Best Boba in San Diego: Must Try Spots in 2023

San Diego is becoming a hub for boba and bubble tea lovers, with various flavors and varieties. There’s something for everyone, from traditional Taiwanese-style bubble teas to newfangled creations. 

With so many boba shops, deciding which is best for you can be hard. To make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the best boba spots in San Diego!

10 Best Boba Spots in San Diego

1. Sharetea – Best for Boba and Milk Teas

Sharetea is a boba tea shop located in San Diego, California. They specialize in providing a wide variety of boba and milk teas, as well as slush drinks, juices, smoothies, and more. 


Sharetea is passionate about boba tea and strives to bring customers the best experience.

They have been serving boba tea drinks in San Diego since 2020, and their boba tea selection has grown to include a variety of flavors, such as strawberry, mango, peach, and more. Sharetea also offers some of the best margaritas in San Diego

Each boba drink has fresh fruit juice concentrates and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Sharetea also offers different boba toppings like boba pearls and popping boba.

2. Camellia Rd Tea Bar – Best for Camellia Classic boba drinks

Camellia Rd Tea Bar is the premier boba tea shop in San Diego. Located in Kearny Mesa, this unique boba tea spot offers an array of one-of-a-kind boba creations that you won’t find anywhere else. 


Whether it’s their classic bubble milk teas or inventive boba blends, Camellia Rd Tea Bar brings boba in San Diego to the next level.

Their signature boba teas include their signature Camellia Classic boba drinks, a selection of creative boba milk with creamy flavors like Strawberry Taro and Mango Cream. 

Camellia Rd Tea Bar has also got you covered with unique boba creations like their Green Apple Tapioca Bubble and Durian Lychee boba teas for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

3. Kung Fu Tea – Best for its Traditional Chinese-style beverages

Kung Fu Tea is a  tea shop located in San Diego. They specialize in boba tea, bubble teas, and other traditional Chinese-style beverages.


They offer an array of intriguing flavors and toppings for their signature drinks to make them unique from any other boba shop you may have visited. 

Kung Fu Tea also offers several seasonal and limited edition flavors to make your tea experience even more exciting.

Kung Fu Tea has a unique and comfortable atmosphere with music playing in the background. They take pride in providing quality teas and beverages with the freshest ingredients. 

Kung Fu Tea also serves snacks such as popcorn chicken, fries, egg custards, and BBQ. 

Kung Fu Tea is the best bbq restaurant in San Diego, offering top-quality ingredients and unique flavors. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or something to satisfy your craving for bubble tea, Kung Fu Tea has something for everyone.

4. Tan-Cha – Best for its “Purple Snow” boba drink.

Tan-Cha is a boba tea shop in San Diego that stands out for its unique view of boba tea. Established in 2018, TanCha offers a wide selection of boba drinks, from classic milk teas to creative boba creations like their signature “Purple Snow” boba drink.


All boba drinks are made with freshly brewed tea, real fruit juices, and natural ingredients.

Tan-Cha is committed to creating boba tea drinks that taste amazing and have a pleasing presentation. All boba drinks are served in tall glasses with colorful boba pearls in the bottom for a fun look. 

Tan-Cha also considers sustainability in their boba drinks by offering boba straws made with biodegradable materials.If you’re looking for a boba tea shop that offers a unique take on boba, Tan-Cha is the spot for you!

5. R&B tea – Best for its signature Honey Boba

R&B Tea is a Popular boba in San Diego, California. Founded in 2019, the goal of R&B Tea is to provide its customers with delicious and unique drinks crafted from the freshest ingredients. 


Their menu includes classic favorites like black milk tea, fresh fruit teas, and creative twists on traditional drinks like taro boba and iced matcha lattes.

R&B Tea also offers a variety of smoothies, slushes, and special drinks like the Lemon Honey Yakult, Coconut Avocado Latte, and Butterscotch Coconut Milk Tea.

R&B Tea is best known for its signature Honey Boba and Honey Lemonade drinks, made with a unique blend of premium honey. 

Their drinks are always freshly made to order, and their boba is cooked in-house daily. They have also become well-known for their friendly customer service and wide selection of toppings like pudding, jelly, custard, and mochi.

6. Vivi Bubble Tea – Best for its signature bubble tea

Vivi Bubble Tea is the best place to get boba tea in San Diego. Located in the heart of Mission Valley, Vivi’s bubble teas are delicious and made with natural ingredients.


Whether you’re looking for a classic flavor like taro or something more unique like mango green tea, Vivi has it all.

Vivi doesn’t just have bubble tea. They also serve smoothies, slushies, and other special drinks like Thai iced tea. They use real fruit purees, freshly brewed teas, and natural sweeteners that make every sip delicious. 

Vivi also offers a variety of toppings to customize your drink, like boba and jellies. Every cup is made-to-order and is a treat for the taste buds.

Their signature bubble tea is a must-try. Vivi uses fresh milk and house-brewed tea for an indulgent, creamy texture. The best part is that you can customize every aspect of your drink to make it exactly how you want it.

7. Boba Bar and Desserts: Best For Taiwanese Bubble Tea

Boba Bar and Desserts is a family-owned boba tea cafe in San Diego, California. Their specialty is traditional Taiwanese bubble tea, but they also offer many other unique and delicious drinks like their signature boba (bubble teas) and icy slushies. 


The menu features the best boba in San Diego, made with fresh ingredients and carefully crafted house recipes.

The unique interior of the cafe creates an ideal atmosphere for enjoying a cup of boba tea or a sweet treat. Customers can enjoy the best views in San Diego from the cafe’s windows. Boba Bar & Desserts is one of the best rooftop restaurants in San Diego. Enjoy delicious drinks and snacks with a beautiful view of the city.

The cafe also offers desserts to complement it’s boba teas, like frosted mango brownies, taro chiffon cake, and macaron ice cream sandwiches. 

They have something for everyone’s sweet tooth! Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a full-on dessert, Boba Bar and Desserts has you covered.

8. It’s Boba Time – Best For Freshly Brewed Teas

Boba Time is one of San Diego’s best boba tea spots. They offer an extensive menu of delicious bubble tea made with organic and natural ingredients. 


Their specialty drinks include freshly brewed teas and coffees, smoothies, slushies, and unique desserts. In addition to their fantastic boba selection, Boba Time offers various snacks and light meals.

Boba Time’s best-sellers include classic boba tea flavors, like Thai Tea and Milk Tea, and unique options, like Mango Green Tea with Passionfruit Jelly and Lavender Latte. 

Their menu includes traditional snack items like popcorn chicken, spring rolls, and chicken wings. If you’re looking for the best boba in San Diego, look no further than Boba Time.

9. Presotea – Best For Signature Presotea Milk Tea

Presotea is an excellent boba tea restaurant located in San Diego. Their menu offers a variety of delicious and unique drinks, including their best-selling Presotea Milk Tea. 


They also offer creative beverages like Japanese Ice Cream Soda, Brown Sugar Deerioca Pearl Milk Tea, and Yam Smoothie. 

Their drinks are made with fresh and quality ingredients, such as organic tea leaves, natural fruit juices, and house-made syrups.

Their best boba in San Diego is the Signature Presotea Milk Tea – a classic mix of creamy milk tea topped with chewy tapioca pearls. 

It’s the perfect combination of flavors and textures, with sweet and creamy notes that will leave you wanting more. 

They also offer favorites like Hot Matcha Milk Tea, WaterMelon Cream Slush, and Bubble Coconut Green Tea.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Presotea has something to satisfy your cravings.

10. Ding Tea – Best for Signature Drink Brown Sugar

Ding Tea is a popular bubble tea restaurant in San Diego. They are best known for their innovative and flavorful boba drinks, offering a wide variety of classic and creative flavors that everyone can enjoy. 


Their signature drink is the Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea, which has quickly become a fan favorite with its smooth texture and sweet taste. They also offer a selection of fruit smoothies, slushies, and coffee drinks.

Ding Tea’s drinks are made with fresh ingredients and served in eco-friendly packaging. The relaxed atmosphere is inviting, making it the perfect spot for casual get-togethers and special occasions. They also have an extensive menu featuring sushi, dumplings, noodles, and snacks. If you’re looking for the best boba in San Diego, Ding Tea is worth a visit.

Best Boba In San Diego FAQs

What is the most famous boba?

The best boba in San Diego is Sharetea .This bubble tea shop offers classic flavors such as taro, matcha, honeydew and an extensive list of fruit-flavored drinks. 

Does boba tea have pork?

No, boba tea does not generally contain pork. Boba is a bubble tea that typically includes a sweet tea-based beverage and tapioca pearls added for texture. 


San Diego is home to many great boba (bubble tea) spots. There’s something for everyone, from traditional Chinese-style tea houses to modern cafes. 

Whether you’re looking for a light refreshment or an indulgent treat, these are some of the best boba spots in the city. The best part? You don’t have to travel far. 

You can find fantastic boba spots in almost every corner of the city. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore some of the best boba in San Diego!

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