Pine Island Restaurants (The BEST Ones in 2023)

Known for its exquisite location, black sand beaches, and natural wonders, Pine Island is one of Florida’s most famous tourist attractions.

Reaching here is fun and an ultimate adventure. You have to pass bridges and enjoy a small boat ride.

That’s why the first thing most tourists look for here is food.

So, what to eat when on pine island? Well, most importantly, where should you eat?


Well, there are many pine island restaurants that serve pure delicacy and are extremely budget-friendly.

And this guide is all about such amazing restaurants!

10 Restaurants In Pine Island To Enjoy a 5-Star Dining Experience

There are over 250+ restaurants on Pine Island and Matlacha. And truth to tell, only some serve delicious food. Few “famous” spots are just average.

While on the contrary, there are also some hidden gems that will leave you stunned with luxury and cuisine.

So, to avoid any mishap during your visit due to word of mouth, stick to our list, backed by critic reviews, to enjoy authentic and delicious food.

1. Tarpon Lodge Restaurant

Undoubtedly, the best high-end restaurant that pine island can offer. Be its seafood or a vegan option, everything tastes perfect about it.


The specialty of this 4-star restaurant is Cajun Pierogi. Even though other meat types are also available, nothing beats the seafood here.

The cherry on top is that you also stay here and experience the true southern beach vibes and dine under the soothing stars.

Contact# 239-283-3999

Location: Ground Floor, 13771 Waterfront Dr, Building 1, Bokeelia, FL 33922


2. Low Key Tiki

Located in St. James city, Low key tiki is one of its kind. It is one of the most famous restaurants on pine island.


Let chefs cook your freshly caught fish and enjoy it with fries and salad for just $13.95. The prices here are very affordable.

There are 17 types of sandwiches and wraps on the menu. Undoubtedly, fish bites and Ahi Tuna are must-try. 

Seating capacity is congested, so it is best to reserve your table. Don’t forget to explore neighboring Galt preserves once you’re done eating.

Contact# 239-282-8454

Location: 3135 Stringfellow Rd, St James City, FL 33956


3. The Waterfront Restaurant & Marina

This is where all the fun happens. At first glance, this place seems like a regular family-owned restaurant. But when it comes to taste, there’s no competition.


From grilled burgers to soup and shrimp, there are a lot of variants on the menu that are delicious and perfect in every way.

Being a sweet tooth, I can assure you that you’ve never eaten such yummy chocolate fudge cake and key lime pie.

Overall, a full 3-course dinner or lunch will cost around $40, making it the most affordable place to eat in St James and Pine Island. 

Contact# 239-283-0592

Location: 2131 Oleander St, St James City, FL 33956


4. Lazy Flamingo 3

If you want to experience true southern cuisine, then there is no better place in Bokeelia than that.


Oysters, mussels marinara, and grilled grouper platter are their best and hot-selling dishes. Dead parrot wings are very hot, so it’s better to skip them.

There are only two dessert options on the menu. The food cost is a bit high compared to other restaurants. 

On average, you are expected to spend over $100 for a relishing dinner for two. But the refined taste justifies all high prices. 

Contact# 239-283-5959

Location: 16501-B, Stringfellow Rd, Bokeelia, FL 33922


5. Fine Swine

A fine eatery located in St James with a specialty of burgers and steaks. The restaurant is located only a 5-minute walk away from the city center.


The place is quite famous among locals due to delicious smoked meat and French dip that include fish and Aujus.

Unfortunately, it is only heaven for BBQ and meat lovers as there is not even a single vegan dish on the menu. 

Their Nauti Tiki seasoning makes meat tender and juicy. Overall, it’s a fun place to grab a quick lunch with friends.

Contact# 239-282-8811

Location: 10251 Stringfellow Rd, St James City, FL 33956

6. Pine Island Getaway Cafe

Gateway cafe is undoubtedly the finest sweet tooth heaven on the island. This French bakery is famous for its delicious pastry and macarons.


The service here is top-notch and speedy. Keep in mind that this bakery only serves baked goods along with coffee.

The menu is filled with sweet treats and gluten-free crepes. The tarts and cream puffs are worth trying again and again.

Keep in mind that only limited outdoor seating is available. So, it’s best to visit the cafe around 4 pm or 5 pm. 

Contact# 239-283-3602

Location: 5281 Doug Taylor Cir, St James City, FL 33956


7. Colleoni’s

Like its unique name, this restaurant should be on your bucket list for tasting unique drinks and Italian appetizers


The limited menu is filled with taste and luxury. Their specialty is Cheese, Pasta, and Seafood.

You can also order the pizza or salad as a starter with a side of chipotle aioli. Beautifully served food will leave you astounded.

It is best to reserve your table prior to one hour as the place is often jam-packed, especially on weekends.

Contact# 239-208-3114

Location: 12731 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33919


8. Pine Island Pizza

This is your “go-to place” if you want to grab a slice of pizza and stromboli. It is located near Pine Island’s only 7-11 store.


Apart from pizza, you can also order pasta, wings, and cheese calzone. Well, bottled beer is also available for just $5.

No doubt, there are other spots on the island or in Matlacha, but this restaurant is known for its taste.

The prices here are quite high. As you are expected to pay over $20 for a medium size pizza and $10+ for appetizers.

Contact# 239-283-7992

Location:  5465 Pine Island Rd, Bokeelia, FL 33922


9. Blue Dog Bar & Grill

Located on Matlacha island, blue dog and grill is the best place in town to enjoy seafood and soups.


You can also order burgers, sandwiches, and several sides from a wide menu. The food is budget-friendly, as you can enjoy a meal for just $25.

It is worth mentioning that it is the #1 restaurant in Matlacha when it comes to food and friendly service in an open environment.

This eatery must be on your must-visit list. Don’t forget to explore their outdoor floating deck.

Contact# 239-558-4970

Location:  4597 Pine Island Rd, Matlacha, FL 33993


10. Silver Dolphin Restaurant

Before you taste their food, the scenery will leave you stunned. Then, you’ll fall in love with the witty decor and mouth-watering food.


The menu is well-balanced, with salads, seafood, and burgers. You can also order Mexican delight Quesadilla.

You can also enjoy your breakfast or brunch here for just $12 to $15. Overall, it is a great place for making new friends.

Once you’re done with the food, rush toward nature’s crystal blue wonder with black sand.

Contact# 352-701-2152

Location:  4036 Shoal Line Blvd, Hernando Beach, FL 34607


Wrapping It Up!

Pine Island, Florida, is all about stunning natural beauty and mouth-watering treats. From seafood to burgers, you can enjoy anything at an affordable cost.

Pine island food has a touch of authentic southern cuisine, and most people prefer to eat BBQ and ham.

When it comes to sweet delights and baked goods, the options are limited yet delicious. 

Overall, food is quite affordable as you can enjoy a full 3-course dinner for just $50. 

We hope that this article helps you find the restaurants on pine island. While in the meantime, keep on eating because life feels good with a taco in hand!

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