How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives in the UK – Dispose Old Knives Legally

If you opt to discard your old kitchen knives, you might want to know the proper method to dispose of them. It’s because even old kitchen knives have sharp enough blades that can put severe injuries to anyone who’s dealing with your garbage. It is important to dispose of kitchen items such as microwave oven and knives as they could be a health hazard. 

Even though many high-grade knives in the UK are guaranteed to last for a lifetime if you properly maintain them, excessive usage can still lead to them being worn out and not suitable for everyday culinary tasks. And that’s the moment when you decide to replace them.

But before discarding them, we recommend checking if your knife only needs a little honing in case you don’t want to waste any money. When you’ve decided that your set definitely needs to go down with your garbage, there are some methods you should follow before tossing them in the bin. Here’s how to dispose of knives legally in the UK.

How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives UK (Method)

In case you simply want to throw your knives out, here’s what you can use to wrap them effectively:

1.  Wrap with Newspaper

The first most popular yet cheap way to wrap your old knives is with newspaper. For this method, you need to get six to seven sheets of newspaper. Then, start wrapping from the blade until it’s fully covered while being extremely careful so it doesn’t cut your hand. Next, leave the handle uncovered and use tape to wrap up the knife securely.

2.  Wrap with Bubble Sheet

The second most straightforward way to dispose of your damaged kitchen knives is by wrapping them with a bubble sheet. It’s much safer than the newspaper, and the same goes for this method, meaning you have to cover the entire blade perfectly while leaving the handle. Now tape all the bubble sheet, so it stays securely on the knife.

3.  Wrap with Cardboard

The safest wrap to cover your knife with is cardboard. For this method, you need to get yourself a long and big cut of cardboard and fold it in half. Then, put the knife inside this pocket of cardboard with the blade facing downwards. In the end, tape everything together.

4.  Wrap with a piece of Cloth

If you don’t have any of the resources mentioned above, then the last method is to wrap your knife with a piece of cloth. It’s not that effective and safe but still a viable option. Put your knife inside the cloth and remember to secure it perfectly using tape. It would be best to put a tag saying “knife” so that you and others are safe from any harm.

Alternative Methods of Disposal

If your knife isn’t in that much of a bad condition, you can consider some alternative methods to eliminate them apart from throwing them in the garbage bin. Here’s what you can do:

1.  Sell the knives off

If your objective is to replace your old kitchen knives with some upgraded ones, you should consider selling them off. You could check out the guide by the UK government about selling and buying Knives here.  Also, if they’re not in mint condition, you can still sell them for scrap metal. It would help you get a new knife set as you won’t have to pay that much. Metal is the most used material in various aspects, and it can be recycled to use repeatedly without wearing out.

2.  Try to recycle them

Most of the areas inside the UK offer scrap metal recycler, and you should try locating them. You can quickly get your knife recycled here, whose metal can then be used for other purposes. Initially, consider whether your knife has a ceramic, carbon steel, titanium, aluminium, or a stainless-steel blade. And lastly, yet again, make sure to wrap your knife correctly before going to the metal recycler.

3.  Take them to a waste collection site

If, in your area, discarding knives into the garbage bin isn’t allowed, then you should consider taking them to the nearest waste collection facility. Cover the entire knife’s blade with a cloth or a piece of newspaper and place it in cardboard, and then tape it together securely. Bring it to the closest site and let the workers know that you’re disposing of a knife so they’ll handle it with care.

4.  Take them to the police station

Most of the police stations in the UK actually consider taking knives from locals to make sure they stay out of the wrong hands. Like the other methods, wrap them nicely and secure them tightly, so it won’t seem like you’re bringing weapons inside the station. Let the station know about your arrival time, and even if they refuse to accept them, they’ll still recommend a safe way to dismantle them.

5.  Consider donating them

Instead of selling the knives, you can also donate them to someone who has the means to repair them and can get the best out of them. Then, even if they feel useless to you, someone else might be glad to have them. Make sure to clean the knives properly and pack them in cardboard boxes so they won’t hurt anyone.

Where can you donate your knives?

Now the point arises that where you should donate your kitchen knives set. Here are a few places you can donate them to:

  • A shelter for the homeless people
  • A soup kitchen
  • A cooking college or school

In the case that you own a high-end or antique set of kitchen knives, you can consider assigning them for an auction. This way, you can literally earn a profit if you want or just give them up in a donation.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Of course, you can recycle your old kitchen knives in the UK. The market value for stainless steel knives is extraordinarily high, and the material is recycled to be used in different other tasks. You can leave these knives at your nearest recycling centre. Whereas in most cities in the UK, you can literally throw away your knife set in the garbage bin, and they’ll be sorted out at a waste collection site.

Yes, you can most likely toss your old kitchen knife set into the garbage bin. But it’s highly recommended to secure the knives off first-hand. Wrap them up in a cloth, newspaper, bubble sheet, or, most preferred, cardboard and then tape the entire blade securely, so there are no chances of any injuries. If you don’t like your high-end knives in the bin, you can also consider selling them for a reasonable price at the local secondhand store or even donate them.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you want to upgrade your kitchen utensils, you’ll be dismantling the old ones most likely. Hence, now that you’ve seen our short-listed effective methods to dispose of your knives, you can easily choose one and go on with it. However, always remember to handle such utensils with extreme care as they can put severe injuries. Whatever method you’re using, it’s best to wrap the knives beforehand to avoid any unfortunate circumstances. Then you can get the new knife set you’ve always dreamed of.

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