishes Should You Have On Menu? 

Ultimately, there is no particular number. Any regular menu with the required quality can win it.

Do You Need To Apply For It?

If currently, you don’t have any stars, then you have to ask/request the jury to consider your eatery. 

A place with already a star doesn’t have to apply or request consideration. 

How Many Inspectors Check Your Food?

For a fair competition, several Michelin tastes your dish. Sometimes, they can order the whole menu to try. 

How Many Inspectors Check Your Food
How Many Inspectors Check Your Food

Then, every inspector judges and marks every dish. The star is only given if the whole menu is worth it. 

Do You Need A Big Formal Restaurant?

No, any small cafe can also earn a star. Michelin guides solely judge the taste. Nobody cares for the interior and restaurant lighting design when it comes to food quality.

How Does The Michelin Star System Work?

Usually, most people get confused between awarded diners and chefs. The “Star” solely belongs to the place, which is headed by a master chef. 

There is no such thing as a Michelin-awarded chef. Often, head chefs later on, make their own restaurants. 

What’s The Difference Among Stars?

A star award is worth tasting the food. With two stars, the menu is considered a pure delicacy. While with three stars, chefs reach the height of their careers.

Can You Lose A Michelin Star?

Unfortunately, a Michelin star is not permanent. You can lose it if the jury finds inconsistency and compromise in taste.

Based on several forums, it is safe to conclude that apart from food, poor hygiene also counts.

Several famous cafes, including, The Greenhouse, went out of business once they lost their Micheline guide award. 

Can You Lose A Michelin Star
Can You Lose A Michelin Star

If a place has more than two or three stars and the jury finds any compromise, they are demoted to one. The high-end UMU, London, was demoted while rechecking.

Michelin Star FAQs 

Who lost Michelin 2022?

Several cafes lost their spots in2022. Some of the famous high-end restaurants like The Isle of Eriska, The Balmoral, and The Dining Room lost one star.

Do Michelin stars matter?

Professional chefs always consider taste. The stars matter, but food delicacy is the king. You can run a successful cafe even without any awards.

Who has the most Michelin Star?

Restaurant managed by Chef Joel Robuction, has 32 Michelin Stars. Gordon Ramsay has earned 17 throughout his career. But, unfortunately, he recently lost around 10.

How Many Michelin Stars Restaurants In The World?

Currently, there are 2290 restaurants with one, 417 with two, and 137 with three stars.

Wrapping It Up!

Every chef has a dream of having a Michelin-star restaurant. The decor and fine furniture won’t matter to win it.

You can also lose it after winning a star. You don’t need to own a high-end cafe, but a delicious menu.

We hope that this guide will help you to fulfill your dreams. Remember, the key point is taste. Well, in the meantime, keep on making the food you love the most!

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