Best Steakhouses In Tampa For Tender And Juicy Meat (2023)

Without a steak or grilled meat, your fancy restaurant dinner is incomplete. And truth to tell steaks are pretty expensive. So, nobody wants to pay a hefty amount for “not so good” meat.

The problem is every restaurant claims that “we’ve got the best steak in town,” and it can be hard for a person to pick the best option. 

Well, not anymore! Because now, we’ve got you covered with the best steakhouses in Tampa. So, be ready to enjoy premium quality meat and flavors that you’ll never forget.

7 Best Steakhouses In Tampa That You’ll Visit Again After Testing Once!

Have you ever wondered what’s the best cut for steaks? Well, some say it’s Flank, while many prefer ribeye. But, being a foodie, I believe every type is best until it’s cooked well and has juices with minimum fat.

And that’s after researching over 35+ steakhouses in Tampa; I’ve picked top spots based on taste, cut, potion, and value for money. 

1. Bern’s Steak House –  Perfect Aged Steaks With Pure Delicacy

Be ready to experience a mesmerizing delight that you’ll never forget. Bern’s steak house offers a variety of cuts, including ribeye, filet mignon, New York strip, and porterhouse.


The aged meat has all the essential flavors and textures. If you’re not a fan of beef, then you can also opt for lamb or chicken steak. Be assured that the food served here is juicy and tender, with great portions.

The prices are a bit high, but excellent service and delicious taste justify it.

2. Texas De Brazil – Best Brazilian Steakhouse In Tampa

Sooth your tastebuds with exotic spices and tender steak cooked to perfection. The specialty here is petite filet and bacon-wrapped chicken breast. 


Here you can make your own salad out of 50+ ingredients. Not only the steaks but the house’s soups are also equally delicious paired with grilled cheese breadsticks.

Ultimately, it is also heaven for the sweet tooth. You must try their Brazilian Papaya chocolate mousse, a true delight. The cherry on top is that you can avail of 10% off on delivery or pickup options.

3. LongHorn Steakhouse – Where Local Loves To Eat!

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular joints where we Tampeños enjoy the juiciest meat.


Out of its 3 branches in Tampa, the Westshore one is the most crowded due to close airport proximity

They serve legendary steaks that are grilled over charcoal with secret spices. The menu specialty, Renegade Sirloin, is just perfect. From the appetizer section, white cheddar stuffed mushrooms are too good to miss. 

A separate kid’s menu is also available, with mac n cheese on it. The dessert section is very basic, with only 3 dishes. Overall, it’s a nice place to eat with a family under $100.

4. Lavarone’s Steakhouse & Italian Grill – Taste That You’ll Never Forget

It’s not your typical steakhouse by the bay; you’ll also find vegan and Tampa’s best seafood here.


Not only this, the pasta section and classic salad bar will ensure a delightful experience.

Prime and chop steaks are served only at dinner. For lunch, you can order a grilled sandwich with Italian pasta; both are mouthwatering and budget-friendly.

Their specialty is 12 oz, oak grilled veal chop, which is a thick cut and grilled to perfection. It is worth mentioning that the eatery is often house full. So, it’s best to reserve your table prior to an hour.

5. Charley’s Steak House – Enjoy Premium Aged Steaks

Charley’s is listed among the top 10 steakhouses in the US. So, the first service is ensured with a mouthwatering and the most tender meat, cooked with exotic spices.

My favorite is the truffle sauce that comes with the steak. The house specialty is Prime New York Strip, which comes at the price tag of $69. Don’t forget to add on the Parsalet mint chimichurri, a finger-licking good side dish.

Complete your dinner with their signature martini. Smoked cocktails are also fine, but I am a fan of the Hawaiian cosmo martini, which is a major hit. Overall, here the vibe is great, and you’ll have a fun time.

6. Council Oak Steak and Seafood – Dine With A Beautiful View

All your wishes are granted with this amazing place, located in Hard Rock Cafe. In the restaurant, you can stay in and enjoy Saturday night at the hotel’s top-floor cafe.


Not only the steaks or seafood, here the brunch menu is quite a treat. The best thing is you’ll enjoy a fancy three-course dinner for just $200. Steaks are dry-aged to perfection with a dark golden crust.

Undoubtedly, it is the best-certified restaurant in Tampa that serves Wagyu beef. If you’re craving seafood, then don’t forget to order dill cured Salmon that’ll leave you stunned.

7. Outback Steakhouse – Perfect Filet Mignon Grill!

Probably, one of the oldest steakhouses in Tampa, known for meat cutting and top-notch service. One thing is assured that here, steaks are done right.


We Tampeños say that you can never go wrong with Outback. Their coconut shrimps and Victoria’s Filet mignon are just amazing, with all flavors that hit right!

It is your budget-friendly spot where you can have a lavish family dinner without breaking the bank. That’s why you’ll see five different branches here, each with perfect service.

Best Steakhouse In Tampa FAQs

What steak is the most tender?

Filet Mignon is the most tender cut for steaks and grilling. It is relatively lean and juicy. That’s why it’s better and more expensive than regular steaks.

Which steak has the most fat?

Ribeye has the fattest layers. It is marbled with unsaturated fat, which is unhealthy for the heart and raises cholesterol levels.

How much steak is too much?

About 12 to 18 oz of steak is enough per week. As per the department of health, a person should consume at most 500 g ( about 70 g per day) of meat per week.

Wrapping It Up!

With the continental to delicious Mexican food in Tampa, the city has everything for everyone. From yummy desserts to tender steaks, you’ll never be disappointed.

So, aim high because here you’ll experience Southern delights and Italian pasta at the same spots. If you opt for dining with the view, reserve your table in the restaurant with a rooftop to fall in love with Tampa’s skyline.

We hope that this article helps you to find the best steakhouses in Tampa to enjoy your dinner.

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