Halal Restaurants in San Diego: Top Picks for 2023

San Diego is a great place to find delicious and authentic Halal options, ranging from traditional Middle Eastern specialties to modern fusion cuisine. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an unforgettable meal, San Diego has something for everyone. With a wide range of Halal cuisine restaurants, you’ll find something satisfying your taste buds. 

This article will explore some of the best Halal restaurants in San Diego and highlight their unique offerings.

10 Best Halal Restaurants in san Diego

1. Dave’s hot chicken – Best for its hot chicken Combo Platter

Dave’s Hot Chicken is one of the most popular restaurants for delicious halal cuisine. 


Dave’s Hot Chicken specializes in sandwiches, salads, and wraps made with fresh and flavorful ingredients.

Their signature dish is the dave hot chicken Combo Platter, which includes four pieces of spicy fried chicken and fries.

The restaurant also offers a variety of other options, such as tacos, burgers, and quesadillas.

In addition to great food, the atmosphere at Dave’s Hot Chicken is welcoming and friendly.

They are known for their warm hospitality and accommodating staff. Dave’s Hot Chicken also prides itself on its commitment to quality and freshness. The restaurant is committed to offering the best halal food in San Diego. 

2. Ma’s House – Best for its Chinese dishes

Ma’s House is one of the best Ma’s Chinese Islamic Restaurants. This restaurant is located in San Diego and serves some of the best halal food in town. 


Ma’s House specializes in Chinese Islamic and Middle Eastern cuisine, including chorba, kabsah, and couscous dishes. The menu also offers vegetarian options and an extensive selection of curries.

The restaurant has a casual dining atmosphere and a beautiful ocean view. The staff is friendly and welcoming, making it an ideal spot for both families and groups of friends.

Ma’s House also offers some of the best margaritas in town. Stop by during happy hour to enjoy discounted drinks, which are sure to put you in a good mood.

Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a unique take on Chinese Islamic cuisine, Ma’s House is the perfect spot for all your culinary needs.

3. Grains – Best for vegan-centric dishes

Grains is one of the best halal restaurants in San Diego, offering various vegan options. 


The restaurant’s specialty is consistently providing great vegan-centric dishes, including vegan versions of classic meat dishes like Philly cheesesteaks and popcorn chicken. 

They also provide hard beverages to enjoy alongside the food. The atmosphere inside Grains is warm and welcoming, making it an ideal spot for a meal with family and friends.

The staff is friendly and accommodating, ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Grains offers plenty of delicious choices for those looking for vegan options, from sandwiches to salads to entrees.

All meals come in generous portions, so you won’t leave feeling unsatisfied. 

With its halal certification, Grains is the perfect spot for Muslims looking to enjoy delicious food in a comfortable setting. 

4. Cafe Royale – Best for its Authentic Somali cuisine 

Cafe Royale is the ideal spot for a unique and delicious dining experience. 


The restaurant is known for its authentic Somali cuisine, which is Zabiha halal certified, assuring customers that their meal is prepared according to Islamic dietary laws. 

Cafe Royale has something for everyone, with dishes ranging from goat meat to chicken tenders, made with high-quality ingredients and generous portions.

The staff provides excellent service and generous portions, making it ideal for groups or a night out with friends. 

Cafe Royale is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a flavorful meal while adhering to halal guidelines. 

With its delicious dishes and commitment to Islamic dietary laws, Cafe Royale is one of the best halal restaurants in San Diego. 

5. Tandoori Hut  – Best for its Flavorful dishes

Tandoori Hut is a halal restaurant located in San Diego, California. 


This establishment specializes in Indian cuisine, featuring butter chicken, biryani chicken, mushroom masala, naan bread, Malai Kofta, tandoori chicken, lamb korma, and cheese naan. 

The restaurant also offers a self-service system, allowing customers to pay for their meal before selecting a seat and can get their water.

Tandoori Hut is well-known for its flavorful dishes, generous portions, and tender meats.

If you’re looking for an Indian brunch with a view of San Diego, Tandoori Hut is a great option. 

The restaurant offers Indian-style breakfast dishes, such as paratha flatbreads with various fillings, omelets with chutneys and curries, dosas, and idlis.

Enjoy your meal at this halal restaurant with spectacular views of the San Diego skyline.

6. Shawarma Guys  – Best for its Beef shawarma

Shawarma Guys is a popular halal restaurant in San Diego specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine. 


They serve a variety of options from their food truck, such as shawarma fries, half/half plates, wraps, salads, and falafel plates. 

Their signature dish is beef shawarma made with Australian Wagyu beef. They offer other options as well, such as chicken and vegan. 

Customers can customize their orders with a variety of veggies and sauces. They are known for their excellent customer service, fast and efficient service, generous portion sizes, and reasonable prices. 

If you’re looking for halal restaurants in San Diego, then Shawarma Guys is worth checking out.

7. Aladdin Café – Best for its Mediterranean foods

The Aladdin Café restaurant in San Diego is an excellent spot for those craving delicious food. 


The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean food, particularly kabobs, hummus, and tabouli. They offer generous portions of fresh and flavorful fare, although the quality of service can vary from customer to customer.

With a bit of patience and an open mind, you will have a great experience at this unique eatery.  

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or a sit-down dining experience, Aladdin’s Café Grill will satisfy your craving for halal food.

Come in and try some delicious authentic dishes that make this restaurant stand out among San Diego’s halal restaurants. You won’t be disappointed! 

8. Born & Raised – Best for its Beef Shawarma Plate

Born and Raised is a halal restaurant in downtown San Diego that serves traditional Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. 


Born and raised in passionate about giving locals an authentic taste of the region. 

Along with their popular dishes, such as the Beef Shawarma Plate and Lamb Kebab, they also offer a variety of desserts, sides, and appetizers.

The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with bright decor and friendly service staff. 

Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or an unforgettable night out with friends, Born and Raised is sure to please. Enjoy the delicious Halal cuisine, and don’t forget to leave room for dessert!  

9. The Kebab Shop – Best for Authentic Middle Eastern dishes 

The Kabob Shop is a popular spot for halal cuisine in San Diego. The restaurant specializes in authentic Middle Eastern dishes such as kebabs, falafels, hummus, and more. 


Ingredients are fresh with generous portions and reasonable prices. The atmosphere is casual and inviting, making it great for socializing or getting work done while still enjoying a delicious meal. 

The service is attentive and friendly, with staff members who are knowledgeable about the menu. 

With its commitment to catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences, including vegan and gluten-free options, The Kabob Shop provides an enjoyable dining experience for all types of customers.

It is no wonder that The Kabob Shop has earned its reputation as one of the best places for halal cuisine in the city. 

Whether you are looking for a casual atmosphere or a more intimate dining experience, The Kabob Shop can provide an enjoyable and memorable meal. 

So if you’re in search of a halal restaurant in San Diego, consider giving The Kabob Shop a try for your next dining-out adventure.

10. Tahini – Best for  its Mediterranean-style sandwiches 

Tahini is a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant providing fresh and made-to-order meals.

Tahini’s specialty is its Mediterranean-style sandwiches and bowls, which customers can customize with their choice of protein such as chicken, beef, or falafel), toppings, and sauces. 

 The staff provides friendly service, and the ambiance is warm and pleasant. 

The restaurant offers catering services for events as well as loyalty points that customers can redeem for free meals or discounts. 

Focusing on high-quality ingredients and homemade sauces and dressings, Tahini is popular among locals, has been featured on popular food shows, and is a great option for those looking for quick, fresh, and tasty Mediterranean cuisine in San Diego. 

Halal restaurants in san diego FAQs

How do you know if food is halal in a restaurant?

One of the best ways to identify whether a restaurant serves halal food is to seek certification from a local Islamic authority.

What foods are not halal?

Foods that are not considered halal include pork, alcohol, and gelatin-based desserts. 


San Diego is full of delicious and diverse Halal restaurants to explore. 

Whether you’re looking for a casual spot for lunch or an exquisite dinner option, plenty of establishments serve up various cuisines from around the world. 

We hope this guide has given you some great ideas of where to find the best Halal restaurants in San Diego. Bon Appetit!

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