Rooftop Restaurants in Tampa – Delicacy With Views (2023)

Dining with a view is much better than enjoying your food in a congested place, and we all agree with that.

Luckily, the skyline of Tampa city is mesmerizing, and the weather is warm most of the time. This makes the city the best spot for rooftop dining.

So, ready to find out some hidden gems that serve a delicate treat and are considered the best rooftop restaurants in Tampa?

Buckle up your seatbelts because it’s going to be a delicious ride!

10 Rooftop Restaurants In Tampa That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2023

Whether you’re craving authentic Southern cuisine or want pizza as brunch, the city is delighted to serve you.

1. Sal Y Mar – Where Taste Meets Luxury

It would not be wrong to claim that Sal Y Mar is the best Midtown restaurant in Tampa City. From interior to table spacing, everything is a piece of art.


When it comes to the food and menu, be ready for a 5-star dining experience. The menu is remarkable and filled with several seafood, vegan, and quick-grab options.

This beautiful rooftop restaurant is famous for brunch and dinner entrees. Well, you can also enjoy cocktails and liquor here with friends, all under the $20 bill. The cherry on top, it opens late and welcomes guests till midnight.

2. Élevage SoHo Kitchen – All About American Classics

If you want to plan a perfect date night, there is no better restaurant in Tampa than that. All you need to do is book a reservation and let the chef do all the magic.


The menu is filled with classic American dishes and soothing soups. The “epic love affair” section is well designed for making your dinner special with a three-course meal.

It is one of the few restaurants in Tampa with private rooms. So, don’t worry; you can exhale all your worries in their calming spa. Overall, the food is a bit expensive, but luxury does come with a little price tag.

3. Bulla Gastrobar – Famous For Spanish Tapas

If you’re a fan of Spanish cuisine, you just can’t miss it. You may feel the typical English vibes from the exterior, but the food is delicioso el delicioso. 


The menu is full of flavors and a lot of options, which can be confusing for many. The affordable food cost is quite surprising, as you can order a full three-course lunch for just $22.

Fortunately, there is a separate dessert menu with 15 sweet delights. Being a sweet tooth, I always order Flan De Coco, which is a passion fruit dessert with Emilio Lustau, to enjoy my weekend here.

4. Casa Santo Stefano – Best Italian Cafe With A Vibrant Terrace View

Experience a tale of friendship and a showplace of craftsmanship here. The interior is so cozy and warm; it just feels like home.


The cafe-style table spacing is straight out of Hollywood, which is quite a bold statement.

Like its sister properties, the restaurant has a strong influence on Italian and traditional comfort foods. Cozze Melania is one of their best dishes on the menu, made with mussels and grape tomato sauce.

In the vegan option, you must try pasta with loads of veggies. The Dolci section is short and sweet, but here you’ll find the best Gelato and Tiramisu with yummy mascarpone cream.

5. EDGE Rooftop Cocktail Lounge – Tampa’s Most Scenic Rooftop Views

Even though Edge is part of the Epicurean family, still this cocktail lounge has its own identity.


It’s heaven for cocktails and liquor lovers. It is the only restaurant in Tampa with the city’s panoramic view.

Edge is the ultimate place to enjoy happy hour. That’s why it is always hooked up with a lot of Tampatones. Overall the service is pretty good, and the drinks potion is also fair.

The menu specialty is Epic Mai Tai with spiced rum and Isabella. If you’re looking for something special, then you don’t want to miss Passion Margarita with lime and a blend of Jalapeno.

6. Mise en Place – Enjoy Authentic French Cuisine With Breathtaking Views

Mise en Place is one of its own kind. From continental food to vegan options, it has every dish to soothe your taste buds. Not to mention, there are also many Gluten free options.


To be honest, I am the biggest fan of their crispy fried Calamari and Korean Red Shrimp Crab Cake. For me, these two are the spotlight of the menu. There is also a pizza on the menu with two different topping options.

Fried green tomato salad with chunks of crab and chives is a must-try. Overall, it’s a decent place to enjoy dinner with family and friends. Well, Tampa’s skyline view is just the cherry on top!

7. Rusty Pelican Tampa – All About Waterfront View

Rusty pelican is an exotic escape where you’ll taste Tampa’s best seafood. They are known for serving crab-stuffed grouper and savory beef. So, be ready for exceptional lunch and dinner treats.


Not only the seafood, but you can also enjoy a wide range of dishes for brunch, and for something light, fish Tacos and handheld burgers will soothe your appetite.

The menu specialty is classic Caesar salad, Salmon, and crispy snapper with creamy orzo. Unfortunately, it is a total disappointment when it comes to the desert section.

8. M. Bird – Downtown’s Hidden Gem!

The classic eatery that is famous for its elevated sharing plates concept is undoubtedly the best restaurant in downtown Tampa. And let me warn you in advance; you’ll fall into the spell here.


M Bird is a cafe-style restaurant that will give you instant good vibes and a warm atmosphere. This eatery also has quite a reputation for its tender Jerk chicken and charcoal-grilled steaks.

If you want to eat light yet delicious, then you must try the watermelon burrata salad and Mushroom arancini. For your dinner, I strongly recommend ordering tuna poke to enjoy the unique combination of Southern-Caribbean cuisine.

9. Armature Works – Restaurant With Outdoor Seating Space

With its close proximity to the bay, Armature Works is the city’s most popular restaurant.


From the menu to the space, everything is luxurious and includes multiple options.

The cool bay breeze will ease all your worries while you enjoy pure delicacy. For dinner, we’ll recommend you reserve a rooftop table for the city lights view.

Undoubtedly, it’s a bon vivants paradise full of flavors. For Asian food lovers and sweet tooth, there is no best place to eat. For main, you must try Butcher and Barbecue, perfectly grilled beef.

10. On Swann – A Southern Love Affair

If you’re searching for Mexican food in Tampa, then all your wishes are granted, along with a beautiful view.


You can also opt for outdoor seating to enjoy an American-style candlelight romantic dinner.

The menu has everything you may wish for, including suds, vino, cocktails, share boards, and vegan options. For starters, go with Fall’s specialty squash soup made with nutmeg cream.

For the main, their Gnocchi and Ribeye with mushrooms and cajan butter are too good to miss. The Mediterranean share board is a perfect pick if you want to enjoy a soothing brunch.

Wrapping It Up!

Luckily, you’ll not disappoint if you want to eat with the view of Tampa’s stunning sky and warm water breeze. There are many spots where you can eat and relax.

From pubs to fancy restaurants, the city has delicious food and tipsy liquor for everyone. Some spots open late and welcome guests till 2:00 am in the morning, so be ready to enjoy the nightlife of central Florida.

We really hope you’ll be able to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience with our list. Well, in the meantime, reserve your table and be ready to dine under the shining stars.

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