8 Best Halogen Ovens in UK 2021

8 Best Halogen Ovens in 2021

If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen for a full-sized oven, then you should consider buying the best compact halogen oven in the UK. These ovens have a halogen bulb inside them, which is a great source to produce a tremendous amount of heat in the oven.
They have been designed to prepare your meal much faster and with great convenience. With the speed of a pressure cooker and the functionalities of a regular oven, you’ll be assured of having perfect cooking outcomes every time.
It can be hard to look for the most cost-effective model when there are so many options out there. Hence, we have reviewed and tested several models to short-list the best halogen ovens in the UK for your convenience.

Best Halogen Ovens - A Comparison

Daewoo Deluxe 17L 1300W Halogen Air Fryer

1. Daewoo Deluxe 17L 1300W Halogen Air Fryer- Best Overall

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly halogen oven in the UK, providing excellent value for the money, then you should go for the Daewoo Deluxe Halogen Air Fryer. It has been equipped with many functionalities and different accessories to provide you with the best cooking experience possible.

The manufacturers have designed this model so that it provides excellent cooking power of 1300W. This power range is so exceptional that you’ll always be assured of getting perfectly cooked meals. Also, for fitness enthusiasts, no oil would be required while cooking for much healthier meals.

You can adjust the temperature according to your preference or your food’s requirement with the adjustable controls. This feature will make sure that your food is not in any way under or over-cooked. You get to choose between the temperature range of 125  ̊F to 250  ̊F.

The convenient built-in 60-minute timer is very handy for setting the timer for a more suitable time for cooking. This timer is great for working people to get the perfect cooking outcomes even if they don’t have time to check up on their food once in a while.

As for the cleaning process, this model has included a self-cleaning feature so you can have hassle-free cleaning. All you need to do is fill the bowl with some lukewarm and soapy water and let the oven do its magic. It will automatically clean your unit for you, so it’s tidy for the next cooking session.

Additionally, you get multiple accessories with this unit to make your cooking experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. You get a pair of tongs, a high and a low rack, an oil bottle, two mesh trays, and an extended ring to increase the capacity.

Daewoo Deluxe 17L 1300W Halogen Air Fryer Counter View
Product Specifications

Item Dimensions: 36.2 x 36.2 x 24 cm

Item Weight: 6.68 kg

Power consumption: 1300 W

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 17 Litres

Key Features
  • This model provides exceptional cooking power of 1300W.

  • With the air circulating technology, you won’t need any oil for healthier cooking.

  • There’s a convenient 60-minute variable timer.

  • You get adjustable temperature controls ranging from 125  ̊F to 250  ̊F.

  • With the self-cleaning technology, you only need to fill the fryer with lukewarm, soapy water, and it would clean itself.

  • It comes with additional accessories, including an extender ring, lid stand, oil bottle, two mesh trays, and a set of tongs.


2. Andrew James 12 – 17 Litre Black- Best Cooking Power

Given the affordable price of such a feature-filled unit, it’s no wonder that the Andrew James Halogen Oven Cooker remains one of the best models in the UK. It comes with a wide variety of color options and a transparent glass bowl, giving you all the aesthetics required on your countertop.

 It’s one of the most versatile units in the market as you can cook anything from baking cakes for the afternoon tea in the garden to roasting chicken for the family dinner. The 12L capacity is large enough for a medium-sized family. However, you can increase the capacity by 5L via an extender ring.

You’ll be able to prepare your meals 40% faster than conventional ovens, meaning much less consumption of electricity. Also, you won’t even need to preheat your oven for some specific foods as it’s designed to heat up quickly and provide a consistent temperature.

With the self-cleaning function, you would only need to fill the bowl with cold water, and the unit will automatically clean itself, providing you with a crystal-clear bowl. In addition, the exterior has been constructed using plastic, so you merely need a cloth to wipe off any dirt from it.

Last but not least, you get a massive range of additional accessories, which you won’t reasonably expect in such an affordable model. For example, it comes with a high rack, a low rack, tongs, bulbs, extended ring, rice/cake dish, baking and steamer trays, toast rack, and skewers.

Key Features
  • This model is the most versatile one as you can adapt any cooking style from roasting to baking.

  • The lid of this halogen oven is hinged so you can conveniently take the food out or put it in.

  • It comes with a 5L extender ring so that you can increase the capacity for up to 17L.

  • It doesn’t need to be preheated and cooks 40% faster than a conventional oven.

  • It has the self-cleaning feature, which cleans the bowl within 15 minutes.

  • It comes with several accessories to provide you with the best cooking experience.

Product Specifications

Item Dimensions: 33 x 34 x 47 cm

Item Weight: 6.36 kg

Power consumption: 1400 W

Material: Glass, Plastic

Capacity: 12 – 17 Litres


3. Schallen 17L 2 in 1 Deluxe Black & Glass Air Fryer- Best Capacity

You won’t ever experience any dull cooking session with the Deluxe Black & Glass Air Fryer from Schaller. Its halogen technology eliminates oil usage during cooking so that you can relish the most healthy meals for a healthier lifestyle. In addition, you’ll be able to bake, roast any dish you set your mind to.

Inside the oven, you’ll notice a combination of a carbon heating bulb and a fan, circulating an even heat throughout the oven. This system allows for faster cooking and perfectly cooked food. Also, it has a capacity of 17L, with a 5L extender ring to make it suitable for even a family with six members.

This model consumes a power of 1300W, offering you adjustable temperature controls ranging from 125  ̊F to 250  ̊F. You can select the suitable temperature required for specific foods, and then the oven will ensure that it cooks to perfection.

It has digital controls with a self-cleaning system that will put an end to the strenuous clean-up process. You can turn this feature on after every use, so the debris won’t accumulate and get dried on the surface. All you’ll have to do is to fill the bowl with lukewarm, soapy water.

With so many accessories that come with this unit, you’ll be relishing every moment you spend in your kitchen, cooking your favorite dishes with many conveniences. You get an extender ring, two mesh trays so you can cook different dishes simultaneously, a high and low rack, tongs, and an oil bottle.

Key Features
  • Due to the combination of a carbon heating bulb and a fan cooks your food much faster.

  • It provides you with adjustable temperature controls ranging from 125  ̊F to 250  ̊F.

  • A handy 60-minute timer allows you to set the time for having a cooking session later.

  • The self-clean function automatically cleans your unit as you only need to fill it with warm, soapy water.

  • It comes with a 5L pot extender ring, two mesh trays, high and low rack, tongs, and an oil bottle.

Product Specifications

Item Dimensions: 36.4 23.6 x 36.4 cm

Item Weight: 6.72 kg

Power consumption: 1300 W

Material: Glass

Capacity: 17 Litres


4. Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker- Best versatile

If spending a fortune on some halogen oven isn’t that much of an issue, then the Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker is an incredible unit with versatile cooking options. It’s renowned as among the best instant pot alternatives in the UK with its vast range of cooking settings.

You can relish versatile cooking options as you can bake, roast, saute, grill, slow-cook, pressure cook, and can also keep your food warm after you’ve cooked it. With all these exceptional cooking options, you can boast any cuisine you want when you invite your friends over for dinner.

With the air frying cooking feature, you won’t even need any oil to fry your food, resulting in healthier cooking. In addition, it has a TenderCrisp technology by which you can slow-cook your food in the pressure-cooker to make it juicy and then add it to the air fryer for the perfect crisp.

Thanks to the super-heated system, you can now cook your meals at a 70% faster rate than the regular ovens. If you want to prepare your main course and appetizer simultaneously, utilize the reversible rack to place more food on it.

In terms of cleaning, both the non-stick cooking pot and Cook & Crisp basket are dishwasher-safe. It means that you only have to toss them inside your dishwasher after each use, and you’ll be free from all the hassle of having to clean the unit by yourself.

However, there are also some downsides to this model. The first one is that it comes at a relatively expensive price tag. Also, it weighs 11 kg, so you can’t simply pick it up from one spot and place it on another. And lastly, the controls aren’t that easy to understand for beginners.

Key Features
  • This model has been designed to cook your food 70% faster than the traditional cooking methods.

  • Air frying uses less to no oil so that you can relish a healthier cooking style.

  • You get versatile cooking options such as roasting, grilling, steaming, and even searing your food.

  • The non-stick cooking pot and Cook & Crisp basket are dishwasher-safe.

  • With the TenderCrisp technology, you can pressure cook your food to enhance the juiciness and crisp it.

Product Specifications

Item Dimensions: 43 x 36 x 32 cm

Item Weight: 11 kg

Power consumption: 1460 W

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 6 Litres


5. Tower T17021 Manual Air Fryer Oven- Best Lightweight

If you want a lightweight halogen oven that you can move wherever you want it to, then the Tower Manual Air Fryer Oven might be the one you’re looking for. It offers great value for money as you can have the healthiest cooking outcomes at a relatively lower cost.

It uses 99% less oil or no oil at all, as compared to the conventional ovens that need vast amounts of fat so your food won’t burn up. In addition, thanks to the Vortx technology, there’s an enhanced rapid air circulation which aids in providing you with the crispiest chicken skins, vegetable,s or fries.

If you want to schedule your cooking for the right time, you get a 60-minute timer that you can set according to your adjustments. Also, with the manual controls, you get two dials by which you can easily control the temperature and set it regarding your food’s needs.

With a pot capacity of 4.3L, you have enough room to fry, roast, grill, and bake anything you want. In addition, it comes with a removable basket and a pull-out drawer that can be easily washed by hand. However, the manufacturers don’t recommend washing them in the dishwasher as it may put damage to the materials.

With so many features, there are also some drawbacks to this unit that should also be considered. The first one is that it doesn’t come with any digital controls, so you have to set every setting manually. Also, some reviews have suggested that you may get uneven cooking results sometimes.

Key Features
  • This air fryer uses 99% less fat or no fat at all, as compared to the regular ovens.

  • With the Vortex technology, there’s an enhanced rapid air circulation for crispier food outcomes.

  • The 60-minute timer allows you to schedule your cook for when the meal is needed.

  • You can easily adjust the temperature according to your requirements with the two dial controls.

  • You can have versatile cooking options such as frying, grilling, baking, and roasting.

Product Specifications

Item Dimensions: 35.9 x 33.2 x 33 cm

Item Weight: 4.7 kg

Power consumption: 1500 W

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 4.3 Litres


6. SQ Professional Blitz Halogen Oven- Best safety

The SQ Professional Blitz Halogen Oven is the safest option in the UK, with its many remarkable features. It comes with a capacity of 12L, but you can increase it by 5L employing an extender ring that comes with this unit. This capacity makes it ideal for a family with 5-6 members.

The main feature of this unit is the safety switch which protects your kids from any unfortunate circumstances. Also, there’s a protective basket included which eliminates the chances of getting burnt if you come in contact with the hot glass. These features make this unit perfect for a family with kids around the house.

Another notable feature is the two tiers; one is an extra steamer attachment and a two-way rack. The steamer is perfect for steaming your meat, fruits, and vegetables. At the same time, you can use the two-way rack to add an additional cooking space inside the oven.

These racks are also reversible, meaning you can keep the ingredients near each other, so all the flavors are ideally induced in your food. Additionally, you get tongs that can be used to remove the additional shelf from inside the oven safely.

With a cooking power of 1400W, you can relish perfectly cooked meals at a much faster rate. This power is rapid, meaning that it won’t consume that much of your electricity, and you won’t even have to worry about huge electricity bills. Lastly, you get a wide range of temperature controls and a timer to schedule your cook.

Key Features
  • You can use the two-way rack included with this model to have extra cooking space.

  • It comes with a protective basket which saves you from any mess.

  • You get an additional steamer attachment that can be used to steam fruits and vegetables.

  • The safety switch will protect you from any accidental damages.

  • It provides a maximum cooking power of 1400W, which provides you with exceptional cooking results.

Product Specifications

Item Weight: 5.78 kg

Power consumption: 1400 W

Material: Glass

Capacity: 12 – 17 Litres


7. Quest 43890 Halogen Oven- Best for Beginners

The Quest never seems to disappoint its customers as it’s renowned around the UK as one of the best kitchen appliance manufacturing companies. Their Quest 43890 Halogen Oven totally justifies their durability and convenience standards as it’s one of the best models for beginners.

It comes with highly straightforward controls with easy-to-operate dials. With a 60-minute timer and a heat range of 250  ̊F, you’ll get that perfectly cooked meal every time you’re experimenting or cooking for your family in the kitchen.

It comes with two tiers and a pair of tongs to remove them easily and safely without burning your hands. The whole halogen oven sits securely on a stand which means that you can put it on any kind of surface.

With its enhanced air circulation technology, there won’t be any long faces due to the under or overcooked meals. You will always have perfectly cooked food as the hot air spreads thoroughly throughout the oven and surrounds your food from every direction.

With its vast cooking power, you’ll be able to cook your meals 3x faster than the regular ones with a much more accuracy rate. In addition, thanks to this fast cooking technology, it will also consume a much smaller fraction of electricity.

As for the cleaning, this oven comes with a self-cleaning technology which is a convenient feature for hassle-free cleanup. All you need to do is to fill the glass bowl with warm and soapy water, and the oven will clean itself automatically, providing you with a crystal-clear bowl for the next session.

Key Features
  • This multi-functional cooker comes with halogen, convection, and infrared power.
  • This model is great for beginners as it comes with easy to operate controls.
  • It cooks your food 3x faster with 1400W of cooking power and consumes 60% less energy.
  • It comes with a self-cleaning mode where you merely need to add warm soapy water to the bowl.
  • With the 60-minute timer, you can control the pace and schedule your cook.
Product Specifications

Item Dimensions: 35 x 24 x 35 cm

Item Weight: 7 kg

Power consumption: 1400 W

Material: Glass

Capacity: 12 Litres


8. Cooks Professional Air Fryer Halogen Oven- Best Digital Controls

It would be a crime not to include the Cooks Professional Halogen Oven in our list for the best ones in the UK as it’s the model with the best high-tech design. It offers multiple functionalities with digital controls, ensuring optimal convenience every time you’re having a cooking session.
It appears entirely different from regular halogen ovens because of its LCD, including temperature controls, cooking times, and standard regulations. By using this LCD, you’ll also be able to access six pre-programmed modes by which you can fry, roast, stir-fry, grill, and even barbecue.
Thanks to its rotisserie feature, you won’t be needing any frying pan that will be splattering oil everywhere. You can use the grilling rack of this model to have the perfect steak or seared vegetables or the non-stick glass bowl to have all the functionalities of a regular oven.
Some individuals might find the capacity more minor than the other ovens, but you can create an entire meal for your medium-sized family. In addition, as the accommodation is 10L, you’ll be cooking your food at a much faster rate by consuming less amount of energy.
However, there’s a concern that needs proper attention, which is the rusting of this model. Many reviews have claimed this oven to be catching rust over time. But you can still prevent it by cleaning and maintaining your oven after every use.

Key Features
  • This model comes with six pre-programmed modes as you can bake, roast, fry, steam, grill, spit-roast any food you want.

  • You can have low-fat and low-calorie meals as you don’t need any oil with this oven.

  • It comes with adjustable temperature controls and a timer to schedule cooks.

  • You get a wide range of accessories such as a grilling rack, tongs, fryer basket, rotisserie forks/skewers, etc.

Product Specifications

Item Dimensions: 35 x 33 x 43.5 cm

Item Weight: 6.2 kg

Power consumption: 1300 W

Material: Glass

Capacity: 10 Litres


What is a Halogen Oven?

Many advancements have been made in a traditional oven and the latest, enhanced version in a halogen oven. It seems like an exceptionally high-tech appliance but rather has straightforward functionalities just like a regular oven.

They have a halogen bulb inside them which is the primary source of exceptional heat. This heat is then spread evenly throughout the oven utilizing a fan. As a result, not only are these ovens small for your compact space, but they also cook 3x faster than the conventional ovens.

How does a Halogen Oven Work?

A halogen oven consists of a glass bowl, a lid, a halogen bulb, and a fan. The halogen bulb is the primary heat source, capable of generating a lot of heat simultaneously but consumes more electricity. When you turn the oven on, the bulb liberates infrared radiations producing heat inside the oven.

The fans are fitted to spread this heat evenly throughout the oven’s chamber and cook your food to perfection. In addition, the glass bowl in which you place your food is a great conductor of heat, which adds to the efficiency of this oven.

How to Clean a Halogen Oven?

When cleaning your halogen oven, both the exterior and interior need to be cleaned regularly for proper maintenance. Let’s study the cleaning methods for both of the areas:

1.  Interior of the Halogen Oven

If you buy a halogen oven with a built-in self-cleaning system, then you can have a hassle-free clean-up. If it doesn’t, follow these easy steps:

  • Take a soft, clean piece of cloth, some paper towels, and a high-quality appliance cleaning spray. Avoid any toxic spray or a rough fabric that might damage your oven.
  • Spray thoroughly inside the oven and wipe any debris using a clean cloth.
  • When all the dirt has been removed, take the paper towel to wipe off any excess liquid.

2.  The exterior of the Halogen Oven

You need to clean the exterior of the oven to maintain it for more extended durability. It’s not that strenuous to clean the outside as it won’t get any residue like the interior. Let’s examine the proper method:

  • Take another soft and clean piece of cloth and the same appliance cleaning spray.
  • Wipe the exterior using an adequate amount of spray with the cloth.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the backside of the halogen oven as well.
  • In addition, check the rack too for any accumulated debris.
  • Lastly, dry the whole appliance using a paper towel.

Buyer Guide- Things to Consider before Buying A Halogen Oven

1.  Material

The first thing to consider before buying any product is to examine the construction materials. It’s because the materials determine how durable the product is. The same is the case with a halogen oven. Always go for the one having an enhanced plastic base as it’ll be able to bear even the highest of temperatures.

As for the bowl, you get two options; a glass or a heat-resisting plastic one. It would be best to always go for the oven having a glass bowl as it’s more environmental-friendly. Also, it’s much easier to clean and maintain. If you’re going with the plastic bowl, make sure that it’s free of BPA.

2.  Size & Weight

It would be best if you bought a halogen oven according to the members of your family or the space you have in your kitchen. If you’re a small family or have limited space in the kitchen, consider buying a compact model. In contrast, buy a larger one if you have more members in the family.

You should also consider the weight as it will determine that whether your model will be mobile or not. You can easily lift and carry around an oven that’s 4-5 kgs in weight. But regardless of the weight, a halogen oven will still fit in a cabinet or a small place.

3.  Controls

With halogen ovens, you get either manual controls or digital ones. If you like to set every setting manually, you should go for manual controls. They won’t have any tech features but will be pretty straightforward to use.

On the other hand, for optimal accuracy, buy a halogen oven having digital controls. They will let you control all the adjustments with many high-tech options. Hence, it entirely depends upon your preference or requirement.

4.  Cord’s Length

The length of the cord is also one of the most important factors to consider before buying a halogen oven. It will determine whether you can take your oven with you while traveling, or you can just permanently fit it on your kitchen’s tabletop.

Your oven should have an adequate cord’s length for it to reach the power supply conveniently. That’s why you should measure the length so it can be suitable for your kitchen.

5.  Number of trays

The trays inside a halogen oven cook your meal at different levels so that your food isn’t over or under-cooked. Most of the models in the UK are available with a minimum of two baking trays. However, the more trays you have, the larger the meals you can cook for your family.

6.  Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a regular oven is always the most challenging part. But with a halogen oven, you’ll be provided with a hassle-free clean-up. However, it still largely depends upon the model that whether the cleaning would be effortless or not.

Some high-end halogen ovens have built-in cleaning functionalities, so you won’t have to clean them by yourself. Also, you can get some models with plastic or glass construction materials that are pretty easy to clean and maintain with just a clean cloth and an appliance cleaner spray.


If you want our experts’ opinion on which model to buy, they have tested and concluded the Daewoo Deluxe Halogen Air Fryer to be the best in the UK. It provides its users with powerful output for the best cooking sessions and perfect outcomes.

It has a capacity of 17L, meaning it’s more than enough for an average-sized family. You’ll be able to cook for 5 to 6 people at a time. Also, it has been equipped with pretty handy features such as the self-cleaning mechanism, which automatically cleans your unit for you.

Besides this, you get a convenient timer, adjustable temperature controls, and a cooking power of 1300W. Additionally, you get so many handy accessories such as an extended ring, lid stand, oil bottle, two mesh trays, and a set of tongs.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Halogen ovens are pretty handy appliances and a perfect alternative to a regular big-sized oven. They are highly compact and will fit any adequately-spaced cupboard or even on the tabletop. They have halogen bulbs inside them which act as a source of even and precise heat.

The straightforward functionalities and small footprint of these halogen ovens make them an exceptional addition to your kitchen’s style. They are budget-friendly yet provide excellent value for money, space-efficient, eco-friendly, and healthier options than conventional ovens.

A halogen bulb has a much shorter life span than regular bulbs. It consumes about 50 watts of power, which is much higher than an LED bulb that consumes only 5 watts. Therefore, it will last for only 2,500 hours (almost two years) before it goes out entirely and needs to change.

It’s a fact that a halogen oven will consume a much more significant fraction of electricity per unit than a regular oven. It’s because it has a halogen bulb fitted inside it which consumes about 50 watts of power.

However, they provide you with exceptional cooking outcomes in less time than the basic ovens, so they consume less energy.

Yes, you can slow-cook your meals in a halogen oven, but it’s not that practical as it is in a conventional oven. In a halogen one, you’re supposed to leave the oven’s bottom clear, so there can be proper circulation of air.

However, most people have tried roasting and slow-cooking by putting their food on the bottom rack. The results were quite astonishing as the chicken roast had all the juices as it should have in case of slow-cooking.


Halogen ovens are an excellent solution for individuals who have limited space for ovens yet want to test their cooking capabilities. The compact size and portability of these halogen ovens make them a great alternative to conventional ovens. They come in many capacities according to your requirements.

They cook your meals much faster and provide a more even heat throughout the oven compared to the regular ovens. By having some futuristic looks, they still work straightforwardly and provide excellent cooking outcomes.

The features and high-tech capabilities will depend upon how much of a high-end model you’re buying. If you opt for an expensive model, it will offer you more features, an additional halogen bulb, a much-extended warranty, etc.

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