🥇Best Woks For An Induction Hob – Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Induction revolves around creating a magnetic field by which the wok heats up. You’d need some induction-compatible wok if you wish to work on an induction hob. It’s going to be a great addition to your kitchen as it can significantly step up your stir-frying game. While being constructed from ferrous material to conduct the electromagnetic force, it still works the same way as a traditional round-bottomed wok. It evenly distributes heat throughout the surface of the wok and cooks your food much faster.

The best induction wok provides supreme versatility as you can:

  • Deep-fry
  • Steam
  • Boil
  • Make soup
  • Braise
  • Sear
  • Smoke
  • Stew
  • Stir-fry (any dish you fancy).

Smaller induction woks are used for stir-frying, while the larger ones are used for cooking rice or making soup. It gives your cooking that classic and tempting seared aroma while providing a luscious flavor. Lesser oil consumption is also an added feature of this wok, which gives your food a perfect glazed crunch.

Now, if you’re on the outlook for the best wok for an induction hob, it can be a strenuous task because of countless options in the market. These induction woks may vary in size, quality, versatility, durability, and price. Thus, we have compiled a list of some of the best woks suitable for induction hob out there to help you make the decision efficiently. 

Best Woks For An Induction Hob

Tefal C6451942 Titanium Excel Wok Pan
3. ProCook Gourmet Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok

1. Tefal C6451942 Titanium Excel Wok Pan

The Tefal C6451942 Titanium Excel Wok Pan is a magnificent piece of work, having the best-ever Titanium non-stick coating. It’s designed and manufactured in France by Tefal- a well-renowned leader in cookware globally.

The construction is quite hefty as it has an aluminium core with Tefal’s advanced induction base for optimal heat distribution on any hob type. It tends to work 24 times longer as it is reinforced with Titanium particles. Also, it’s ideal for both beginners and culinary chefs.

This wok pan is flat-bottomed with extra deep sides, resulting in extremely versatile cooking. You can use it as a pot, a pan, a wok, a baking dish, a roasting dish, as well as a rice cooker. Additionally, this all-in-one wok pan includes a vented glass lid, a stainless steel steamer, and a skimmer.

The main highlight is Tefal’s Thermo-Spot heat indicator that monitors the heat and notifies you when it’s the ideal temperature to start cooking. The handle is quite comfortable, and overall, the wok is well-balanced. All these features aid in providing some exceptional cooking outcomes.

Apart from the fact that this Titanium Excel Wok Pan is dishwasher safe, the manufacturers still recommend washing it with hands. Use a mild soap or gentle detergents to prolong the life of your wok pan. Besides, it is also suggested to give it a complete rinse right after using it.

Product Specifications for Tefal Titanium Excel Wok Pan

Material: Aluminum

Color: Black Stone Effect

Dimensions: 47.5 * 29.5 * 14 cm

Weight: 2.29 pounds

Manufacturer: Tefal

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty



2. Ozeri 12” Green Earth Wok

The Ozeri 12” Green Earth Wok has an eccentric and alluring design as it features ecozeriTM technology. This technology uses a ceramic coating extracted from nature, making it safe from PTFE, PFOA, and other harmful chemicals. It doesn’t liberate toxic fumes into the air at high temperatures.

Unlike other synthetic, non-stick coated ceramic pans, this wok is completely safe for you and your environment. The manufacturer also ensures its buyers that their woks are made from the most high-grade materials that make cleaning effortless after each use.

The base is made of some premium quality cast aluminum, ensuring an even heat. This way, the food doesn’t stick to the base even after extensive cooking. But still, it is crucial to use the right utensils while cooking, so the quality of the wok maintains.

It’s furnished with a heat-resistant Bakelite handle and a magnetic bottom, making it one of the best woks for induction hobs. Thanks to this magnetic bottom, the induction pan quickly inducts the heat in just a few seconds. Hence, you can put together a healthy meal rapidly.

The Ozeri Green Earth Wok is quite a budget-friendly product as it provides a great value for money. While being ideal for professional cooks and home chefs, it also advances with a limited lifetime warranty against defects or crafting quality.

Product Specifications for Ozeri 12” Green Earth Wok

Material: Ceramic

Color: Green

Dimensions: 12.20 * 5.60 * 20.70 inches

Weight: 2.5 pounds

Manufacturer: Ozeri Kitchen

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty



3. ProCook Gourmet Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok

The ProCook Gourmet Stainless Steel Wok is an all-rounder for your kitchen. It provides exceptional versatility as it can be used for boiling, braising, searing, deep-frying, stir-frying, and even steaming. It requires a very small amount of oil for cooking so that the vegetables retain their delicious crunch.

It has been constructed with top-quality 18/10 stainless steel with a 4mm encapsulated base. This construction makes it an incredibly durable wok. With 28 cm of cooking area, you can cook delicious meals for your entire family.

The sturdy non-stick coating with a rugged black enamel exterior makes your wok oven safe. With an ergonomic heat-resistant handle, you can easily lift it from the induction hob or the oven without burning your hands.

A snug-fitting, toughened glass lid is also included with your purchase. It seals in all the heat, flavors from the steam, and nutrients inside the wok, for best cooking results. Also, when you’ve finished your cooking, you can safely put it in the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.

To ensure prolonged perfection of this wok, the manufacturer suggests:

  1. Not to use any steel utensils as it can put scratches on the surface
  2. Try using nylon, silicone, or wooden spatulas
  3. Also, not to expose it to a temperature greater than 260 ̊C.

Product Specifications for Ozeri 12” Green Earth Wok

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Dimensions: 50.29 * 30 * 14.5 cm

Weight: 4.58 pounds

Manufacturer: ProCook

Warranty: 10 years



4. Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok

Tefal products are renowned for having classic Thermospot technology, just like this Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok. This technology indicates the ideal temperature to start your cooking process without the risk of over or under-cooking. Simultaneously, the non-stick coating of this wok keeps it sturdy for long term professional cooking.

The stainless steel body is made from 18% chromium and 10% nickel, making it ideal for woks. The chromium ensures a protective layer at the base to provide you with exceptional resistance against rust for a lifetime.

The stainless steel is combined with aluminum for maximum conductivity. It ensures resistance to deformation for optimal heat output, capable of laying out extraordinary cooking outcomes whenever. This construction also allows using this wok on all kinds of hobs, including the induction ones.

Tefal designs ergonomic handles with a soft touch and stay-cool technology. They provide a perfect and comfortable grip, so they’re easy to hold without the risk of getting burnt. Also, they are made from Bakelite- a material that won’t burn even at high temperatures.

This non-stick wok comes with a vented glass lid for you to easily keep an eye on your cooking. It lets you determine if your food is burning or drying out. The vents on the lid allow the release of an excessive amount of steam without removing the lid.

Product Specifications for Ozeri 12” Green Earth Wok

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Dimensions: 50.29 * 30 * 14.5 cm

Weight: 5.46 pounds

Manufacturer: Tefal

Warranty: 30-day money back guarantee



What are the Benefits of an Induction Hob?

Induction hobs are quite unique as compared to other hobs in the market, as they directly heat the pan. When you turn it on, a magnetic field is generated beneath the surface. And when some pan is placed on it, the circuit completes, and the base of the pan starts getting heated. This process makes the cooking process much efficient and faster.

Here are some of the other proven benefits which will encourage you to upgrade to an induction hob:

  1. Induction hob provides great efficiency as it reduces energy consumption by up to 70%. 
  2. It’s relatively safer as there are no elements to ignite smoke or cause any burns. 
  3. Faster food preparation as the pan will heat up quickly and cool down faster as well.
  4. An integrated Pan Detection System is embedded, meaning that the hob will acknowledge when the pan is in place. It reduces the risk of leaving the heat on to almost none.
  5. Energy is accommodated in the pan, minimizing the heat loss.
  6. The smooth and unwrinkled surface of the induction hob makes it effortless to clean or maintain.
  7. The hob’s compact and inductive design helps keep the food hot, fresh, and always ready to serve.
  8. Induction cooking is far more efficient than gas or electric cooking.

Best Woks For An Induction Hob – Buying Guide

Determining the exact type, material, and features before going to the market narrows down the list of countless options out there. Hence, before you conclude your decision to buy an induction wok, here are some things that you should consider and understand beforehand.

1.   Materials

The materials are one of the most crucial factors to consider as each material has its positives and negatives. Cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel woks are renowned for having exceptional conductivity and distributing an even heat. Now let’s take a look at some of their properties.

  • Aluminum Woks

Aluminum woks are known for being lightweight and their natural heat conductivity. Naturally, they are not magnetic conductors, and you can’t use them on an induction hob alone. If you wish to cook a meal with some bitter ingredients, it is recommended to buy an aluminum wok with a non-stick coating to not react to the acidic ingredients. Additionally, they can’t retain heat for long but a plus-point because they are effortless to clean as dishwasher safe.

  • Stainless Steel Woks

Stainless steel woks are incredibly lightweight, providing great mobility even when they are piled up with a massive bulk of the food. They are known for being non-reactive so that you can cook acidic foods perfectly. These woks are excellent conductors of heat, so if you’re not careful enough, you may end up scorching your meal. They can also be somewhat expensive, based on the brand, but it’s absolutely worth the price.

  • Cast Iron Woks

Cast iron woks are the traditional woks that have been utilized by the Chinese for quite a long time. They have excellent heat conductivity and can retain heat for a long while. But they require relatively longer to heat up. It spreads a precise even heat throughout the wok, and most of them come pre-seasoned. They are quite heavy for easy mobility, and they need to be cleaned dry; otherwise, there’s a chance of them to rust.

  • Carbon Steel Woks

Carbon steel woks are somewhat lighter than the cast iron ones, and the manufacturer can effortlessly season them to create an exceptional non-stick surface. It has all the qualities like it heats up fast, spreads it evenly, and even retains it quite well. Besides, they are the most cost-effective buys you will ever make in this category. But the only downside is its need for rapid maintenance, or the non-stick coating may wear out. Also, it is not dishwasher safe.

2.  Capacity

Woks are available in many varying sizes, but the capacity entirely depends upon your requirement. If you’re cooking for an average-sized family, go for the 8 or 12 inches one, and 16 inched will be adequate for a huge family. It would be best if you also considered that an oversized wok would be strenuous to maneuver; meanwhile, a small wok cannot cook food evenly.

3. Coating

When you cook food on your induction wok, clearly you don’t want a plenty amount of food burnt to the bottom. You may require an induction wok with a non-stick coating. But there are two things to remember:

  1. The non-stick coating efficiency depends on what type of wok you’re using and how the coating was applied.
  2. Cast iron and carbon steel woks don’t work well with a non-stick coating. 
  3. Go for a sturdy aluminum wok that has a non-toxic ceramic or Teflon platinum coating.

4. Handle

There are basically three possible handle styles available for woks, and you may get the one according to your preference. They may vary in convenience, material, and heat-resistance. Let’s do a quick study on these variations:

  • Stick Handle

Stick handles stretch out from the wok’s body, and they’re best for specially designed stir-frying woks. These handles can have a wooden or plastic surface, which provides exceptional heat-resistant, and they secure your hands from burning.

  • Loop Handle

Loop handles are explicitly designed for restaurant and domestic sized induction woks. They are made to lift heavy weights even if the wok is piled up with a generous amount of food. Also, the shape of this handle is quite convenient to carry the wok off the cooking station.

  • Helper Handle

A helper handle is a loop attached oppositely to the stick handle wok. It is generally a secondary handle, providing the user with exceptional support for more stability when moving the wok around.

5. Cleaning

Cast iron and carbon steel woks are commended for washing by hands as excessive heat, or acidic detergents can wear off the sturdiness. Hence, when buying an induction wok, try to go for a material that’s dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning. But still, for your wok to last longer, all the manufacturers recommend cleaning it by hands with soft detergents and giving them proper maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

If the wok’s material is ferromagnetic, it’s certainly going to work with an induction hob. It also should have a flat base so that the wok retains an even heat. The main advantage of using an induction wok is that it reacts relatively faster to temperature, resulting in more efficient and speedier cooking.

There are quite some mistakes you can make, which may result in some scratches on the glossy surface of your induction hob. Follow the following steps to remove them effortlessly:

Make a pudding-like solution of baking soda and white vinegar with a 1:1 ratio. The solution shouldn’t be very dry as it can cause more scratches on the hob.

Once the cooktop is cooled down completely, dip a sponge into the solution. Now use its softer side to rub on the scratches.

Pat dry immediately with another cloth before it dries out.

There are many reasons that an electric wok might be your best buy. It provides its users with everything they need with a wok, including high heat, even heat distribution, and a huge capacity to cook plenty of food for large families. If you’re cooking some complicated dish that requires more burners than you have on your hob, an electric wok is a major convenience in this regard.

If we have to give an honest opinion, we recommend not using a wok on a ceramic hob. They don’t have the ability to work well on a flat top. But, if one somehow manages to do so, the vigorous movement required to stir fry with the wok can heavily damage and scratch the ceramic hob’s surface.

The Bottom Line

We hope that our list of the best woks for induction hob has helped you decide on one. But still, if you need our experts’ verdict for the best one out there, we recommend going for the Tefal C6451942 Titanium Excel Wok Pan.

It’s 24 times stronger than average induction woks in the market and is ultra-resistant to scratches. It features the manufacturer’s best-ever Titanium non-stick coating, reinforced with Titanium particles. It warms up fast and distributes an even heat throughout.

It highlights Tefal’s Thermo-Spot heat indicator that lets you know exactly when it’s the right temperature for you to start your exquisite cooking. While including a vented glass lid and stainless-steel steamer and skimmer, it’s also oven and dishwasher safe.

Steve here! I like to research and write about best kitchen and home appliances. If you are on the hunt for the best products, quick hacks, and interesting food options, my writing will surely help you out!