How to Dispose of a Microwave – Disposal and Recycling Guide

You decide to change your microwave and you have ordered a new one. What would be the best way to get rid of your old microwave? There are a few simple ways to get rid of the old microwave.

There are three options to dispose of your old microwave over. You can use any one of them to get rid of your old microwave. Those three options are the following.

  1. Recycle
  2. Donate
  3. Sell

Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment and global warming. Around 98% of scientists agree that we should pay more attention to global warming and find ways to reverse it.

1. Recycle Microwave Oven

One of the most ethical ways to dispose of your microwave oven is to have it recycled. Recycling the microwave is the most ecological thing to do. For recycling the microwave, you need to find out local laws relating to the recycling of e-waste.

If you are living in California, then you cannot dispose it off in a landfill. Since microwave ovens are categorized as E-waste. You can go online and search for proper disposal options in California county.

Your local garbage collection agency will also guide you on the proper way to dispose of the microwave oven. Local landfills also allow people to throw away E-waste in a specific bin.

You can also look for electronic stores that accept E-waste items for recycling. If you are buying a microwave from the same manufacturer as the old one, they might take the old one from you and recycle it.

2. Donate Your Microwave Oven

If your microwave is working, then one of the best ways to dispose of it of would be to donate it to a local charity. There are many ways to dispose of your working but old microwave.

One way to dispose of a working but old microwave oven is to post a flyer in the Facebook group. One of the members who need it or know someone who needs one would pick it up.

You can post an ad on Craigslist quoting the price as free. Just like placing an ad for pets for adoption. Similarly, you can place an ad for microwave adoption.

You can contact the Salvation Army and drop it off at their collection centre or have it scheduled for pickup. You can also give it to Habitat for Humanity. Visit their website and by entering the ZIP code you can find the nearest Habitat Restore.

Another way of donating your old working microwave is to hand it over to an appliance donation centre. Another way to donate the microwave is to pay a visit to the local community centre.

Ask a volunteer at the community centre and either the volunteers would take it from you or will point towards someone who would benefit from this donation.

3. Sell Your Microwave Oven

Selling is also a profitable way to dispose of your old microwave. But for selling an old item you would need to ensure that it is still in working condition and you may have to make it a wee bit more presentable to get it sold.

If you feel like it then ask your friends and family, if they would be interested in buying it. If that does not work, ask your colleagues. If that also fails, then turn to the internet to solve this matter.

Many websites on the internet specialize in selling used items. You can post an ad on OLX, Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. If your microwave is very old, then the best way to sell it is to keep a low price.

You can go on the internet and find many tutorials about posting ads on any one of these websites.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Check the local government regulations about E-waste disposal. We have mentioned a website ( from here you can obtain a list of E-waste disposal companies.

Microwaves are not general waste they are categorized as E-waste. It is not safe to throw them away. The best thing to do is to follow one of the three steps mentioned above to dispose of the microwave.

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