Can You Put Baby Bottles in the Dishwasher?

Washing baby bottles needs extra caution as infants are susceptible to germs, bacteria because of their weak immune systems. Feeding infants with a bottle in which germs and bacteria are present can lead to diarrhea, rotavirus, vomiting, and so on.

Although manually washing can ensure hygiene, it costs a lot of time. On the contrary, washing in the dishwasher can save plenty of time which you can spend with your little one. Moreover, a dishwasher is also effective in sanitizing the feeding utensils of your baby. Therefore, washing baby bottles in the dishwasher seems pretty useful, but this thought is halted by the question “can baby bottles be put in the dishwasher?”

Can You Put Baby Bottles in the Dishwasher?

There are mainly glass, plastic, and silicone baby bottles. Normally, glass and silicone baby bottles are dishwasher safe.


On the other hand, whether the plastic baby bottles are dishwasher safe or not depends on the manufacturer. You can ask the shop or can see in the bottle if it has the symbol of dishwasher safe. If it is dishwasher safe you can put it in the dishwasher.

When we say a dishwasher is effective in sanitizing, we have to mention that not all dishwashers can completely sterilize feeding tools. The best dishwasher for baby bottles has a hot water cycle and a heated dry option. Without these features, you will need to sterilize the baby bottle by yourself.

How To Clean Baby Bottles In The Dishwasher

Most of the time there are leftovers after feeding babies. Parents tend to keep that leftover for feeding the next time. Even if they keep it in the refrigerator, bacteria will grow after a while.


Some parents use the same baby bottles several times before cleaning. Just because the bottles seem clean, they do not find it necessary to wash them after every time they use the bottles. However, it is important to wash baby bottles after every use in order to prevent germs and bacteria growth.

Best Dishwasher Detergent For Baby Bottles

Do not use regular detergent for washing baby bottles. The normal detergent may leave its residues which are harmful chemicals and can harm your little ones.

Instead of using your regular detergent, buy a premium quality detergent that is specially made for cleaning baby feeding items.

Naturally formulated detergents that are made with plant-based enzymes are the most suitable for baby bottles. If you do not find these types of detergents, buy any detergent that is made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials. These detergents can remove traces of milk and remove odor. Read the ingredients list before buying and avoid if contain the following substances
⦁ Perfumes
⦁ Chlorine Bleach
⦁ Sulfates
⦁ Phosphates
⦁ Paraben
⦁ Caustic
⦁ Triclosan
⦁ dyes

Step 1

Empty the bottle out of its leftovers. Now dismantle all the parts of the baby bottle. Mix the mild detergent with water and submerge all the parts of the bottle for 10-20 minutes.

Step 2

Rinse the parts with running water most preferably with warm water. Now put the small parts including nipples and collars in the top section of the dishwasher basket. Put the rest of the parts of the bottle in the bottom section of the basket and shut it. When putting the bottles, make sure that the bottles are upside down to avoid anything falling inside the bottles.

Now set the dishwasher in hot water mode. If your dishwasher has a heated dry option, then set it on the heated drying cycle. It uses hot air and dries your utensils. The hot air can also kill germs.

Step 3

Now wash your hands well and dry them. Remove all the parts of the baby bottle from the dishwasher.

Step 4

Assemble the baby bottle and store it in a dry and sanitized place.


Sterilization can ensure that the feeding tools are free from germs and bacteria. The hot water cycle of the dishwasher does a similar job as sterilization. However, some dishwashers do not have a hot water cycle. As a result, you need to sterilize the parts of the baby bottle manually.

First, place all the disassembled parts of the baby bottle in a container and fill it with water. Put the container on the stove and boil it for 5-10 minutes. Now remove all the parts from the water with the help of tongs and put them on a sanitized dish rack to dry in the air.

Best Practice For Washing Baby Bottles In A Dishwasher


⦁ Do not put other utensils in the dishwasher while washing baby bottles.
⦁ Sanitize your hands before touching the washed baby bottle.
⦁ A dishwasher can serve the purpose of cleaning when it is cleaned itself. So put the baby bottle in the dishwasher only when you are sure that it is cleaned.
⦁ Some dishwashers do not have heated dry options. In this circumstance, air dry your baby bottles instead of using a cloth or towel. No matter how clean a towel or cloth is, there is always a risk of transferring germs to the baby bottle.
⦁ Sometimes the dishwasher can not remove the odor from the baby bottle. You can mix vinegar with water and then use it to remove the foul odor from the baby bottle.
⦁ Using a dishwasher can decrease the lifespan of the baby bottle. You can use baby bottles made of silicone as they are the most durable among glass and plastic baby bottles.
⦁ Always put the small parts of the baby bottle in a basket to avoid them getting slipped and destroyed in the gaps of the dishwasher tray.

Disadvantages Of Putting Baby Bottles On The Dishwasher

⦁ The dishwasher can cause discoloration of the baby bottles.
⦁ Regular use of dishwashers can wear out the baby bottles faster.
⦁ A dishwasher might leave soapy or white residues on the baby bottles.


It does not matter whether you choose to clean baby bottles manually or by using a dishwasher. Both of the methods can make sure that the bottle you are using to feed your baby is hygienic. Just be sure that the baby bottle is dishwasher safe when you decide to use a dishwasher. Once you are sure that it is dishwasher safe, follow the steps above and clean the baby bottle in the dishwasher.

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