10 Best Breakfast Burritos in San Diego You Must Try! (2023)

San Diego is a beautiful city with plenty of great food options. The breakfast burrito is one of the most popular breakfasts in San Diego. 

There are many places to find delicious breakfast burritos in the city, ranging from quick and easy takeouts to sit-down restaurants. Here we will look at some of the best breakfast burritos in San Diego to help you decide where to get your morning meal.

10 Best Breakfast Burritos in San Diego

1. Lucha Libre – Best for Breakfast Burrito

Lucha Libre is a popular San Diego restaurant renowned for its delicious Mexican cuisine.


With a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, the restaurant has become one of the city’s most beloved spots for lunch and dinner. 

It’s known for its mouthwatering tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more, making it the perfect spot for a delicious meal.

The restaurant’s signature dish is its famous breakfast burrito. Served with melted cheese and your choice of salsa, this burrito is filled with scrambled eggs, potatoes, chorizo or steak, and vegetables. 

It’s truly an unforgettable experience. In addition to its fantastic food, Lucha Libre has become a popular boba tea in San Diego.

The restaurant also boasts an impressive view of the downtown skyline, making it the ideal spot to watch the sunset while enjoying your meal.

2. Oscar’s Mexican Seafood – Best for Mexican cuisine 

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood is a popular restaurant in San Diego, California.


The restaurant specialises in authentic Mexican cuisine and seafood dishes, including tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more. 

But the restaurant is most famous for its best breakfast burrito. This delicious dish combines scrambled eggs, chorizo sausage, potatoes and cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. It’s the perfect way to start your day!

You can enjoy beautiful views of downtown San Diego and the surrounding area. 

Whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast burrito or a romantic dinner with a view, Oscar’s Mexican Seafood is the perfect spot.

3. Rigoberto’s Taco Shop – Best for carne asada burrito

Rigoberto’s Taco Shop is a popular destination for anyone looking for the best burrito in San Diego. Located in the heart of San Diego’s historic Barrio Logan neighbourhood.


The restaurant is renowned for its signature carne asada burrito, a generous portion of marinated steak, beans and cheese wrapped inside a warm flour tortilla.

In addition to its famous burritos, Rigoberto’s also serves up other delicious Mexican dishes such as tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas. 

The restaurant also has a variety of drinks and desserts to choose from.

The atmosphere at Rigoberto’s is casual yet inviting and friendly, making it an excellent spot for friends or family to enjoy a meal together.

4. California Burritos – Best for Mexican food and incredible views. 

California Burritos is a well-loved downtown San Diego restaurant known for its amazing Mexican food and incredible views. 

Boasting the best burritos in town, California Burritos has quickly become one of San Diego’s hottest spots for locals and tourists.

The restaurant’s outdoor seating area offers unparalleled views of downtown, with a wide selection of classic Mexican dishes.

From burritos, tacos and enchiladas to chips, quesadillas and more, there’s something for everyone at California Burritos. The menu also includes regional specialities such as chilaquiles and carne asada fries.

The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, and the staff is eager to please. The restaurant is also pet-friendly and offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options.

5. Breakfast Republic – Best for vegan chilaquiles  

Breakfast Republic is one of the best breakfast restaurants in San Diego. Located in various neighbourhoods like North Park, Liberty Station, Encinitas, and Ocean Beach. 


Breakfast Republic offers an eclectic mix of morning meals that will please any palate, from classic favourites such as pancakes and French toast to speciality items like vegan chilaquiles and breakfast burritos. 

Their unique menu items are made with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring each dish is fresh and delicious.

The food is amazing at Breakfast Republic, and the atmosphere is just as great! 

Whether dining indoors or al fresco on their outdoor patio, you’ll appreciate the lively and vibrant atmosphere.

6. The Taco Stand – Best for hand-crafted corn tortillas

The Taco Stand is a highly acclaimed restaurant in San Diego that offers authentic Mexican cuisine.


It is known for its freshly made hand-crafted corn tortillas, chipotle, and cilantro sauces that perfectly complement its dishes. 

The restaurant’s atmosphere is inviting, cozy, and full of vibrant colors.

Their menus include tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and other Mexican favorites.  

The Mary Tierra fries, a customer favorite, have received a 10/10 rating for their crispy and well-seasoned fries topped with juicy and flavorful steak, shrimp, and fresh guacamole. 

The restaurant also offers an abundant and delicious salsa bar where customers can enjoy a variety of flavors and spice levels. The Taco Stand is the best place to get burritos in San Diego.

7. Broken yolk cafe – Best for its Breakfast Burritos. 

The Broken Yolk Cafe is a popular breakfast spot in San Diego, renowned for its delicious breakfast burritos. 


They offer options like steak and eggs, chorizo and eggs, bacon and eggs, and potatoes with scrambled eggs. 

The burrito is filled with meat, cheese, beans, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. The flavors are vibrant, with a hint of spice that will tantalize your taste buds.

The Broken Yolk Cafe is also known for its relaxed atmosphere and views of San Diego Bay. 

With its scenic views, it’s no wonder why locals flock here to enjoy their breakfast burritos in a peaceful setting. The restaurant also offers outdoor seating, so patrons can enjoy the fresh air and views while enjoying their meals.

8. Coffee Cup – Best for its Homemade Tortillas

Coffee Cup is a restaurant in San Diego renowned for its mouth-watering breakfast burritos. Customers come from near and far to experience the unique flavors of this popular eatery. 


The cooks at the Coffee mug use only fresh ingredients, blending them to create an unforgettable meal.

Their signature items include house-made tortillas filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, freshly grated cheese, spicy chorizo and avocado. The burritos are served with homemade salsa and a side of crispy tots.

In addition to its breakfast offerings, Coffee Cup serves an array of delicious lunch and dinner options.  

The atmosphere at Coffee Cup is relaxed and inviting. Customers can enjoy their meals with breathtaking views of the San Diego skyline. The restaurant also features outdoor seating so patrons can soak up the California sunshine while they eat.

Whether visiting San Diego or a local, Coffee Cup will become your favorite spot for the best breakfast burrito in town.

9. Don Bravos – Best for its Breakfast Burrito

Don Bravo’s is one of the most popular restaurants in San Diego for breakfast burritos.


Founded in 2006, Don Bravo’s has been serving delicious combinations of eggs, potatoes, cheese, chorizo, and more to hungry customers ever since.

Their signature breakfast burrito features a large flour tortilla filled with fresh ingredients and their secret sauce. The result is a flavor-packed meal that will leave you full and satisfied.

The atmosphere at Don Bravo’s is relaxed and inviting. The restaurant has an intimate seating area with indoor and outdoor tables, giving you a great beach view. 

The staff is friendly and attentive, ensuring each customer has an enjoyable experience.

If you’re looking for the best breakfast burrito in San Diego, check out Don Bravo!

10. Kono’s Café – Best for its Fluffy Tortilla

Kono’s Café is a San Diego restaurant renowned for its delicious breakfast burrito. Located in the heart of Ocean Beach, Kono’s offers an amazing view of the beach and ocean for those who want to enjoy their meal outside.


The menu includes classic breakfast items such as eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast, but their breakfast burrito sets them apart.

Its signature dish includes a generous filling of eggs, bacon, potatoes and cheese wrapped in a fluffy tortilla. 

The burrito is smothered in their homemade salsa and topped with freshly sliced avocado.

For those who want to experience the best breakfast burrito San Diego offers, Kono’s Café is sure to satisfy.

Best Breakfast Burrito San Diego FAQs

How would you describe a breakfast burrito?

A breakfast burrito is a delicious, hearty meal typically consisting of eggs, cheese, and other savory ingredients wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

What is the best place for Breakfast Burrito in San Diego?

The best place for a breakfast burrito in San Diego is the Breakfast Republic. It offers a fantastic breakfast burrito experience that can’t be beaten.


For the ultimate breakfast burrito experience, San Diego offers a wide selection of eateries.

Whether you are looking for house-made tortillas, fluffy tortillas or secret sauces, each restaurant offers something special. 

With so many great options, you will surely find something that will satisfy your craving. So grab a breakfast burrito and start your day off right!

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