Discover Best Restaurants in Downtown Tampa – Foodie’s Guide

Welcome to downtown Tampa, where the culinary scene has never been more vibrant!

Here you’ll find every type of cuisine, from Mexican food to vegan options and yummy sweet delights.


So, ready to explore all the best restaurants in downtown Tampa? 

Because here, life is thriving, and the food scene is all about taste.

8 Exceptional Restaurants In Downtown Tampa That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2023

If you’ve just arrived in Tampa, don’t be surprised to see a Cuban sandwich in every other hand.

That’s just our comfort food. 

Be assured that the city of Tampa is often labeled as the food heaven in Florida.

1. Ulele Restaurant – Best Seafood Restaurant In Downtown Tampa

Named after the native American princess Ulele, this fusion restaurant is the true representative of flavor and seafood in downtown Tampa.


The menu is filled with mouth-watering treats and continental cuisine. From Maxian Gouda Grouper to the seafood of the gulf coast, there are so many dishes to try.

Sunset view from here is stunning, and no other restaurant in the US can beat its oyster. So, if you’re into seafood, this place should be on your bucket list.

Make sure to save room for ice cream because you’ll be eating the most creamy and beautifully served sweet delight.

2. CW’s Gin Joint – Best Place To Enjoy Brunch

Every aspect of this beautiful eatery is instagramble. It is one of the most luxurious places to eat in downtown Tampa.


Here you can enjoy quick Okra snacks and juicy steaks. The specialty here is Rib Eye cut and Sherry Chicken Lemon.

The vegetarian menu has six special chef’s picks. And when it comes to wraps and sandwiches, you simply can’t skip pimento grilled cheese filled with bourbon jam.

It is a fun restaurant where you can enjoy several types of beverages with friends and be a little tipsy.

3. Urban Cantina – Best Mexican Restaurant In Downtown Tampa

If you’re looking for the best Mexican food in Tampa, then you just can’t miss it.

From tacos to flavorful chips, everything on the menu is finger-licking delicious. That’s why urban cantina has quite a reputation as a texmax restaurant.


Don’t forget to try the “holy guacamole,” which is a mixed fusion of refined Mexican ingredients and tangy lime juice.

The best time to visit them is for lunch. It is worth mentioning that they are often crowded, especially on Fridays. So, don’t forget to reserve your table.

4. Dio Modern Mediterranean – A French Love Tale In Tampa

With the essence of the Mediterranean and the World’s best baba ganoush, Dio is one of the most unique restaurants in Tampa.


This small yet aesthetic cafe is great for family gatherings and quick lunch grab.

You’ll be surprised to see a menu with 80+ dishes. Speaking of personal experience, you’ll be impressed by the chef’s presentation skills.

Want to make your night extra special? Then a glass of sherry with a fancy dinner will do just perfect!

5. Yeoman’s Cask and Lion – Best Restaurant For English Delights

A tale of British glory. From creamy muffins to fish and chips, enjoy all the English delights with a touch to love.


The menu is short and sweet but has a lot of vegetarian options. Ultimately, it is heaven for mac and cheese lovers as they have a special cheese menu.

I rather prefer their main-course dishes rather than sandwiches and burgers. The stuffed Englishman is one of the most ordered dishes, a roasted chicken filled with Jasmine rice.

Unfortunately, the desert section has only 1 “the Yeoman’s desert,” and that is just toffee and pudding, a total disappointment. 

6. Steelbach – Tamp’s Best Steakhouse 

There is no other place like steel back. You can enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner with your friends and family.


If you’re on a diet, then you no longer want to continue it. Because it’s a heaven for carbs and labeled as the best steakhouse in Tampa by Tampeños.

Well-seasoned meat is cooked and then smoked for a unique texture and juicy steak sammie will make you request the same dish once more.

This place is my regular due to 30+ desert and cocktails options. So if you want to “profite de ta nuit” reserve your table right away.

7. Tampa Pizza Company – Freaking Good Pizza!

Even the aroma of this pizzeria smells delicious!

The cheesy Garlic breadsticks are made to perfection, and as you take a bite, a long cheese string will follow your taste buds. 


The food here is gluten-free and crispy. You can grab a pizza slice or eat wings dipped in sauce. Though the menu is limited, you’ll never forget the appetizing flavors.

The best day to visit this wholesome pizzeria in downtown Tampa is Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday because then you’ll be listening to live music too!

8. Jackson’s Bistro, Bar & Sushi – Enjoy Sushi With A View

You just can’t skip Jackson’s Bistro. It is the most romantic restaurant in Tampa, thanks to its bay view and outdoor patio.


That’s why it’s famous among Tampanians for proposing and clicking kissing selfies.

The food here is exceptional, especially the French onion soup. Not only seafood, there are over 100+ food options to choose from.

Experience the taste of flowery Napa and “white sangria,” the signature blend of Jackson’s, and fall in love with the mighty Hillsborough river.

Wrapping Up!

Downtown Tampa is the place where all the fun happens!

From Maxiaian cuisine to Italian and French cuisine, you can find everything here at an affordable cost.

There are many family restaurants, Ulele being the most famous one. Similarly, here downtown you can also find lovers’ escape spots like steelbach and CW’s Jin Joint.

So, why not “Reserva tu mesa ahora” and profite de ta nuit!

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