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The Nugget Ice is becoming popular ever since the Ice makers have hit the market. Nugget ice is better than common ice in terms of looks, chewability, and duration it takes to dissolve in drinks. If you are a fan of nugget ice aka sonic ice you can get a nugget ice maker for your home. This will make your drinks taste extra special so you can enjoy a restaurant-like experience without going to one!

Nugget Ice Makers come in different shapes and sizes. A countertop nugget ice maker can serve as a suitable product to produce nugget ice in your home kitchen. If you have a small kitchen space, you can go for portable ice makers, which serve as a cheap alternative to built-in or under-counter ice makers. Both of these sorts of ice makers have their pros and cons depending on how you want to use them.

To make your search for nugget ice makers for a home easier, we have added the best and top-reviewed machines that you could get right away.

At a Glance – Our Top Picks of Best Nugget Ice Makers for Home Use

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1. AGLUCKY Countertop Ice Maker Machine:

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Item Dimensions: 9-inch x 13-inch, 10-inch x 15-inch,  11-inch x 17-inch | Weight: 6.24 pounds | Max Temperature: 450-500 Fahrenheit | Material: Steel

The color aesthetic and number of options make it a smart choice for modern home kitchens.

This ice maker efficiently results in producing nine ice cubes within a cycle of 6 to minutes. The rapid ice production always keeps the chilling needs for your drinks and ready to serve by storing them in the container. You can use the ice scoop to collect the ice from the bucket and quickly fill the glasses. 

An interactive control panel features many options to choose from. You can select small or large-sized ice cubes based on your preferences. The ice maker produces hollow ice nuggets which infuse the taste of your drink and retain the flavor. The panel also features Led indicators that update you whenever the ice machine is complete or needs water.

Exhaust cooling functionality keeps the compressor cool so it can perform better at its peak. With the controlled cooling exhaust, the ice maker remains up and running for hours. The rear fan releases any heat being produced by the compressor. Therefore, do not place this machine in enclosed places like cabinets.

Being compact in size this ice maker also serves as an outdoor ice maker that you could also use in your RV!

Rapid ice production
A bit noisy
Good quality iceIce melts if stored for a while
Compact size
Easy to use
Efficient cooling system

2. GE Profile Opal:

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The Profile Opal countertop pellet Ice maker will serve as the little Arctic on your kitchen countertop. Features and performance make this product stand out from your regular freezer icebox.

The ice maker container can store 24 pounds of ice per day, which automatically stops when filled. And when there is no ice in the container, the machine would automatically start to make ice until you want it to. Any of these features can be accessed from a Bluetooth-controlled application using your smartphone.

With the portable design, you can quickly move your ice maker to any desired location near an electric outlet. This ice maker also features a side tank that allows making three times more ice. The stainless-steel finish design allows to keep it squeaky clean using a damp cloth.

Large tank capacityLoud operation
Bluetooth controlled connectivityA bit heavy
It makes more ice per cycle
Automatic ice refill
Efficient cooling system

3. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine:

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This ice maker is the machine that meets your need for large gatherings. This ice maker extracts ice in the form of cubes which are removed through the molds.

The control panel lets you select between 3 cube sizes between small, medium, and large-sized ice cubes. It also features a timer to schedule the ice-making process as you find convenient. You can set up 8 hours delay timer to save more energy.

The water reservoir drops the water into cube molds made from coper-nickel, which gives you 24 cubes in a single cycle of 15 minutes. In case if the ice cubes melt down to the water, the ice maker collects and reuses the water to make ice.

Free-standing stainless-steel design gives this ice maker a beautiful finish to fit in with the aesthetics of your kitchen. Low noise operation with an enhanced compressor cooling system keeps the machine running for hours.

User-friendly digital control

Takes more space
Recycles melted ice waterNot so easy to clean inside
Quiet operation
3-size selection ice cubes
More ice production per cycle

4. Ice Maker Machine for Countertop:

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In contrast with the previous versions of this ice maker, the cooling impact is better. It keeps the ice machine cool while it works and is outfitted with an effective blower to deliver great ice. 

The one-button operation produces nine pieces of ice within 6 minutes with a total of 26.5 pounds per day. A back cooling framework helps the machine cool rapidly, delivering heat into the air. To make the whole ice-production process more secure and more proficient. 

Underlying spoiler decreases clamor viably, and our countertop ice maker is quicker and calmer than comparable ice producer available. This ice maker meets all your freezing needs without meddling with your requirements, like refreshing cold drinks. 

Outfitted with intelligent sensors, the ice producer consequently stops, and the LED marker reminds you once the ice crate is full of water should be topped off, guaranteeing the client’s wellbeing. 

To make ice, take the ice bin out and transport it to where the ice is required. Effectively fill the glass with ice with an ice scoop. 

Easy to useIce size is bit smaller
Lightweight and compact size
One button operation
Energy efficient
Low noise

5. Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, Self-Cleaning Function:

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Consequently, the ice creator will begin cleaning within without anyone else, keeping the machine clean for the following use and giving you an incredible ice-making experience. 

Easy to read control board, which incorporates an Ice-full Led indicator. Add-water marker and ice size choice buttons. Simple to work, appropriate for a broad scope of individuals. Each cycle produces nine bullet-shaped ice cubes within 6 minutes. It takes 24 hours to gather 26 pounds of ice.

Two sizes of ice are selectable, and you can pick the size of ice, which relies upon your genuine need. Little ice shapes are appropriate for little water jugs and food. Massive ice 3D squares are extraordinary for cooling drinks. 

The exhaust cooling framework disconnects extreme hotness and keeps the machine cool while working productively, keeping the machine from overheating and making it quit working. 

The enormous straightforward window permits you to look at the measure of ice in the ice bushel whenever—a unique clear plan, which can see the ice-production improvement.

Self-cleaning optionIce melts overtime
Quiet operationNot suitable with hard water
Quick ice production
See-through window
Perfectly hollow shaped ice

6. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop:

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Keeping the top shut keeps up with the surrounding temperature inside the machine, making the ice 3D squares fresher and more delectable. 

From the control panel, you can select one button to make the machine up and running. The second button allows you to choose between the small and large size bullet-shaped ice. The ice maker gives nine pieces of crunchy ice within an average of 8 minutes.

Euhomy ledge ice creator has the most developed infrared sensor innovation. When the ice bushel is whole, the home ice creator will stop the ice making to keep ice from spilling over. You can do different things when the machine is making ice. 

Euhomy’s ice creator not just allows you to appreciate delicious, smell-free ice shapes yet will likewise assist you with saving water. Our ice creator is outfitted with a 2.2-liter water tank that reuses water in the tank, guaranteeing that no water is squandered.

Low noise operationIce clings together in the container
Easy to useCubes become soft and watery
Massive ice production capacity
Compact size

7. FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235-AMZ Countertop:

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The elegant countertop design fits perfectly in your home kitchen.

This ice maker can produce sufficient soft and crunchy ice within 15 minutes of power ON. Pebble ice is the kind of quality ice used in restaurants for serving margaritas. The see-through door allows you to keep an eye on the container capacity.

A touch-sensitive control panel features many options like self-cleaning and UV radiation for better filtration. The interior container also features a light to highlight the glowing ice inside the ice maker. It also features Led indicators to update if the water reservoir is empty or the ice container is full.

Save more energy with this ice maker as it keeps recycling the water made from melting ice. A bottom container collects the melted ice water and directs it towards the water reservoir to re-produce ice.

Produces pebble iceRequires cleaning often
UV light function
Produces massive ice quantity
Recycles water to a reservoir

8. First Build Opal01 Opal Countertop Nugget Maker:

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This ice maker possesses an elegant design that imposes the impression of a premium kitchen product.

In a matter of just 20 minutes, you’ll appreciate delicate, crunchy ice, actually like the ice you love from your cherished eatery. The Opal produces 24 pounds of ice per day, and the receptacle holds 3 lbs. all at once. 

The Opal is Bluetooth prepared so that you can set up your ice-making plan from the comfort of your smartphone, utilizing the free control from an application. It detects when the container is loaded with ice, so it will not overload. 

As ice softens, the water gets back to the repository, making it once more into more ice. The Opal Side Tank joins the ice machine to deliver around 3x more ice before topping off—giving you a tremendous amount of the great ice.

The water filter and cleaning kit can filter any hard water impurities to give you crystal clear ice cubes. The cleaning kit can last for up to 3 months and requires replacement with an Opal cleaning kit.

Ice production is relatively quickA Bit Loud Operation
Water recycling reservoir
Easy to use with Bluetooth control
Hard water filtration

9. 33 lbs. Bullet Ice Cube in 24H:

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The innovative ice maker is loaded with features that enhance the portability and reliability factors.

The R600a refrigerant compressor makes pebble ice with its 3-layer foaming technology. With this powerful compressor, the ice maker outputs 33 pounds of crunchy ice within 24 hours. The first batch is extracted within 7 minutes giving hollow round shape nugget ice.

This countertop ice maker features a self-cleaning capacity that enormously works with your everyday support work. Famous shot molded ice isn’t tricky to soften or stick; 2 distinct sizes of ice producer machines are extraordinary for a grill, cellar bars, bistros, home gatherings, an ideal Christmas present for your companions who like chilled lager or refreshments. 

Ice maker is fitted with cutting edge infrared sensor innovation, and compact ice creator will naturally quit making ice when the ice bin is full or when you want to add water, no spillage. Add Water, Press Button, Get Ice. The straightforward windows ice creator is advantageous for reviewing the entire ice-production process.

LightweightThe container cannot keep ice-cold for a while
Powerful cooling technologyIt takes longer to make large cubes
Thick bullet ice
Self-cleaning function
Stylish design

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Portable and countertop ice makers are two efficient and convenient products to fulfill your chilling needs on a hot summer day. These appliances are suitable for offices, RVs, and home kitchens in small places.

The production and efficiency of these ice makers are far better than your traditional ice maker. However, you can choose the right ice maker based on your living space. These products are inexpensive, yet it’s a one-time investment with a promise of reliability.

Steve here! I like to research and write about best kitchen and home appliances. If you are on the hunt for the best products, quick hacks, and interesting food options, my writing will surely help you out!